Newbie— Greetings from New Jersey shore, USA

Greetings from New Jersey, USA

… I recall reading about orgonite many years ago. And just recently, an article on another topic altogether somehow led me back to the subject of orgonite.

Reading accounts of the “old timers” are of course very inspiring. I have spent the week reading at orgoniseAfrica, the EW forum (and the old material they retrieved from when forum went down), the archived material that Adam has saved here, as well as some postings at …but certainly not all of it.

I am eager to get going, gifting my area, learning best practices along the way, and hopefully radiating my gifting outward from there. I hope to be posting reports here. I have no apparent “energy sensitivity,” but perhaps in time I will develop some.

I see via the search feature here that there was a prolific gifter named Marco from somewhere in NJ, years ago… as found in the archived EW threads.

Glad you are inspired to do healing work. Don’t worry, if you do enough intelligent gifting, you’ll find out stuff you never imagined! Its truly being “born again”