On The Subject Of Missing 108 Threads

1. the old 108 thread

Regarding the older 108 thread, I posted a direct link to it two days ago in the topic Devices Made In A Geometric Pattern under the Research and Development heading. I’m putting it here too so as to make it more known.

Here’s the link: https://www.ethericwarriors.com/ip/viewtopic.php?t=1925/url:3ca749rx

It is obviously still on the EW site although its not possible to access via the forum. Instead I found it by searching Google. Here is a screen capure of that search:

I also expressed my suspicion that the reason the thread is not accessible in the forum is due to the fact that the first post of that thread appears to have been deleted (in fact all posts from the previous user Carolien seem to be gone from the entire forum as far as I can see).

My theory is that threads where the first post is deleted, subsequently loose their connection to the forum database although the info is still there. Perhaps because the first post is used by the program to make up the topic heading in the list of topics.

2. The thread Who among us is making 108s for sale? in the Vendors Forums

Also, this particular thread in the Vendors Forums, is not missing and wasn’t missing either, although it may have seemed so. I figured out that its beause of a glitch in the way the program presents threads that are rolling over to a next page. It seems a thread runs on the first page for about 15 posts, then a second page is created. A second page then exists although the last post still fits in under the first page. The second page will be empty until someone creates another post in reply.

In order to explain this further, I painstakingly searched out a previous thread with the same problem…

Under the Misc. section on (currently) page 6, there is the following:

If you click on the link at the far right you will get to the end of the thread which is its page 2:

Which is of course a false error message, as clicking on the link to the left in the list of topics (either click the topic title or the page no. 1 link) will get you into the thread. The message in the above pic should refer only to page 2 .
This is what happened to the thread in the Vendors Forums. Probably from May 17 (date of last post prior to today´s posts) until yesterday.

There’s also corresponding glitch on a higher tree level. Here is a screen capture of the bottom of the current page 12 of Orgone Experiences :

This appears to be the last page, as when clicking on page 13 or subsequent pages, the following message shows up:

Again this is of course a false statement and it should refer only to page 13.


First, none of this is to say that hacking has never occured against EW. But I also think we need to address those glitches.

As I see it there are two possible approaches:

  1. Fix those glitches.

2 If thats not possible due to various reasons, then education is the other alternative. All involved need to be aware of how these glitches work so that we can work around them and still use the forum without getting confused when they show up.

Any comments to any of the above are of course welcome,

Hope this helps,


I suspect too that some glitches are in the database, because as I said somewhere else, a thread I wrote in many times long ago cannot be found on the forum, but only through google search:

And you seem to be right with what you said

My theory is that threads where the first post is deleted, subsequently loose their connection to the forum database although the info is still there. Perhaps because the first post is used by the program to make up the topic heading in the list of topics.

Because the title of the first post is (Re: UK, Nordsea Gifting), so it’s a reply and it’s the first message of the topic, so this first original post was deleted, I seem to remember that it was Frode who left the forum.

there are surely some hacking attempts, but it seems there’s a problem in the forum itself too.

I was too thinking its either database issues or perhaps more correctly, a bug in the original forum code that doesn’t rear its ugly head until there are LOTS of topics and lots of posts in them and EW is getting bigger and bigger as is the database. Perhaps we crossed some threshold the original designers of the forum never expected would be crossed or maybe their testing excluded this particular case and the weirdness is simply a programming flaw or two or three.

To me it makes zero sense that bad guys who know the 108 is really bad for them would openly and knowingly hack these topics to draw attention to them. Bad though they may be, they’re most certainly NOT stupid and they are well organized and have been doing this for a LONG time. Sure they hacked EW off the air the second time but that was probably because Azti made a mistake in testing the backup scripts that took EW down (I’ve done similar things in the day – too many things to keep track of) which exposed a vulnerability to them they didn’t realize was there so they had to “test it”.

For well over a year the EW servers are being protected directly by the wingmakers. Bad guys can’t get to them BUT if an EW member does something that leaves the back door open, well, look, we invited the bad guys in. Yeah, they are THIS sneaky. Ostensibly it has to be a second order effect.

I know Azti was talking about moving to some new forum system about a year ago for various reasons. I wonder what ever happened to that effort? As said above, maybe we’re simply outgrowing the old, probably now ancient forum system that runs this place.

