O-Bomber Or Black Messiah For The World?

09 Nov 2008 11:51
Subject: O-Bomber Or Black Messiah For The World?
I was already wondering why nobody says something about that guy. After all, in terms of conventional politics he has created a lot of optimism and the highest voter turnout in US-history. Here in South Africa his victory is mainly seen as a historic landmark, a victory for the black race.
Since politics is mainly symbolic, this aspect should not be underestimated.
On Wednesday, when the results came in I was talking with a black businessman in the sauna who was so excited, he said he had not slept the whole night.
Be that as it may, my worry was immediately that they would do a Kennedy on him, meaning it could have been a wonderful opportunity for them to create an new reinforcement for their fear based mind control game.
That’s why in the German Chat last week we concentrated on possible plots to assassinate him. (Based on Manfred’s vision, we followed that energy of the picture/witch)
Of course he’s one of them and in that respect the euphoria is not very much founded in reality, and yet I would imagine the energy of a country changes, when a lot of people express optimism and hope (however unfounded) rather than fear and depression.
So, I think, we need to “protect” Obama from assasination while continuing to weaken the USRAELI war agenda.
Maybe then we get somewhere.

Doing it all over Africa and sending it out to the world
Andy Schwarm
09 Nov 2008 12:37
Subject: Re: O-Bomber Or Black Messiah For The World?
Obomber appointed two Israelis to his cabinet already. The only two cabinet members he’s picked.
Rahm Emanuel is a right-wing war hawk and he’s the President’s Chief Of Staff.

More war on the way.

Obomber stopped talking peace a long time ago.

Don Croft
09 Nov 2008 16:57
Subject: Re: O-Bomber Or Black Messiah For The World?
Great to know that the German-language chat group is lining up to keep O’Bomber walking and breathing, Georg. The EW chat will also spend a lot of time and effort on that, since the bloodlusters in Washington, London and Tel Aviv are apparently deadset on sacrificing this chump in a false flag attack.

I doubt many people will recall that O’Bomber promised the Chicago Zionists that the US is going to attack Iran as soon as he’s installed in teh White House. He said that in early June, on the evening of the day that the corporate world order bumped Hilary Clinton in his favor. I call that speech his, ‘innaugural address,’ since it’s pretty obvious that his path to teh White House was going to be straight, wide and smooth after that promise was made Wink

Lest we are inclined to panic over the world order’s intention to initiate World War Three through this silly puppet and his ‘foreign policy advisor,’ the old corporate toady, Brzezinski (no kiddding!), please remember that the US can’t wage any genuine war without first initiating the draft and even a false flag attack probably won’t terrify enough young men to swallow that hook. The draft during the Vietnam debacle succeeded because even most of the hippies knuckled under and voluntarily got their heads shaved and their spirits broken. That generations’ parents, too, were the primary fascists: the eager NationalSocialist babies of the depression era.

I constantly labor to get folks to stop salivating to the disinformation bellringers because that old corporate propaganda machine is set up to maintain an opaque veil over key information like my draft observations and the current dominance of China in world affairs and finance.

The essential conditions that would enable the corporate genodists simply aren’t present right now and as soon as the American blacks have figured out that O’Bomber is betraying them I think that even the FBI won’t be able to extort and murder enough of them to stop them from destroying this horrible federal governnment in a short, violent time. I’m hoping that at least one state will secede before that sleeping giant wakes up in a fury Cool

Kennedy was murdered because he woke up after his appointment to the presidency and tried to disband the CIA and the Federal Reserve Corporation. They appointed Kennedy in the first place because he had never exhibited signs of a conscience and he always followed their orders, before. He was even more manipulable than Nixon, who had apparently won the race, then. I don’t think anybody but Oprah thinks O’Bomber has a character or conscience or will get one, though if he does exhibit a conscience at some point, I doubt that anyhone could keep him from being killed. I do think that his murder would then expose the corpoorate world order to everyone, though. Cool


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