Ocean Gifting Really Kicks Predator Butt in the Sky

From where we live, near the shore north of Palm Beach, Florida, we can look directly to the east at the sky over Little Bahama Bank, north of Grand Bahama Island, 50+ miles away.

Before we gifted over there, several weeks ago, the sky was continuously dark with very tall cumulonimbus clouds constantly forming there, no matter what the rest of the region’s sky was like. Now, we rarely see tall clouds over the Bank but often see enormous Sylph clouds streaming from there toward us in several branches, like a huge, frequent, ‘Thank You!’ from the Sylphs.

The Weather Channel’s local radar imagery takes in South Florida, where we are, and also that area of the Bahamas and beore we gifted over there, radar showed a constantly spinning (counterclockwise) thunderstorm spiral formation about a hundred miles in diameter, centered over the area we later gifted. That stopped happening the day we did the deed but a weaker version occasionally shows up to the northeast of Little Bahama Bank, a couple hundred miles toward Bermuda. It seems apparent that this spinning storm, plus the other one we erased north of Key West, were HAARP-related hurricane boosters and directors.

Jeff and I completely bolloxed the effort north of Key West–finished it last Saturday, in fact by gifting the western coast of the Everglades National Park and ten miles around the cape to the east. As I reported in another thread, a massive, unprecedented thunderstorm was created before we were even done and reached out to engulf us briefly on our way back to shore. Local radar loops showed no storm at all but the national radar loop showed the southern half of Florida covered in red, which means the entire area was socked in with a solid mass of very tall thunderheads. It’s significant that the storm didn’t extend into the Gulf of Mexico or the Florida Straits (Atlantic side) at all. What we saw on the ground over the Gulf and, later, over the Florida STraits was that bright lenticulars and Sylphs were arrayed along both, entire coastlines, apparently restricting the expansion of that unnatural storm. Jeff and I felt the wrath of whom/whatever was generating that storm and it seems apparent to us that they weren’t human and were located underground in the Everglades as well as in ships inside the dark, DOR-saturated storm mass.

We began laying orgonite along the coasts of South Florida last December, when we first got our boat. By now, we’ve covered all of South Florida’s coastline and also done some wider ranging sorties to sort out some underground base HAARP nastiness under the Gulf of Mexico and Little Bahama Bank. We gifted along half the reef in the Florida Keys in February and are about to finish the length of it, almost to the Dry Tortugas (near which are three apparent HAARP towers in shallow water, by the way). A couple of months after we gifted part of the reef, which was dead, we returned and found abundant coral growning and plenty of fish of varying sizes. I’ll submit a more comprehensive post about the reef after the next sortie, of course–we’ll be snorkeling and taking photos, then. I only have one ‘before’ photo of the bottom near Sombrero Key, so grid-willing I can somehow post that and the ‘after’ photo taken in the same spot, six months later. The real evidence will come from the unwitting experts who will be scratching their heads, wondering how that dead reef came back to life, of course <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” /> so stay tuned for them!

Today is Wednesday and the reason I’m posting this report is that, though the massive thunderstorm disappeared the same afternoon as suddenly as it was generated in late morning, potentially severe thunderstorms have been literally thrown at the little towns Jeff and we live in, apparently in an effort to overcome our cloudbusters and generate some wind. The whole drama happens daily and only in Palm Beach County; no place else in Florida or the region. Fifteen miles upwind these storms are massive and probably generate wind but by the time it all reaches us it dumps a lot of rain but there’s no wind.

Lightning hasn’t struck within a half mile, either, but for lightning to come that close to any cloudbuster indicates a guiding hand; a not-subtle manipulation of nature’s processes. Before we came here to bust up HAARP, lighting had never struck within five miles of our cloudbsuters and thunderheads got knocked down pretty fast before they reached us.

These thunderheads are full of dark lenticulars and other bizarre, quasi-natural cloud formations, which we’re sure indicates the direct involvement of predatory offworlders. None of that will come within a couple miles of our cloudbusters, though, of course.

Usually, at the same time over the sea nearby there are a lot of Sylphs and we see very bright, distinct Lenticulars nestled in bright cumulus clouds. Looking back a few moments later, the lenticulars are often gone or the cloud has grown up around them. All of that is surrounded by deep blue sky. It’s impossible to describe, really, but you likely are having similar visitations by now.

Carol and I are almost done busting up HAARP in Florida with Jeff and we’ll be very, very surprised if the World Odor and their offworld cohorts will be able to generate any HAARPicanes this season or any season from now on.

If there are still damaging storms in your area, I hope you’ll make a point of going out along all the highways for a hundred miles or so and disabling all of the weather warfare infrastructure, including HAARP tower arrays, weatherballs, bowling pin transmitters and anything else that looks bizarre. Remember that the World Odor uses every standing tower to try to harm us and to harm our world these days and they also put their weaponry around the top stories of just about evrery building that’s over two storeys tall.

I want our success to be your encouragement, so Happy Hunting!