I didn’t delete those posts, Kristian, and Carolien removed herself from this forum several years before the thread disappeared. Thanks for finding it, though. Her posts were all quite substantive and valuable, in fact. She left on account of personal obstacles and will always be welcome back.

I certainly understand the need that many people feel to explain away hacking and the hackers who work for the NSA and perhaps British Alleged Intelligence are well trained to cover their tracks in order to give people who are in denial ‘evidence’ that hacking is not taking place.

I invite people to post reports here based on their gifting experience. I don’t require anyone to adopt the warrior stance, even though this forum is an instrument of warfare. The corporate world order is heavily vested in keeping humanity confused and unwilling to resist mind control and ‘social engineering.’ They have always preferred to wage psychological warfare because it’s cost effective: only a few parasites are needed to keep humanity in submission, this way.

Ethericwarriors.com was set up to fight back appropriately, hence the word, ‘warriors’ in the title.

I’m not about to censure anyone for running from the fight but more and more of our readers are coming here to gain empowering information in order to learn to fight back against the ancient corporate order, which feeds on the masses’ denial, fear and confusion so when someone here is intent on disproving the obvious existence of the frequent hacker attacks agains the content of this board then it puts me in an awkward position as the host of this forum.

I wonder if the few folks, here, who are evidently opposed to fighting back appropriately and are evidently opposed to incisively exposing the corporate world order (which is the prerequisite to discarding it) would mind focusing on posting their gifting reports instead of trying to disprove the hacking agenda that some of us have been struggling against. I’ll be happy to discuss this with any of these fellows in private: [email protected] . I’m not willing to do it publicly because that would please and assist the sleepless enemy but I do need to state my policy about this in a post.


In addition to the hacking of the content of this board I can think of a dozen or so of our closer associates who get hacked almost every day in email. The pattern is so obvious that none of us feel inclined to deny it and, in fact, when we’re corresponding with certain people we’ve found it necessary to CC to third parties and ask them to forward the email to those individuals. I suppose I ought to post more about that in order to take some of the energy away from the denial that’s taken root, here.

I will post a bit more about the African hacker assault in another thread, today. That’s a juicy one and needs some more exposure. Exposure is a sort of art form, by the way. I think denial is another art form but sort of spiritually degraded, like pornography or sorcery. When the alleged owner of the pre-eminent faker orgonite forum fielded doncroftlies.com five or six years ago in order to undermine my credibility, I posted the website and answered back. doncroftlies.com disappeared a few minutes later (see why I call the enemy, ‘sleepless?’ [Image Can Not Be Found] ) . No doubt this is also available from the web archives

I really don’t care if I’m not popular, nor if half of the people dislike me, personally. I care more about their gifting work than whether they approve of me. I do care about the content of this board, though, and when I see it start to degrade I don’t hesitate to share my comments about it. I rarely have to boot anyone from EW and I think the diversity of the membership is a precious commodity.

After eleven years of existence this is still the only viable English-language forum about working with orgonite. You’d think that at least one of the people who are offended by my outlook would have started another one but of course when one denies the existence of psychological warfare against humanity then one is wide open to being neutralized by it. It’s okay to be nice but nice people are usually chumps; no streetsmarts. If one wants to be effective against the corporate world order one has to have streetsmarts and to be nice, too. Anyone can become streetsmart but the first step is to get out of denial.


There are loads of glitches in the software of this forum, naturally. I doubt any software that works from Windows is free from the plethora of cleverly crafted Bill gates (NSA hacker/surveillance access portals) that the sewer rats employ and enjoy. Azti wants us to transfer EW to a more secure software program and to put all past material up as accessible archived posts. He’s highly skilled with internet security and does it for a living and I’m sure he would be able to reduce the hacker presence and access. As busy as he is, he’s offered to set up the new format for us.

I suspect that exposure isn’t always the complete solution and I’m very grateful to Captain Azti for keeping this forum safe from destruction by the state-sponsored terrorist organizations of the US/UK for the past three years since he took responsibility for its survival.


I’ve been seeing a new opposition tactic in email, lately. One person, whom I hadn’t been in touch with, told me that orgonite, itself, is essentially evil and causes all the attacks we’re reporting. Another person told me that the only people who get attaced are people who ‘are asking for it,’ and this fellow claims that he’s protected by angels, so is free of attacks.

