Nice looking tb

Who made this beautiful tb ?

I discovered it while gifting the medieval city of Carcossone in France last week.

It was hiding in a spot I thought would make a nice home for one of my imported tb’s from the states.

What a treat to find someone elses tb and this is so nice looking .

Not to worry, I put it right back where I found it and put mine in another safe place inside the castle.

Awesome! This will be happening more and more I figure… and I agree, that is a nice TB!

~ Peter

Hi Eric !

That TB was placed there by Davide on a gifting trip to Carcassonne, Rennes Le Chateau and other places, the gifting report is here: nice thing that you found one of his TB’s , Davide thanks you for the positive comments on his creations [Image Can Not Be Found]

Great work gifting so many places in your trip in France ! Thank you !


Very funny [Image Can Not Be Found]

I love the color !