Numerous False Flag Attacks Next Few Days?

Dooney, Stevo, Carol, Hawthorn and I do chats at least twice a week just to keep the sewer rats from ruining our lives and livlihoods and this morning the psychics (everyone mentioned except me [Image Can Not Be Found] ) got a strong impression that there are several large-scale false flag attacks being planned for the US, across the country, in the next few days. We’re working on deflating that agenda, right now, but in case we miss something I want the record to show that the attacks were predicted. This will go a long way toward preventing the Evil Axis (US/UK/Zionist corporate entity) from empowering themselves through another of their large-scale human sacrifice events, in case they’re still able to accomplish any of it.


as stupid as i feel chiming in, i’ve had this same impression for a few weeks running

i also keep ‘pinging’ on an august 31st date, for reasons both personal & on the larger scale


Short of an international chat, let’s boost this together. I’ve spent long enough in ‘our’ chatroom to deem it usefull.
I couldn’t help myself from ‘watching’ the way I used to during the chats, and seeing a threath ‘all over’. When I tried to lock on to target – something I used to be good at – , I can pinpoint San Francisco/San Jose and Washington.


PS and of course boost the military in particular [Image Can Not Be Found]

I think there is a detail that might help predicting the next flase flags:

The boston marathon bombing was on day:

15/04/2013, monday

1+5+0+4+2+0+1+3 = 16

The sum of a date numbers corresponds to the energy of the day. 16 is the number for the tarot card “The tower” which is the energy of tragedys and external sudden disasters, big explosions and the like. Also a number for complete failure and defeat. I personally don’t like tarot, but I’ve found that knowing a little about it helps understanding the enemy.

Tomorrow will be:

20/08/2013, tuesday

2+0+0+8+2+1+3 = 16 again

A very dangerous date I think.

Another details is that we are right at the begining of the week, when their DOR power is the highest. I know this from personal experience watching the skies and fighting back psy attacks. Day which sum up to 16 are usually troublesome days. Their power is usually highest bettween monday and tuesday.

It’s also full moon tomorrow and we are near to the zodiacal shift (24/08), which is also a hotspot for flase flags.

Be watchfull for dates summing to numbers 13 (death), 16 (disasters), 18 (fear), among others.

Just my toughts. I had some trouble posting this so I think it worths it.


[Image Can Not Be Found]

Some of these events should even be called fake flag attacks, since they are scripted and acted out with crisis actors.
The Sandy Hook school shootings and the Boston Marathon bombing did not happen the way they showed it on the
idiot box(t.v.)
Actors were at both events and you can clearly see that if you do a little research on youtube.

The real eye opener for me was the Gabby Gifford’s shooting in Arizona, it was all staged.

The lone nut mind controlled patsy is just part of a much wider production to these events.

I’m so glad we have orgonite and people willing to make and gift it.
I wonder how bad off we would be if Orgonite never came into the world ?

Between the cell towers and the chemtrails trying to shorten our lives, without orgonite everywhere we would be in
real world of misery and sickness.

Since I opened up to seeing many events as being staged with actors and no real victims I can sleep better knowing
far many fewer people are being sacrificed if at all.

Thanks for reporting on the latest psychic intel [Image Can Not Be Found]

Eric [Image Can Not Be Found]