Nice confirmation from vo Joanna in Brazil

In case you don’t know about vo Joanna, Al McAllister, who lives in Rio de Janeiro and posts on EW, has known Dona Leda for many years and has benefitted from her advice. She practices a form of traditional Afro-Indian magic and is the ‘horse’ for a departed entity who calls herself vo Joanna. This tradition is quite common throughout Africa, too, and Carol and I consider these ancient practices to be hard science.

Vo Joanna has agreed to let me post a photo of Dona Leda, which Al emailed to me, but this will have to wait until Dooney coaches me on the use of file transfer protocols. Comparing the photo of Dona Leda, alone, and Dona Leda when she’s conveying vo Joanna is quite impressive. I keep a photo of the latter in my office. I love that Dona Leda keeps tobacco going in a pipe when vo Joanna is present. This is apparently a contribution of Indian magic tradition to her mostly African practice.

I’ve mentioned, again and again, that we’re aware that this network isn’t the only group who is working to establish the foundations of global unity and prosperity, which is another way of saying we’re we’re extracting the world odor from human affairs (‘aroma aversion therapy?’). Lots and lots of traditionalists like Dona Leda have dedicated themselves to doing this, too.

I asked Hari in Malaysia to post about his meeting with a similar group of people, there, by the way, and I assume you know that some of our African cohorts are working in association with traditionalists, there. ‘Tradition’ isn’t always repugnant, of course–some traditions are worth being propagated and we appreciate the diversity that exists within the multi-hued human family the same way that we appreciate a garden full of various kinds of flowers.

I think we are the only group who do the work publicly and with 3D devices, though. I’m not counting ‘activists’ who shoot the sewer rats, though maybe they have an ultimately positive role, too. For what it’s worth, I’ve known of cases in which gifters in the USA inadvertently brought down the sewer rats’ offending aircraft and none of that got into the media, nor were the gifters arrested or otherwise bothered on account of it. There’s a world of significance in that simple fact, though I’m not suggesting that you try it Cool.

Vo Joanna has regularly offered advice and encouragement to us through Al, who visits her a lot. I hope you’ll have an opportunity to get to know someone of this caliber if you don’t already. When I heard from Hari today I was very pleased because I sensed that he also met someone who’s on this level. James Hughes is the psychic healer who gave me a jumpstart toward fulfilling my destiny during the time when I came across orgonite and I’m extremely fortuante to be married to another person of that caliber. There’s no way that we could do this work without the assistance of a few reputable psychics, of course.

Al, with the generous help of a couple of his friends, collected a whole lot of crystals for Carol and I at a wholesaler in Brazil and he only asked for hiis cost plus shipping. In appreciation, I sent him a package of stuff to share with his friends as a sort of ‘thankyou’ from us. That was in July and two weeks ago (late November) he hadn’t received it, yet. During a chat session, in which we were attempting to free up several packages among our members that were being interfered with, Dooney clearly saw the package at the Rio Airport, on a shelf, apparently in the customs office. The other psychics (Carol and STevo) concurred and when we all boosted the package, they saw it get the attention of one of the employees and also got an assurance that the package would be delivered. Al got it three days later.

This is how some of us stay in business in the face of sometimes great odds. For instance, at one time officials in the German Customs Department and the South African postal service conspired to put Georg Ritschl out of business by disappearing and/or destroying all of his packages en route. That stopped immediately after we went to work on the offending bureaucrats. Andy Schwarm is the other one who has gotten the worst of this sort of treatment and, in his case, radionics was being used by the CIA to cause him to essentially disappear from potential customers’ awareness. Creepy stuff. Each time we ruin those sewer rat efforts the interference disappears immediately.

Rather than seek recognition for this extroardinary work we’re doing each week, I want hundreds or thousands of groups to do the same work on a regular basis because I think this will ultimately make tyranny and exploitation impossible.

As is the case with gifting, we feel that it’s essential to produce and report confirmations. Most of us aren’t psychics, so the confirmations need to be 3D and there’s absolutely no shame in this. After all, we live and work in three dimensions.

In spite of extensive international pogroms by the CIA, and MI6, directed at thousands of psychics who wouldn’t work for them (typical m.o. is fast cancer), there seems to be an endless supply of potential psychics, even so, who require very little encouragement and guidance to learn to sift their imaginary from their genuine impressions and to develop confidence and skill. Some within this network are discovering that they have a lot of psi potential, for instance, and I know that this is simply representative of humanity in general. Also, I doubt the CIA and MI6 did this murderous work outside of North America, the Middle East and Europe. In my opinion, the impetus for the next, already initiated phase of human civilization will be from Africa and Asia.

