New, Prolific Gifter in Czech Republic Has Attracted the Ucc

Hello Don,

My name is Oliver and I live in Scotland although at the moment, I am in
the Czech Republic because my wife is Czech.

I am originally german but have moved to Scotland 11 years ago because I
was fed up with Germany. (No, I am not a traitor, I just really disliked
german burocracy).
At that time, the UK were still a country where things were based on trust
and not on paper, at least in Scotland. Then came Tony Blair and his
fabian socialist “New Labour”
movement and things really went down hill from then on. Well, the rest is

I am here now in the Czech Republic close to the german border staying
with my wife and my parents in law for a while. In September this year, an
enormous chemtrail program
has started right over our heads. It was terrible. A friend of mine in
Scotland, I shall call him PI for the time being, has faithfully build TBs
and CBs and deployed them all around Scotland
for over a year. I became very interested myself especially from the
healing point of view. At that time, I did not know what chemtrails
really were because in Scotland, there have not been any, touch wood.

However, the CT program here is breathtaking and depressing. PI showed me
how to build CBs and TBs. However, I thought that I need a real energy
healer to build a CB for this area so I bought one for over 300 Euro’s
from a german guy who calls himeslf Vega on the german orgonite forum. I
had some really inspiring conversations with him and I felt that I could
trust him. On Tuesday, I received the CB here in the Czech Republic. I
bought the copper pipes here because they are cheaper here. I put it
together and placed it in the garden here on Tuesday where I thought it
would be working fine.

The impact today has been mind boggling. It cleared the whole sky as far
as one could see. The spew planes tried over and over again but the CTs
just disappeared and for the first time in months, we had a clear day
throughout the day. It almost felt like a spring day. Birds all over the
place, the dogs did not bark as much, I just could not believe the impact
it would have. Early this afternoon, I felt like we had reclaimed our sky!
The spewing became less during the day but I then noticed that two
smaller, black planes were circling this area here over our house. One of
them released a sort of a small drone or something I had never seen
before. It flew over our house without a noise. There were single spew
planes trying over and over again but the CTs dissolved.

I have also gifted every lake and mobile tower I could find and the river
here with TBs and will make more TBs tomorrow.

PI recommended to me to get in touch with you because he thinks that I am
starting to seriously piss off some people and that I should go public in
order to protect myself. Since this afternoon,
I feel as if something is draining away my strength and my optimism is
slightly fading away. In short, I feel as if I need some moral or psychic
support. I am not afraid, just a bit worried.

I know you are busy but please reply as soon as you can.

You and Carol are my heros!

Best regards,


Oliver, I’m posting this response on as well as sending it to you. I want you to find out, firsthand, that any public profile for gifters in your situation is a benefit. Also, our readers and members will be encouraged by your report.

Please email me an update on your sitation on or before Sunday morning because if you’re still feeling targetted, we’ll enjoy smacking your toermentors. Ultimately, I hope you’ll learn to do this for yourself by contacting Coach Dooney at [email protected] . This is the ‘other’ empowering aspect of the work we’re all doing.

Several years ago, a traveller in Prague emailed me to say that he saw chemtrails disappearing rapidly over that city, so I’m pretty sure youi’re not the only gifter in the Czeck Republic. Most gifters never contact us, of course. I don’t know whom you’re referring to in Scotland, for instance, and that fellow has apparently done a huge amount of good work.

Thanks for the report of the drone aircraft–I hope others will watch for this. Over here, they mainly send helicopters to intimidate revolutionaries. The choppers are mostly not even black any more because the Pajama People apparently are noticing black helicopters, now. Tyrants’ only fear is that the Pajama People will get tired of supporting them, after all.