I didn’t want to engage him in email over this issue because I felt like I was being invited to wrestle with a pig in the mud (‘you get exhausted and filthy but the pig just enjoys it’ [Image Can Not Be Found] ) but it’s worth answering back for public consumption:

Everyone throughout history who has improved humanity’s lot has been either murdered, defamed, poisoned, driven crazy, imprisoned or otherwise attacked on account of his/her good work. I look forward to the day when the ancient corporate order has been sufficiently exposed and then discarded but before this network appeared I had already committed to opposing the corporate order to the death, so I’m not going to run from a fight when I’m called out. I’m glad this is an essentially non-physical war because I deplore violence, even though Carol and I are armed and have experience with fierarms. I really doubt we’ll ever need to use our guns except perhaps against bears or panthers when gifting in the wilderness.

In terms of ‘angelic protection’ I invite this apparently self-complacent critic to consider whether Jesus, who certainly suffered beyond what any of us could endure on account of His good work, simply forgot to ask the angels for protection [Image Can Not Be Found]

I have no doubt that this fellow already has a prepared explanation to deflate my argument but when one operates with individual discernment one is fairly immune from the omnipresent mindf*%kers. It seems important to me to disengage from one of them as soon as one figures out the debilitating game that’s being played. I learned that the hard way but others may learn from my mistakes. I never hope to change someone’s worldview, which is as unlikely, after all, as changing one’s eye color. I’m wondering if this new outbreak of bizarre, militant pacifism is part of a new psi op trend/strategy designed to make ethericwarriors.com look like a ship of fools

I think there are only a half dozen people who post on EW who never get attacked and at least two of them are prolific gifters whose reports are quite valuable, here. In some cases I’m pretty sure it’s because they’re pot smokers, so the sewer rats fondly hope and perhaps expect that they’ll betray this effort, sooner or later. It’s easy to get into the energy field of anyone who uses drugs because of the gaping holes in the subtle energy barrier that protects us from poisonous outside influences. Dooney won’t coach someone who is a drug user on that account–wasted effort on her part, since the person has no potential to protect him/herself under the circumstances. It evidently takes about a month or two after one has quit using drugs for the etheric net to repair itself. This is an old issue and I rarely bring it up, any more.

When someone on EW has turned against the forum effort he/she typically engages email slander campaigns against me. I’ve positioned myself so that it’s evident to our readers that this forum is not the Don Croft Show but is rather a place where a wide variety of people around the world can post their gifting reports and genuine insights without fear of censure by clever, poisonous NSA/MI6 trolls, who are otherwise omnipresent on all public forums that are not strictly administered to keep them out. Many of the contributors, here, have developed extensive personal correspondence on account of sharing their reports and I encourage that and have referred many readers to some of them, as you can see. I don’t encourage people to use the forum to gain a personal following, though, and I disdain and discourage sycophants, which is why I don’t have a personal following.

This isn’t a witch hunt. I’ve known a few witches over the years and those have had sterling characters and conscience; they’d rather cut their own throats than cause harm to anyone. Character assassins, on the other hand, do worse than murder: they destroy one’s reputation, sometimes for centuries. It’s like being murdered over and over again.

As always, I want to know when anyone is badmouthing me privately: [email protected] and I respect confidentiality, as you may already know. I often post the most poisonous accusations and publicly answer back. Exposure is a potent weapon against all forms of corporate chicanery. We humans have to learn to be good; we don’t need to be taught how to be naughty, which makes it too easy for the corporate world order to manipulate people who have no conscience and/or who desire a following.


I hope that my original post above is seen primarily as an educational effort than anything else. I wasn’t going into discussing hacking assaults, simply because I do not disbelieve that hacking assaults have been occurring against EW and associates, and also because I am not too knowledgable of the details. During the couple years I’ve been on this forum though, I’ve seen a couple times EW went down and also seen numerous reports on interference of e-mails, etc.

The main idea of mine here is rather to empower the readers with the simple tools of finding information and increase the awareness of forum glitches, regardless of whether those are utilized by hackers or not. That’s why I included the screen captures.

My hope is that when we find ourselves looking for a thread that’s evidently missing from the list of topics, we can do a simple google search, for example. When we hit the link for the last page of a thread and get the message ”No posts exist for this topic”, you would know then to hit the topic title instead, which would give you access to the whole thread.

