Ocean gifting, dolphins, dreams coming true

After recovering from last weekend’s gifting sortie when don and eric did the southwestern plains of florida and I did the western edge of civilization from belle glade to florida city, don and I conspired to continue on our gifting mission of the local and not -so-local waters by filling in a large circular leg of ocean and waterway ,stretching from Jupiter inlet south 42 miles oceanside to boca raton inlet, and then up the intracoastal to a point at north palm beach where don and carol’s gifting efforts had previously left off…

We had two five gallon buckets of tbs, a little over two hundred I think, to use up. We stitched a necklace from Jupiter to boca, every half mile or less dropping one, and then on up the ditch, also every half click. On the inside I put a concentrated amount at the boca hotel and club (yikes!) more at west palm beach waterfront (ugh-trump) and a last triple-up at riviera .f.p.l. electric plant and the port o’ palm beach. By then the sun had set and we cruised the last twelve or fifteen miles in the relative dark, very memorable.

Now, of all the times I’ve been out gifting in the boat with the Crofts, the last four have had dolphin visitation during the trip and of those four, three had them showing up right when we were done gifting and out of orgonite. The other time we had to be shown where to concentrate our efforts, as was communicated to carol during our trip to the keys. Today’s sortie was no exception. We were coming up lake worth, close to where don and carol had previously gifted to, having just ended our gifting, and there they were!. A small pod of dark spinner dolphins slowed their cruise and turned to greet, acknowledge and confirm our mission yet again! Don produced some dolphin balls they had made and we tossed in two. I was in a kind of silent wonderment… I mean, it happens EVERY time now, even though we don’t expect it. I can almost feel their gratitude for the new energy dynamics and cleaner water. It’s as if they’re saying “ok, good, keep it up. Stand by for the next level”. I’m pretty sure this is really the beginning of something unimaginable, but great. Look at them now showing up all over the world in the most unexpected places… like parliament. It’s inconceivable that some here want them dead and out of the way. The reason : they hold the keys to our next step as a species (us). I think they have been the keepers of earths highest ideals and now it’s our turn to step up and receive our new roles. Of course the vampires want to thwart this interspecies passing of the baton… but it’s happening anyway, isn’t it?