Non Posters Saluted!

I’ve been shipping metal shavings and crystals for several months now to non posting etheric warriors and wanted you all to know Seattle has been getting Orgonized on a large scale !

Way to go Seattle gifters ! I can’t help , but take some delight knowing I sourced the ingrediants for them to make Orgonite.
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Oh, Let’s not leave the gifters out in Salt Lake City either. I’ve got more than one gifter making Orgonite there in a MASSIVE way.

Should I list all the locations I have sent crystals and metal shavings ?

You all know who you are, Thanks a million for making Orgonite.

Thanks to the Viking who I shipped 50lbs of shavings to only to get there and to be returned by their post office for not picking the package up. Sounds strange right ? You betcha. The bad guys intercepted that pacakge, but at least I got it back and the shavings are now being shipped out to other parts of the world.
How many times can I say LOSERS ? [Image Can Not Be Found];