Night Invasasion In My Home By Unknowns

Don asked me to put this in to help others in case they run into a similar situation.

3 nights ago I awoke hearing footsteps and rustling noises in my house.
I was in a dream state which lately has paralzed my body. I mean froze me so I couldn’t move but was fully conscious and aware of everything around me. This nightmare thing has occured about six times so far about a week apart. Never in my life has anything like this happened to me. I don’t drink or do drugs and of sound mind and body. This time I could move my body.

Every time this happens I’m awake with a terrified feeling there are bad guys in my house. Only this time I just felt it was far worse. Foot steps, banging around. I was terrified I slowly sat up, reached under the bed took my loaded gun out, stood up and peered out my bedroom door and saw what looked like a human form dark shadow standing 20 feet away against my living room wall facing me.
I yelled something I can’t remember what and it didn’t move so I raised the gun with two hands, aimed and fired to kill.

The second I fired it disappeared. I walked to where it was, nothing, that figure had vanished.

I looked 90 degrees to my left into the kitchen and saw another human form wearing plad up against the kitchen sink back to me. That is when this what ever who ever turned its head to the right over its shoulder took a quick look at me then dashed to the left and into the kitchen cabinets and was gone.
Then I checked the house out with gun in hand put the lights on and found nothing.
Was this bad, good, just dreams or what?
I have a nice bullet hole in my wall and nothing to show.
Thanks to Don and Francie I think I know how to deal with it if it happens again. Basiclly call for the higher powers to get rid of this trash forever.
Come to think of it, it might have been that super ugly tower I busted the week before got somebody real mad.
Right after gifting while near the tower I got a severe headache which went away a half hour later.

temporarily removed…

Francie thank you very much for your post.
Another even happened a couple of days later.
One when it was dark and the other a few hours later in daylight.
My car is parked 50 feet away in the back of my house where I can see it from my kitchen window.
It has remote start and the remote is sitting two feet to my right.
I had been in the kitchen a few seconds, it was pitch dark. I happened to look out the window and my parking lights were on and the engine was running. First thought was that someone was stealing the car. But as I opened the door a few feet away I saw nobody in the car. I thought how long has this been running? I grabbed my keys and shut it off.
Then in the morning I looked out again and saw tailights on again and it running again. I shut it off the same way.
Now I bought the car new two years ago. It has never done this before or ever since this happened. I doubt very much that this was a mechanical malfunction. I kind of thought it funny. But as Don advised me I’ll never leave my keys inside and close the doors.
I think your right. The tunnels is a bit closed but must be destroyed.
And why it was in my back yard and not in my house again was that I had your help and others busting my house including myself.
In fact my house never felt so clean in years, I sleep well now and I feel you guys cleared the air thank you so much. Bless you and Post Orgone puff balls of love to you all. (:
There is more I can’t say now. Big big plans. ha ha

Excellent thread, guys, because this is the sort of stuff that really needs to be discussed openly and candidly. After all, it was the reports I wrote about Carol and my similar experiences, nine years ago, that generated grassroot interest around the world in orgonite cloudbusters, evidently in time for several thousand of them (mostly home-built) to stop the bioweaponry, etc., in omnipresent chemtrails from harming people by the middle of 2002.

The point is that enough substantive people will read reports like Bob’s and Francie’s that the corporate world order will lose a lot of ground in its ages-old war on humanity, which is mainly based on their ability to hide their doings. Parasite species all operate the same way, of course, and are also vulnerable to exposure.

None of us, here, are flakes. That’s pretty obvious to anyone who reads the postings.

I think Bob is the very first gifter to shoot at an intruding CIA (Vryal?) operative and I’m sure that he’s being celebrated by our sponsors inn the etheric realms as well as by us. Great going, Bob! I mention Vryal because Montauk has evidently always been an underground facility for them, since the 1800s, through World War II (German U-Boats surfaced offshore regularly in daylight, throughout the war, and the townfolk waved at the crew).

Apologies to Mark Bennett, who participated in one of the chat sessions in which the psychics saw Vryal predators coming at someone. He asked me to explain who they are and I’ll try to do that in a thread in the Questions Section, shortly. Suffice to say that the sewer rat agencies have become kind of seamless: CIA, MI5/6, FBI, NSA, Vryal, SS, Mossadomites®, KGB (FSB–yeah, sure), Jesuits, Triads, etc., though Triads are evidently on top, with the Vryal a distant second in terms of the will to harm humanity.

Any underground base/hive can be neutralized with enough orgonite, apparently, and I’m sure MOntauk is no exception. Carol and I knew when we gifted that place, in March, 2001, that our effort was only a token one; a shot across their bow. It was educational, though [Image Can Not Be Found] . Since Montauk’s specialties, historically, are the exploitation of children and the dirty manipulation of time I think someone is going to step up and finish that place off before long. Some of us believe that Montauk is North America’s noxious equivalent of Tavistock Institute, Dr Sigi Freud’s baby. Freud took over Tavistock a few years after he successfully blackballed Dr Reich in Europe and, as it turned out, also in the USA. I don’t think that mean-spirited cocaine addict’s reputation would have survived the internet but the real pioneers, including Reich, Tesla, Rife, etc., would have thrived if they were allowed access to such a public forum.

I think it’s a good idea to study Al Bielek’s and Phil Schneider’s puiblished material and pretty much ignore everyone else who claims to know, firsthand, about underground bases and the Montauk programs… I’ve honestly never read material from anyone else that has such a distinct ring of truth for me. Schneider didn’t survive his disclosure and Al has been essentially isolated and impoverished for the past twenty or so years, since he first disclosed his first-hand information. I bet they use radionics on him the way they do (with diminishing success, thanks to the psychics’ skilled help in the chatrooms) on several of us who earn our livlihoods with technology involving orgonite.