I don’t think most gifters think of themselves as revolutionaries, any more than we’re inclined to attach metaphysical or ideological dogmas to what we’re all doing because it just feels ‘fulfilling’ to do this work and get the requisite confirmations. In fact, I didn’t think of the term, ‘revolutionary,’ until I recently read Dr Reich’s comments about his own role as a genuine revolutionary. He contrasted this with ‘rebel,’ which is a term that describes anyone who fights agasinst tyranny without a clear idea of how to make the world better for everyone. Those chumps usually just end up supporting the next tyrant, of course. Our goal is to help our specie heal the underlying cause of tyranny, which is the PJ folks’ manipulated inclination to continually divest themselves of accountability.

Gifting their neighborhoods and evern handing out orgonite to strangers makes PJ folks feel good, so they’re more inclined to take notice of their surroundings and their fellows. Human nature dictates that this leads them to assume more personal accountability. Of course we all need to be more accountable for our world’s health and prosperity but gifting is our significant demonstration of that intention.

Youi’re wise to gift the death towers along with putting an orgonite cloudbuster in your garden because these new transmitters (nobody can demonstrate that they’re for cellphones, by the way, but anyone can see that the massive power input and sickening feeling we get near them has nothing to do with communication needs) become life-force generators after that and the net benefit of orgonite is multiplied by the towers themselves. I bet this causes no end of grief to the world odor’s mavens Cool and their frustration is no doubt doubled by the fact that they know that killing any of us would cause an explosion of new awareness among our specie.

You’ll be happy to discover that the world odor has to content themselves with exploiting our weaknesses, instead, but this is also a benefit to us because we could live our entire lives without really knowing what parts of our characters need to be worked on. I can tell you from personal experience that the attacks that Carol and I have sustained over the years have only made our marriage better than it otherwise might have been, by the way, and many other couples in the network are finding this out, too.

Nearly everyone resonates to genuine heroism but very few aspire to demonstrate it. We all aspire to heroism through healing and commitment and it’s an interesting, fulfilling life.

I’m sending you a nice energy boost along with this email and I suspect that some of the readers will do the same when they read this. We like to help each other. That depressed feeling will pass and the more you gift, the less able the world odor’s operatives will be do make you feel that way, don’t worry.


Hi Don,

Thank you very much for your quick and strong support. I feel a lot better
today and am looking forward to this afternoon’s gifting trip.

I will contact Coach Dooney as you recommended.

You are right, I don’t see myself as revolutionairy and definitly not as a
rebel. I see myself as somebody who is in essence suffering under the
ruthlessnes of a few who think they can take control of the planet and
enslave who ever will be left for their own purpose. Such a world is not
I want for my children or for anybody’s children. My recent experiences
with life forces and orgonite have completely changed my view about us
powerless and desperate individuals who cannot change the course of our
destiny and that of the world.
I have learned that every individual is enormously powerful and that,
because of this,
the self awareness of one’s powers have been surpressed by a continous
assault on our life forces over past decades, perhaps even centuries. Much
could be said about this.

I also believe that many of those working against our freedom have
unknowingly become tools of the real perpetrators and my hope is that more
and more of them will become aware
of the real intentions of their “masters”. There are always some who then
will blow the wistle and join those who work towards a truly free world
where the elected few actually
serve those they haven been elected by and realise that the trust put into
them by the people demands a humble and self-less attitude. Is this
unrealistic? I do not think so.
Everything that exists today has started out with a vision, my vision and
that of millions of people around the world is FREEDOM!

Yours and Carol’s work and that of many other Orgonite gifters is changing
the world. It makes me feel at peace with myself to be part of a network
of people who have a real interest in the
world and want it to change and do something about it.

I truely hope to encourage others do start gifting as much as they can
because Orgonite does work!

So, now it is time for my gifting trip [Image Can Not Be Found]

I will keep you posted if you don’t mind,

Thanks again and all the best,


I"m glad you’re feeling okay, Oliver, and I doubt you’ll experience much trouble. Gifters in former Soviet Bloc countries are remarkably free from the sort of intimidation and overt assaults that we front-row gifters in the US and Canada often experience. My theory is that KGB-types are a little more afraid of the populace in those countries than the Homeland Security Abominations are afraid of the North American public, yet. Maybe pretty soon the Pajama People around here will get triggered into a new recognition of the depth of tyranny and corruption, then things will be better.