After all, those threads in question are still there. And, at least the old thread (the one from 2009) on several occasions came up recently on the forum as being wanted due to its valuable information. Now we have the link to it. Please see the top of this thread for it.



P.S. Then of course there is the question about the Carolien reports. What can be done to retrieve those? Her posts were from the time before I joined but I remember that until not long ago her user name and posts were still on the forum. She obvously wrote a lot, so naturally I ran into some of her posts during the course of time. If it is as Don says, that her posts were all quite substantive and valuable, it would be a loss if they are unretrievable.
Do we need to seal accounts of users that are absent for a longer period of time? So as to prevent hackers from hacking their passwords and subsequently deleting posts? Just a thought.

I support Don Croft. He is inventing, creating, teaching and helping the meek inherit the earth.

Kristian, the way you presented this material took the form of a distraction, in case you didn’t know it. We shouldn’t make the mistake of assuming that our good intentions will prevent us from serving the parasites and I always hope that people who post reports on EW are aware of this. Idle conjecture is another thing that degrades the quality of this forum, which is why I strongly discourage it.

In the first three years of my forum experience, after this global network kind of sprang up in 2001, I was fortunate to have some coaching from Don Bradley on how psi ops are run in forums. That enabled me to learn to profile saboteurs. It became obvious, immediately, that one of the primary tactics of saboteurs is to sort of ‘entrain’ people whom I call ‘the peanut gallery’ or ‘the Greek chorus.’ These are well-programmed, often sycophantic hangers-on who flock to public forms in order to feel part of something big. They’re terrified of independent thinking, which is why they enslave themselves to charismatic personalities such as professional saboteurs. It was a fun and instructive time for me, even though I was dogpiled every day by this little mob and I was eventually expelled from the second forum after all of that kept failing to stop the growth of this network. That forum died, a year and a half later for lack of substance. The current forum that was set up to replace that failed one is run a little differently but it’s loaded with NSA and MI6 personnel in case someone wants to study the examples and is independent and detached enough not to be affected by the spiritual poison.

So, Kristian, if you have no direct experience or awareness of hacking then what you’ve presented, though technically valuable, is not an entirely positive contribution. If you’re not being attacked then you’re sort of standing outside of the consensus, here. Most of us who do a lot of gifting are under constant attack and we have to fight back in order to have a pleasant life.

I resisted the urge to boot several contributors who regularly demonstrate a curious urge to go against the grain, here. This is a society of fighters, after all. I always assumed that people who do a lot of gifting have earned the privilege of posting reports, here, but there’s lately (apparently) been a lot more influence from the parasitic agencies on certain individuals here to undermine the purpose of this forum and I probably ought to do something decisive about it before it gets worse.

So here’s what I’ve decided: if I see any more distracting posts from people, here, who are not under attack I’m going to remove that person’s posting privileges. I’ve come to believe that if one is not being assaulted by the various sewer rat agencies then one is probably considered an asset or potential asset by them.

The fellow who claimed that ‘angels protect him so he’s never attacked,’ did email his packaged explanation of why Christ suffered, by the way [Image Can Not Be Found] --go figure.

Since paid agents are probably absent from this forum the corporate order has no choice but to spend more time and effort jacking up the very few among us who are inclined to dissimulate.

Dissimulate: conceal or disguise (one’s thoughts, feelings, or character) : a country gentleman who dissimulates his wealth beneath ragged pullovers | [ intrans. ] now that they have power, they no longer need to dissimulate.

Those who do little or no gifting but incessantly post sans-substance material are also on notice, by the way. Some of us have survived murder attempts and we’re in the trenches with a few people who refuse to even fire their weapons, metaphorically speaking. I decided not to tolerate that, any more. I want our readers to expect to find only substantive, empowering material here instead of having to wade through a cesspit of idle conjecture and posturing. At the same time, I’ve always encouraged people to post their subjective impressions and personal information with their gifting reports.

One of my earliest forum lessons was that one dissimulator easily neutralzes a dozen substantive people. This is a simple truth that carries a lot of empowering information for someone who is determined not to be manipulated into silence any more. Utterance is powerful, so of course the corporate order spends energy and man(sic)power on preventing truths from being openly discussed in public.


When someone, here, takes a crap in a substantive thread I get kind of edgy [Image Can Not Be Found] but I’d rather the militant pacifists that are curiously among us will take note and just stop doing that.