I think we’re the first group, outside of the $#!+bird agencies, to systematically work with the aid of psychics, at least publicly. I’m pretty certain that there are a lot of less open but maybe equally productive group efforts. We sure can’t take full credit for the current, rapid exposure and demise of this old, sickening corporate world order. Notice that there have been a lot of intelligent films and TV shows about psychics in recent years. People really do want to know about this reality.

Carol told me that she thinks it would be great for anyone to watch the movie, PUSH, by the way. It’s a new DVD rental release and we kept it so we can watch it again. I think that film gives a pretty accurate picture of how essential psychics have become to the corporate world order since WWII.

Washington won the American Revolution because the French and others had worn down the Brits’ army and navy on several fronts but only Washington gets much attention by American historians. When the failure and destruction of this corporate world order is complete I want to be sure that everyone who had a hand in it will come forward and tell about it on the internet. I’m confident that mostly reputable people will do so because most of the people in the world who have exceptionally bad characters work for the corporate world order, after all. The vast majority of people are actually okay, even if most of them are and will probably remain Pajama People.

I’ve been relentlessly bugging Francie to post about more of her insights and experiiences because I think sharing publicly provides a lot of protection for psychics as well as helping to establish their good reputations. When Georg and crew were in the slammer in Mozambique, Francie was in daily communication with Friederike and her advice was very helpful to the latter. Sometimes only a reputable psychic can find and provide vital information. I completely rely on my wife for such advice during risky times, like right now.

When we get to know Bob a little better he might share some of his background, which is what tipped me off about why the sewer rats are so overtly intimidating him right now. He’s very insightful, though, and I think the psychics are going to concur with his personal risk assessment in the chatroom tomorrow.

Also, when the Montauk freaks ‘reach out and touch someone’ that way we can see it as an open invitation to go take care of that rotten hive, finally [Image Can Not Be Found] Some of the bigger bases need several strategic gifting visits before they’re finally ‘done,’ maybe on account of the way they’re able to keep spreading out. We saw that phenomenon several years ago when we were earthpiping the huge underground base that ran, then, from the Western Washington University campus in Pullman, Washington, under the Snake River and up to Lewiston, Idaho. That was in the days when the psychics (even me, too) were still seeing lots and lots of draconians underground, in ships in and above the atmosphere and even among the population.

The giveaway feature of drac/humans are distinct bone ridges from front to back on the top of the head–from one to at least three. I think most of those offworld rats have left the sinking world-order ship, by now. They apparently figured heavily at Montauk when Bielek was working there.

Lately, Carol has been seeing a lot of etheric ‘features’ in 3D during the daytime, which usually only happens for her around Halloween, when the veil between this world and the next is thinnest, according to some ancient traditions. Several reputable people have predicted that, before long, everyone will be seeing features and entities that are now mostly invisible due to out-of-phase frequencies. If you haven’t yet seen a CIA or NSA agent disappear you’re in for a treat, by the way. That used to be pretty common, back when the $#!+birds were more frantic about surveilling us all. The little frequency boxes they use to take them out of phase are or were standard issue for pavement artists, apparently. I wonder if they’re forced to look at their more grisly invisible partners in those moments and I wonder if it’s worth it for them [Image Can Not Be Found]

Thanks for mentioning vo Joanna, Francie.

Our readers might not all know about her but, as Al had promised after a visit to Doña Leda’s recently, vo Joanna had indicated an interest in participating in our chat sesions and Francie met her, there, so I’ll fill in some blanks: Al McAlllister, a long-time gifter ( ) in Rio de Janeiro, often visits a traditional healer, named Doña Leda, who takes a very active interest in the work we’re all doing. During her well-attended healing rituals, she keeps a Succor Punch running on the altar, by the way. She’s a lovely, large, middle-aged black woman with a shining countenance who wears long, white dresses and a sort of turban and keeps a pipe of tobacco going for protection. She’s the ‘horse’ for a departed benevolent and powerful human spirit, named vo Joanna, who had been a slave during her lifetime but is engaged in healing and educating the living, now, through Doña Leda. In other words, vo Joanna might be regarded as one of The Operators and Doña Leda performs a role similar to our psychics’ but in a country where this is generally regarded as respectable and valid. I’m not surprised that Francie sees vo Joanna as an energy field and Carol assures me that sometimes departed human spirits will take on huge responsibilities in the next realm, even as guardians of sacred sites (earth vortices) down through untold millenia.

Max Long’s practical observations about the aspects of the human spirit, based on Huna traditions, has helped me to understand this better: those among us who constantly seek integrity while we’re still breathing are more likely to get in touch with our larger aspects when we depart this realm and maybe eventually join The Operators or at least work for them. Those who remain self-centered and rebellious may end up as disoriented spooks and manipulable spirits, I believe–Pajama People of the next life? Maybe some selfish people get a clue on their deathbed and straighten right out, too.

It wouldn’t take much reading for one to appreciate the fact that all of the ancient magic systems are really just older forms of science: they produce consistent, observable results and can be quantified and taught. I think the best book about their common origin and similar practices is ORIENTAL MAGIC, by Idries Shah, an Afghan scholar and historian who is also regarded as a Sufi. He travelled literally all over the world to compile the information contained in the book and he writes with clarity and precision.

I think Cowboy Bob is going to provide a lot of interesting and fun work for the psychics. I’ve really enjoyed corresponding with him and I’m glad he agreed to post on Etheric Warriors.

He and Francie will no doubt accomplish a lot with their networking and Genghis Kilroy of , my old friend, is also in touch with Bob.


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