Nocturnal Wisi-tation

Busting towers at and around midnight is imperative in certain locations to achieve the most bang for the Puck (if you will). One of the things I’ve noticed when using a zapchecker, is they lower and raise the frequency of the microwave radiation being emitted at REGULAR intervals. Some towers have an increased radiation during typical work day hours, with less radiation being emitted later in the evening. This is not an accident, it is by design. Look at any tower near a school, they raise the radiation when children arrive every morning and soak them all day long. But the truth is coming out and every pajama person in the world is fixing to awaken and come out of the closet (thongs and all) and bring this to a head!

This spells out one thing loud and clearly. These Curmudgeons Pre-meditatively TARGET particular people, or groups of people who are in a given area at a certain time. The only way I can describe this situation is they are performing RADIATION THERAPY on an unknowing, no longer dumbed down public to induce cancer, leukemia, and God knows what!

Lock em, load em, and fire!

I will comment more on this subject at a later date. The story with more and more details is emerging and it will start to make more sense as time goes by. They have thought all along we were not capable of seeing through their illusion…

I’m watching YOU!