Klaus is the most heavily attacked member of this group, right now. He shares our disdain for armchair warriors. Carol and I have gotten so accumstomed to mainly associating with the people who are in the trenches with us that it’s a shock whenever militant pacifists are thrown at us. I remember a time when militant pacifists were all over the place; the brain police. Thanks to the internet, we few in the world who seek personal integrity are finally able to meet and get to know each other, even though it’s only possible online in many cases. I bet you remember how it was before the internet showed up, too–you probably felt as isolated and even hopeless as the rest of us did. I came to believe that life in this physical world was supposed to stink & to be full of personal betrayal/intrigue and that it was all just a proving ground for the larger existence after our physical demise, which I was looking forward to with fondness. I still believe it’s a proving ground but there’s a heavenly aspect of living that I have found among our fellow spiritual warriors.

The reason I never use the term, ‘lightworkers,’ is that every newage-sewage chest pounder (you know, the ones who are never attacked because they’re protected by angels [Image Can Not Be Found] ) calls himself that. In the early years one of the things Don Bradley was fond of repeating is that the ‘white light’ so well favored by theosophy/masonry chumps is actually the violent, eye-melting flash of a nuclear bomb detonation. The corporate world order is parasitic, so they worship decay and destruction and literally live on the debt that’s generated by their own false money, which humanity was successfully scammed into accepting thousands of years ago. If you don’t believe me, look it up. [Image Can Not Be Found]

I used to have a little slogan on EW’s opening page: The Meek Are Inheriting the Earth. The folks, here, who are actually doing the most etheric fighting (including exposing the corporate world order with substantive shared information) are generally quite humble and in fact I sometimes have to twist their arms to get them to tell what they know. Our silence emphasizes the chest pounders’ material. The militant pacifists on EW, only a few of whom have done any gifting since I invited them to post, here, tend to fill the forum with their debilitating prattle. Some of our readers have noted this to me in email, which is why I started privately prodding some of these guys (they’re all men, please note–testosterone imbalance?) to stop posting fluff and to get busy with gifting reports, instead. It’s a little harder to get females to post their reports because of thousands of years of gender oppression, compliments of a misogynistic, secret-hanshake-@$$hole corporate world order.

Meekness is real power. It’s the power of water, so well described by Lao Tsu in the Tao Te Ching. Orgonite’s energy is blue, like healthy water’s color.

Since our readers are affirming the importance of keeping this forum on track I feel confident that the sleepless corporate enemy will fail to use my responses in this thread as an opportunity to defame EW on account of my insistence. If I’m correct, it won’t be the first time that their strategies against this unorganized movement have blown up in their own alleged faces but this wouldn’t be my victory; it would be an achievement of the people of conscience who support this forum effort by reading the content regularly. They’re the ones who decide whether this forum is viable. I have a lot of faith in this process.

Stevo came up with the term, ‘dragonite’ for the stone combo in the orgonite that’s going into Klaus’ 108s. I think I posted about this in another thread but maybe it’s worth repeating in this thread. Klaus had come to visit us in Idaho for some close support and we immediately took him over to see Dooney and STevo for a couple of days of intense psi work and target-boosting together. That’s when I figured out that Klaus is a skilled psychic, by the way. While we were in D and S’s parlor, jacking up the Triads who are orchestrating the now-failing attempt by the NSA, FBI and the US Department of Indoctrination, Er, I Mean Education, to destroy his thriving technical college in Atlanta and his life, he was seeing a big red dragon being overcome by an equally large green dragon. Within a few minutes, as the other psychics were also watching, they came up with the dragonite stone mix and I suggested putting it in a 108 for the school. When I’m in a session with people who are psychics I tell them that they ought to be glad I’m there because they’re all generals and you need at least one private in order to take orders [Image Can Not Be Found]. They’re all meek, so of course they know I’m joking.