Georg in South Africa noticed that the more he gifted that region, the more prosperous it has become. In that case it probably largely corresponds with more abundant crops, which might not be such a factor where you are, since Southern Africa was on the brink of famine due to induced, long-term drought before Georg showed up.

I only started using the word, ‘revolutionary,’ a few weeks ago, after I read Dr Reich’s comments about him being one. In that context, of course, we aren’t discussing violent overthrow of governments. The revolution he discusses is more accurately seen as a revolution in human awareness and accountability, in which case tyranny and exploitation from centralized power structures is simply obsolete. It may be that our children’s children will be as disinclined to enable the type of governments that the world odor supports than we’d be inclined to support a Roosevelt or Hitler right now. The Oxford Dictionary has several conflicting definitions for ‘revolution,’ but the one that seems to fit what we’re all doing is, ‘a dramatic and wide-reaching change,’ and you’ve noticed that what we’re all doing to affect our world in a dramatically positive direction is something that hasn’t been seen in human history.

Dr Reich conceived his revolutionary orientation when he was a pretty young man in Austria, by the way, and dabbled in communism until the commies expelled him for healing ‘the workers,’ and thereby reducing their anger. He apparently wrote THE MASS PSYCHOLOGY OF FASCISM shortly after he became disillusioned with communists. Within a year, that book was on the official ban list in Germany and here’s another instance of how things have improved in the world since then, as you noted above: if any book gets officially banned, these days, it’s going to almost instantly cause millions of people to go out and buy the book Cool so instead of a penstroke effectively removing the book from public awareness, the sewer rats have to employ an army of slanderers, literal poisoners, ‘experts,’ and paranoids to discredit the author in the media. The latter is one of the best indicators that overt tyranny is impossible in most countries, especially the ones like America and Germany, where overt fascism has become entirely disfavored by even the Pajama People.

Aside from the semantics of political terms, you’re demonstrating that the vital, creative nature of this unorganized network is in its grassroot nature and it’s genuinely based in the individual gifter’s (and predator-blaster’s) awareness of our responsibility and perhaps even privelege in being enabled to recognize and employ this new approach, which anyone would admit is ‘revolutionary,’ at least. I’m not one to quibble over terminology, of course, and only a few of us treat this activity as a war. Dr Reich also called it a war, by the way, and he even armed himself and Orgonon’s residents, just like the Swiss do, when teh federal agents began trespassing regularly there. After Carol and I armed ourselves, four years ago, the more overt murder attempts became less frequent but I can tell you that if the Homeland Security Abominations were to storm our home with machine guns blazing we’d probably not shoot back because I don’t have the heart to even step on a bug. Meanwhile, we target practice once in awhile just to remind the feds that we know how to shoot and hit something. It’s fun, too.

It’s certainly an honorable hope that some or many of the sewer rats will have a change of heart and start doing what we’re doing and I use the term, ‘sewer rat’ to denote their activity and affiliation, only, of course. In five years I’ve never encountered or heard of any of them changing sides but I’d be a fool to believe that it couldn’t happen. When it does, I"ll consider it a Biblical-scale miracle, really–not impossible but not to be expected, either… Meanwhile, you’re seizing territory from them and freeing the Pajama People (the masses) from total hopelessness and ennui. Orgonite has the strange ability to generate happiness and once that process starts nobody can predict the marvellous effects that will surely follow. Some of us in the materialistic West have been following the lead of our East African cohorts and are just handing it out to strangers these days, by the way. Maybe this is the ultimate ‘gifting’ effort.

