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Don Croft
20 Jul 2008 14:35
Subject: OceanGiftingOceanGiftingOceanGifting, etc
Last week, Dirk (an EW psychic who gifts massively in Holland and Belgium) told us that the dolphins were in trouble, so this morning, in the EW chat we looked into that situation and the psychics found a very big area in the North Atlantic, near Greenland, where the Chinese are in the process of initiating another global assault on the dolphins and whales. They’re using the British and American navies, apparently along with millions of seabed death transmitters: deadly sonar and extremely low frequency radio transmission, which relates to sonar. Water is more dense than air, so this weaponry is especially long-range and deadly in the sea.

They saw the growing affected area as a white zone and it occured to me that newage sewage proselytes call themselves, ‘white lighters,’ without realizing that Oppenheimer was the first ‘white lighter.’ This has? been said by people who ‘know something’ firsthand about how Theosophy (the world odor’s luciferic, infantile ideological organ) really applies ‘white light:.’ It’s in the context of a nuclear bomb detonation, rather than the saccharine ‘love and light’ silliness. This is why, when people like Drunvalo lead expeditions of ‘white lighters’ to heal important vortices, those vortices are in worse shape than ever, right aftwerward. At least, that was the general trend until gifters started proliferating a few years ago.

Some surgical boosting and connection to the Creator Vortex in Western Persia, along with a lot of help from whales and dolphins, reduced this area considerably but I hope to persuade more people to toss orgonite into the ocean so the dolphins and whales can consolidate these victories over the world odor, which at this point is based in Beijing and apparently animated from the Gobi Desert facilities of the dark masters.

As ever, I don’t hope to convince anyone that China runs the show and that all the other players, including the CIA, NSA, FBI, Fatherland Sekurity, MI5/6, KGB, Mossadomites®, US Israeli and British military baby killers, the Big Navies and Air Forces, ad nauseum, are merely supine contractors and slaves to Beijing’s regime by now. ‘Supine’ is ‘lying on the back, abject.’ That sums it up. It’s been awhile since there were genuine, influential patriots in any of these filthy terrorist organizations, after all.

I only hope to inspire our readers to put my comments in the ‘wait and see’ bin and remain open to the building body of evidence of this fairly recent power shift from London to Beijing. Some folks still even believe that the US or Britain, even their own countries, still have some national sovereignty, so imagine how many people on the planet are still several steps behind in the wakey-wakey process! We’ll all get there in time, though, I believe.

You might find that a lot of geopolitics and finance only makes sense in this context. I’ll assume that you already understand that The What To Think Network’s paradigm of alleged global chaos is a plaything for the ignorant.

Keep digging for genuinely empowering information instead of sucking at the CIA Chicken Little disinformation tits, okay?

Please, please, please toss orgonite in the sea if you can do it! The more, the better and if you’re near an area of coast that has a lot of smog offshore (the seabed death towers do this) you’re in for a real visual treat as your orgonite will soon disappear all that smog, thanks to your tossed orgonite and the dolphins legwork, so to speak.

There are apparently more death towers on the seabed than on land, please consider, and they’re easy to find even with cheap sonar (fish finders) and even clearly visible in 3D with the more expensive commercial sonar. So much for those towers being for cellphones, eh? Cool

The first hour of the session was dedicated to helping Georg Ritschl’s courageous Zimbabwean friends, some of whom will be returning to that blighted country with more orgonite. Georg had a very productive gifting campaign, lately, in Malwai and Mozambique and we’re pretty confident that the Zimbabweans will choose to depose that Beijing-sponsored murderous cannibal, Mugabe, with orgonite instead of bullets.


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