Dooney’s got that stone combination on her site, donebydooney.com and she’s designed a bracelet with these stones. I hope more vendors will make and sell dragonite because as it becomes more and more evident that Peking now owns and runs the world order this stone combo in orgonite is goign to make life harder and harder for the Triads, who are now the parasitic world order’s chief terrorist agency, for whom all the others (NSA, FBI, CIA, MI5/6, Mossadomites, KGB) are now just a bunch of prison bitches. A protective device made of orgonite sucks a whole lot more energy from the Triads than regular orgonite can, we feel certain now. Try it, though and let me know what you experience with it if you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who are under constant personal assault by the sewer rats and have been using regular orgonite. [email protected]

Doc Steve Smith, although a skilled and successful physician who works closely with people every day and has a huge heart, is slightly reclusive but I want you to know him better. He and spouse Dooney (Laura Weise) have been real friends of ours for many years and as Stevo says, ‘Friends help you move; real friends help you move bodies.’ See why we’re spoiled by being around substantive, guileless people? I don’t think any of us should tolerate subterfuge or dissimulation any more. He also coined the term, ‘Mossadomites’ during one of the weekly chat sessions, years ago, when some of those terrorist vermin had placed themselves on our target menu.

Huyu ni Daktari Stevo (Here’s Doc Stevo):


Thanks for your clarifications, Don. (Reading your next to last post sort of felt like a breeze compared to your previous posts from yesterday. [Image Can Not Be Found] )

If you’re not being attacked then you’re sort of standing outside of the consensus, here.

I don’t know where you get this from. I have in numerous posts of mine mentioned various attacks that were directed at me. Etheric attacks, fly-bys of helicopters and planes, vans, EM beaming, etc. I have been careful also to describe how I countered them and subsequently prevailed. As you may realize, the reason for this is to give tips and ideas to others. You may not have noticed a lot of this, I realize that now. I guess I’ve been at fault for having taken that for granted. I’ll be happy to plow through all my previous posts and direct you to those that are referring to attacks, should you be interested. I wouldn’t mind that at all. It would be my pleasure. Now that I think of it, some of these attacks are mentioned in threads that were not specifically dedicated to those attacks, which is one reason I perfectly understand if they passed you by.

Speaking of which, I haven’t even recorded every strange occurrence or fly-by. Perhaps I should post what I can remember just for the record one of these days.

Remember how you in response to my first e-mail to you in July 2010, posted on this forum, added the comment: ”You’ll prevail, don’t worry. I bet you know that.” That resonated a lot with me. Yes, of course, I deep inside knew that.

This one statement then followed with me through the subsequent months, at least until I was able to overcome most of my fears relating to the attacks (or rather potential or unknown future attacks, as most times, during and after an attack, fear was not present). Overcoming the fears happened sometime in May/June last year. You must understand that all the while during those months, gifting continued unabated. I think that around this time I sort of came to think that personal integrity helps to stay clear of attacks, whether or not you are developing your spirituality in the same process. (I do think one can have personal integrity without interesting oneself in spiritual matters)

We must be careful not to present or understand attacks as something desirable in order to gain credence, to” fit in” or ”be OK”. I am not saying you’ve done that, just that we need to bear it in mind. Its a tricky subject. On one hand we tend to be aware of that gifting seems to create attacks for most people, on the other hand the attacks shouldn’t be a desired goal or state of operation.

I should also say I am aware that I have written some posts that are not related to gifting. And I think that far from all readers are interested in those for various reasons, just as I tend to not be interested in everything myself either.

[quote:2cln9442]Kristian, the way you presented this material took the form of a distraction, in case you didn’t know it.[/quote:2cln9442]

That’s well understood, looking at it from your perspective now. Thanks. I’ll have to assume full responsibility for that.

In turn, I hope you can see things a little from my perspective too. In short:

  1. I see a lot of alarming reports on the forum relating to missing information from several posters.
  2. I however do notice said information, albeit one has to look a bit closer.
  3. Its frustrating to see this happen as confusion seems to grow.
  4. I feel that I need to act by telling what I can see. Why would I want to withhold that?

Its like this as an analogy: You’re looking for a milk carton in the fridge and just can’t find it. You’re getting kind of frustrated. But wait a second, did you check in the back of the shelf under? Or is there some corner of the fridge that you completely overlooked?

I also think that as members of this forum we have a responsibility to know how it works, how its built, so we know better than to report something missing without making completely sure first. (analogy: knowing how the fridge looks inside, where things can end up, etc). The resultant confusion can also be a distraction. I wish you could see that too.

To conclude, should you find this also distractive then I probably deserve to be booted. Otherwise I am intent on rounding up my writing in this particular thread, unless something else comes up that’s required of me to be helpful.

Thanks again,


In the interest of accuracy, and therefore giving credit where credit is due……Dooney came up with the term ‘dragonite’ about five minutes before I uttered the phrase.

Just want the record to be a correct one.