New Madrid Fault Line

How well gifted is the mid-west?

I’ve seen the recent uproar on youtube about the National Level Exercise planned around a possible quake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone. It seems some attention might be warranted since “they” always seem to be planning these exercises right when an actual event occurs. Coincidence? Me thinks not.

I did a little digging and found out there is another major fault line a couple hundred miles to the North and East of the New Madrid, called the Wabash Valley Seismic Zone, in Southern Indiana and Illionois. That widens the possible area affected by a big quake.

This bit of youtube chatter has gotten under my skin a little because I was born and raised in South Western Ontario, Canada, not too far from New Madrid and pretty darned close to Wabash Valley. I went to school there and took geography and watched the local media like everybody else, but I never heard of either of these fault lines. Never – until now.

That seems very strange to me, why is knowledge of these major and potentially dangerous geological structures kept from the public? I’ve asked others who also grew up in the region and no one has heard of either fault. Why not? We all know about the West coast and the Ring of Fire, but nobody’s got a clue about what’s right under our own feet? Weird…

Was this knowledge hidden because it’s long been planned to use these faults as a weapon? … -zone.html


I recently came across a new wrinkle to this story, or at least to me it looks to be related.

I stumbled on a lot of youtube videos that are telling people “The Rapture” is coming on May 21, 2011. Apparently this idea is being spread by the clergy in the bible belt area of the USA, which coincidentally is right in the area of the New Madrid fault line.

So, we have an earthquake NLE planned for the same area and the same time the bornagainchumps are preaching armageddon is coming.

hmmmm… what are the odds?

It looks to me like there is a plan to blow that fault, and TPTB are trying to psy-op the people into thinking it’s the rapture.

I don’t believe this apparent plan will work, I’m not trying to spread panic and disinfo here. I just enjoy trying to figure out these plans, and we all know shedding some public light on them can have a real impact in causing TPTB to abandon these sinister efforts. TPTB haven’t had much luck in pulling off these large scale attacks in recent years, so I’m not too worried about it.

In the interest of not posting disinfo on EW I haven’t included any links to those bornagainchump videos, but anybody interested can find them for themselves.