Oliver Vowinckel's (in Czech Republic) comments on the freak

Hi Don,

Since I am unable to post myself on EW (see my last email) I just wonder whether you
would like to post the following for me.

There is a Hurricane heading for Belgium, Netherlands, Germany with strong storms
also being caused in surrounding countries like the Czech Republic. The hurricane
called "Kyrill" has built up over the Atlantic for the past few days and seems to be
hitting Germany now as we speak.

I have noticed extensive HAARP activities here in the Czech Republic during the past
few days whereby enormous dark clouds were forming in front of my eyes after hefty
CT spewing. These clouds were moving to the North into Germany. Yesterday, I pointed
my CB on a thick black cloud tunnel and within less than 10 minutes, the whole
circus collapsed with all the dark clouds dissolving, chemclouds disappearing and
blue sky. I could not believe my eyes. We actually had a wonderful sunset after a
whole day of HAARP and CT onslaught. This has raised my suspicion that when HAARP is
active, it needs to build up a very strong DOR field probably confined to a specific
location or area. When this DOR field is hit with a CB, it might just collapse.
Today, the same build up is happening again but I have been unsuccessful to shut it
down because of the limited horizon due to the mountaneous area here with us being
in a valley which does not allow me to find the DOR field.

My feeling tells me that this cloud and wind build up here is to serve the hurricane
to a certain extend. I do not know exactly how but it is a strong feeling. The
extensive HAARP activities required to create such a vicious hurricane could also be
the reason for the stranding of the many stranding dolphins as reported by Eric and
others on EW. So, something bad is going on and I wonder whether you and the
psychics would be able to hold an emergency boost session to perhaps reduce the
hurricane or its impacts or just generally help people in Germany and central

Thanks and best regards,

This makes me very glad that we spent a year in Florida beating the HAARPicane infrastructure in the region. Oliver’s comments are on target and HAARPicanes are surely boosted along their path by the world odor’s creation of persistent DOR fields.

We got slammed with a HAARPicane a few weeks after our arrival in Florida and in an area where all of the death towers and HAARP arrays had been busted, though, so we had to go pretty far afield and disable the DOR cesspits in the region, including several underground/underwater sources (apparently manned by predatory aliens) in the Gulf of Mexico. the Florida Keys and the Bahamas.

I’m hoping that this will be the year when people will start dropping lots and lots of orgonite in the seas so that the dolphins can take it to areas like the one in the Atlantic where the HAARPicane just got generated for Northern Europe.

On the upside, the more that the world odor generates these un-natural storms, the less likely the Pajama People will assume that they’re a result of cow flatulence, car exhaust, underarm deodorant or other What To Think Network ‘global warming’ myths. All of that media-boosted silliness from world-odor-funded academics would be considered the nadir of mysticism by Dr Reich, I think Cool

Oliver didn’t bury his cloudbuster, so he’s getting plenty of confirmations by intelligently pointing it, please note Wink. I’ve contacted Jacques in a private message, asking him to remove the hacker interference from Oliver so he can post on EW. YOu can tell which new members will make the most substantive contributions to this board effort because those are the ones whom the secret police hackers dogpile, early on.


Same thing here around Paris, there is oftenly very much wind these last days.

Thanks to all who have spiritually, morally and physically helped to prevent a huge disaster in Europe.

The Hurricane did by far not cause as much damage as predicted and even changed its course away to the North East after it unexpectedly started to weaken. Some people died in this HAARP made storm which should not be forgotten. The press in Germany reported about the storm for a couple of days with headlines like “Trees falling due to large amount of rain. Is climate change finally waging war on humanity?” or “Man drove car into fallen tree, nobody hurt”. Well, if this is the sort of headlines after a storm which has been announced and hyped beyond belief then I can only assume that some people must have been very puzzled.

Here in the Czech Republic, some strong winds toppled some trees and knocked out the power here but the latter is rather comon and happens several times a year when it rains too much, it is too hot or there is a flood of the local river. Sitting in a house with a gas cooker and candles all around with no electro-magnetical fields around felt like a reprieve from an everlasting assault. It felt really good and peaceful. Besides that, no damage was done.

I used the CB to point it into the wind and gifted all the high plateaus and summits around with TBs before, one every mile and a few in between when required. Later at night, the clouds cleared away with a wonderful sky full of stars and strong lightening could be seen all around the valley in the distance. The following morning, there was such a deep blue sky which I have not seen in a very long time. The winds must have cleared away all the rubbish the spewers blasted into the air for weeks and weeks.

I have experimented quite a bit with the pointing of CBs which I am going to write about in another article.