These days, the only gifters who risk their own physical safety are the Africans, among whom we may include Georg Ritschl by now. Dr Kayiwa, perhaps thanks to his military experience as a younger man, puts his head in the lion’s mouth regularly without getting a scratch. He’s one of the small handful of people who do massive-scale gifting and he’s also exploiting 30 or so years’ worth of international connections and friendships with kindred spirits throughout the northern half of the Dark Continent, including the Arab countries. We’re only beginning to see the significance of his work.

When the Doc goes gifting to a new country he’s usually invited to speak to university student bodies and meet with top government and military officials to discuss his work. He’s come close to getting erased in his home country, Uganda, once or twice, so I don’t mean to imply that he’s bullet proof, and on the eve of a trip to neighboring Kenya to meet with the Kenyan gifters last year a riot broke out in his vicinity, a tear gas cannister landed near his car, which was loaded with resin and metal for orgonite, and when he ducked into a nearby building in order to breathe, all that was stolen, probably by MI6 operatives or subcontractors in a moment, so they were obviously setting this up. Ordinary looters won’t go where teargas is being deployed, of course. We rather rejoice when tyranny openly shows its hand because the world odor’s first effort and investment is always spent hiding their presence from the Pajama People.

Thanks very much for offering to keep in touch about your activities! I’m very curious to know what you’ll achieve in the Czech Republic. Meta, in Slovenia, is gaining a lot of recognition for the work she’s doing and I suspect that the same might happen where you are. At any rate, I feel that you’re on a roll and will be sharing some remarkable reports.


[The following, also from Oliver, is one of the finest, most descriptive gifting reports I’ve ever gotten. I’ve invited Oliver to post directly on EW. ~Don]

Hi Don,

Appologies for this one being so long.

I have wanted to send an update on my gifting trips in the Czech Republic
for some time now but did not manage in the running up to the birth of our
second son [Image Can Not Be Found]

So, here it goes in much of a compressed description of events.

Shortly after my last posting, I received one of Carol’s harmonic
protectors from PI (Paddy Imhof from Aberdeen), who thought that I could
use one. How right he was. Not only that it has made my life much easier
re coping with bad energies, it also seems to enhance intuitional
guidance. It feels just wonderful.

December, 2006: After the CB experience, I noticed that the spewing planes
first increased in numbers and after that failed, they seemed to test if
the CTs would stick which they did not. So, they changed strategy. They
would spew much further south and west and by the time the CTs would come
over here, they had already spread out into the hazy metalic white
chemclouds, which was sort of disheartening. However, I noticed that such
chemclouds dissolved within a couple of hours rather than 6 to 10 hours as
previously. So, on November, 27th, I started making TBs, dozens of them. I
first made a few samples and sent pictures of them to Kelly to see what he
thinks about them. The crystal TBs were found to be very good and the rose
quartz TBs also good but not as good as the crystal ones. I therefore
decided to use the crystal TBs for death towers and the rosequartz ones
for lakes and smaller inner city installations.

There are many death towers on the hills and mountains around here some of
which are quite visible, others are not and well hidden within a group of
trees facing only a valey. I started out with those visible ones which
meant climbing up a few hundred meters quite steeply as there were no
access roads. Sometimes, it was a hit or miss action especially when the
tops were clouded in mist as it is not unusual at this time of year. Later
on, I let myself guide by pure intuition which I somehow felt was enhanced
by Carol’s harmonic protector. I then always ended up a few meters away
from the towers.
I always wonder how these towers get their power supply. There is the
little shed right next to it, some air conditioning can be heard but there
is no overland powersupply and no traces of any previous trenches which
would be hard to disguise given the very rocky nature of the hill tops
round here. Perhaps somebody can tell me how they do it. I usually place 2
or 3 TBs within 100 meters of each death tower, which feels right to me.
On my way down, I usually try to throw a few more TBs into the wilderness
at places which somehow do not feel right. When at the bottom again, I
look back up the hill or mountain and noticed quite often that the mist
has lifted and that life is moving back in.