Here’s Al’s note:

Hi Don, and Carol,

You had suggested that I get confirmation from Vó Joana regarding the package and
the psychics effort. On Wednesday and yesterday I visited her. She said that yes,
the fact that it was released at customs and arrived promptly after the chat
session, is a clear indication of the positive effect. It was not any ill-intentioned interference, but rather happenstance, which Dooney had said at first. She also made mention that the work done by the psychics in these sessions
is powerful and a great contribution to the well-being of mankind. Specially so
because there is no ego involved, it is all collaborative, and it is done with a
great deal of intelligence. Till the chat session then, tomorrow. Regards.


“Hi Don, it’s been some time since we corresponded and i thought of updating you on a few things that is going on in Malaysia. First of all, i want to thank you for hooking me up with Dan Daum (Edostar), the gifter in bali. We emailed a few times, and I think it looks very encouraging that we may end up gifting some place in this region, together. After all he is just right next door to me from Malaysia [Image Can Not Be Found].

Kelly’s trip down to Malaysia has been a ‘total success’. We went around opening up many vortices and a canopy was first form around Kuala Lumpur then the whole country including Singapore and southern tip of Thailand. This canopy linked up to his previous work in China, Taiwan, Japan and etc. It was an eye opening experience for me to work with Kelly and he was the first 3D gifter that I met in person as well [Image Can Not Be Found]. You are right Don! He is difficult to keep up with AND worth every minute of it [Image Can Not Be Found] . I’ll have to mop up by gifting all those towers here in Malaysia and Singapore in the following few months ahead.

Another interesting thing that is happening in these parts is that I have managed to contact and meet an unusual person by the name of ‘Antares’ in Malaysia. He is ethnically Chinese and I have heard about him from a friend who told me that he is able to sense auras and energies but the strangest thing is…he is able to speak an unknown alien language. He stays in the jungles of Malaysia and rarely ventures out to civilization, except to pick up friends flying in from all over the world, to go to his jungle retreat. He also happens to speak this unknown alien language to his kids here. At first I thought that this maybe a new age sewage or occult thingy running from his retreat but my gut feeling told me no and I had to pursue this to see where it will lead me.

Meeting him is difficult but some how I managed to get in touch of him on my ‘very first try’ via the cell phone. He was surprised to get the call as he told me that the reception is extremely bad and by chance he is in a ‘certain spot’ that he is able to get the call. When I actually did meet him, again it was ‘just in time’ again as he was about to leave his home with his Scottish and French guests, to go to the waterfalls, and I probably would not have met him that day. He told me ‘wow you arrived just in time’. Hehehe seems like the operators are working this thing out. I met him yesterday and I knew he scanned my aura and my purpose for meeting him. I spent half a day with him and we spoke openly. He told me that some of the devices that I carry like the mini power wand, may have ‘atlantean’ origin but orgonite was new to him.

My instincts told me that he has ‘heart’ in the right direction and he does actively try to save the jungle and the area from evasive constructions like hydro dams and the etc. He also asked me if I could communicate telepathically and I just no and I am not a psychic but I sensed he was thoroughly checking me out as I could sense certain of my chakra point being probed. He saw the harmonic protector that carol makes then told me if I placed it slightly above my heart chakra, it will stop the aging process. When I offered to shorten the string to the spot he noted, he immediately told me…“no no… you got it over the ‘right’ place…over the heart chakra…besides you are way too young” . I turn 34 on the same day as well [Image Can Not Be Found]. I read before my visit there that he and the group he works with, claimed responsibility for knocking out ‘some’ frequency lock by the reptilian in 2004 in the U.S. I am not too sure what that was about but I didn’t get a chance to ask him on this as he had to entertain his other guests…”

It was very interesting for me to find out that he does work with other number of psychics around the globe as well. An old friend of his is coming down from Java as well which he fondly calls ‘white witch’ Smile. The alien language still fascinates me and I need to explore more. Though I did get scanned thoroughly via psychic methods but I understand the need to. Antares did tell me that there was a German guy some years back that brought devices to the place. It seemed to suck in all the etheric energy from people so that this German guy could consume it. He described it as having a coil with cow dung. Yeah, Antares is pretty careful after the experience. I forgot to ask him personally who the German guy was and as he was talking about it, I remembered from an article of his… it was St. Germaine or that entity I keep hearing about. Antares described him as an ‘etheric vampire’.

Overall it was a very good meeting. By the end of the day before I left them, I felt extremely good and positive meeting a wonderful group like this. I know I will meet them again. I did also explain about orgonite and they were curious about it. I gave them my remainder TBs (busted 30 towers to the way there) which was about 22 TBs and wished them all the best in well planting it around. They asked many questions on how to deploy the TBs and I happily answered. I know those TBs would be well utilized Wink.

One other thing that I forgot to mention is, when I was talking to them, one of them happened to talk about ‘etheric spiders’. One of them that they work with found it behind the eyeball and said that it was very difficult to remove. This is the first instance I have talked to a person in 3D, from another group besides the un-organized orgonite movement, about the etheric spiders.


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