A few days later, I decided to just drive around the numerous villages and
mountains with the aim to find death towers which were not so visible from
further away. Amazingly, I found quite a few that way despite the fact
that it is mainly foggy during this time of year here. One of those very
foggy days, I came across a little village with no fog at all and blue sky
and sunshine right above it. Such an experience is quite something. Fog
everywhere but as soon as one gets into that village, sunshine everywhere.
Right enough, there was no mobile phone signal to be had anywhere in that
village. A truly forgotten spot on the smelly NWO map [Image Can Not Be Found] It felt great.

It has become almost a habit taking a bag full of TBs wherever I go, even
if it is just to town. In case, I forget, my 3 year old son certainly does
not and he insists that muffins have to be taken along. There are always
plenty of mobile phone installations on roof tops often in clusters of
higher buildings. It is not uncommon to find powerful installations on the
roofs of schools, hospitals and other public buildings like police
stations. Perfect, I thought. These are exactly the kind of buildings in
need of a lot of life energies and so most of them were gifted, the others
will be gifted soon.

Ever since the CB and TBs have been deployed in this area, chemtrail
spewing has increased. This is certainly also due to the large amount of
sylphs which have been moving in here. On December, 13th, there were so
many of them attacking chemtrails that I was truely angered when black,
military aircraft were moving in just spraying the sylphs in a very
targeted way. I don’t know whether any other gifter has ever seen that.
Some of the sylphs disappeared but the majority persisted. That evening, I
observed one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in a long time. The
chemtrail program was beaten big time.

On December, 6th, several quite low flying white planes spewed over the
city. Two days later, many people came down with a flu. However, despite
the fact that the symptoms lasted for about 2 weeks, most of the people
were able to return to work after a few days only as the wearing down
effect only lasted for one or two days. So, if there was a flu outbreak,
it certainly was the shortest this area has ever seen.

The Czech Republic is still in need of gifting, no doubt. Just get this:
Vaccination is compulsory. If parents refuse to get their children
vaccinated, the children will be taken away by social services and
inocculated against the will of the parents. By the time a child is 10
months old, it will have been vaccinated with 17 different diseases. There
is no legal way to avoid vaccination neither any religous objections nor
any other way. The child’s body belongs to the state and the state does
what it wants with it. This clearly is a program of mass debilitation and

January, 3rd 2007: The weather forecast predicted heavy snow fall two days
ago. Since this morning, I have seen at least 60 to 70 spew runs and
already heavily spread out chem clouds moving in from the west. Although
two Kelly verified CBs are deployed within 10 miles of each other together
with countless TBs, this time the chemclouds stick and heat up the air, no
doubt. Whenever the chemclouds disappear or are broken up, temperatures
fall usually by between 0.5 and 1.5C degrees.

January, 4th 2007: The sky is still overcast with chemclouds and has been
most of the night. They are spewing as if their lives were depending on
it. Main strategy again is to spew in the west and let the spread out
chemclouds move over here and further at which point it seems to be hard
for CBs and plenty of gifted cell and death towers to break up the clouds
once spread out. However, I noticed that the atmosphere on the ground does
not feel as bad as it used to without all the orgonite around. Also,
people don’t seem to get any signs of breathing problems etc as they used
to. So, there clearly is a benefit on the ground but what I remain
concerned about is their success in raising the ground temperature with
I was equally surprised by an article in today’s edition of BBC news and especially the
sentence [“Greenhouse gases cause heating, while aerosols cause cooling,”
Professor Folland told BBC News] which seems to be the start in a
softening up campaign of the public to accept CTs as a necessary mitigator
against global warming which seems to be caused and have been caused by
exactly the spewing of aerosols. It’s an article which my feeling tells me
is a pack of lies. So, we should see some interesting developments.

I wish all the gifters and psychics a successful new year for their
efforts and abilities.


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