One-Man Gifting Battalion to Assault Ethiopia and Egpyt!

I bet you know that I’m referring to Dr Rushidie Kayiwa of Uganda
He’s gotten a big donation from a generous cohort, which he’s applied toward his airfare but still needs more in order to get it all done. Having lived with the fellow for a time, I’ve seen how frugal he is, so every penny that’s sent to him is a good investment.

Being a man of faith, he’s apparently made reservations to fly to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on August 28th. I’m sending him a pile of Terminators, next week, which he’ll distribute to influential people in both countries by way of introduction. Don’t you wish government, military, clergy, professional and academic leaders on your continent were as open minded as they are on the African continent? If that were the case, the Doc probably wouldn’t need to make that trip.

According to the ‘if you build it, they will come,’ paradigm, the fact that Dr K is performing the etheric commando role so well on that continent indicates that the etheric infantry isn’t far behind. These are the ones who will hold the territory. Salva Kirr is gifting in Southern Sudan now, for instance, Dean Nyalusi is on the threshhold of that career in Tanzania, the Doc’s own contacts are doing more of it in Rwanda and Burundi and Faria Jim is set up to gift in Eastern Congo. It’s inevitable that the numbers will increase in Africa as they are elsewhere, of course.

In fact, it’s happening fast there compared to how other trends take hold. Long ago, someone suggested in a book that in Africa things happen more gradually than in the West or Asia but with much more momentum. The analogy of a flywheel was used. A flywheel carries momentum for the engine but turns much more slowly than the little wheel that spins on its edge, which might be compared to how Western society operates.

Each and every one of the AFricans I’ve been in touch with over the years is solidly committed to this effort and some of them, including the Doc, have suffered physically for it. Mrs Odondi in Western Kenya was even shot in the leg and that only strengthened her determination to spread healing to her region.

Judy in Nairobi was repeatedly extorted by cops (until we got them off her back), then her bank was closed down in order to deprive her of working capital. Send her bank account some boosts, okay? We work each week on getting British MI6 out of the way so she can make more orgonite.

David Ochieng’s daughter was repeatedly sickened by sorcerers in order to slow him down until we all stopped them (African sorcerers–previously the hardest targets–are more vulnerable, now, especially thanks to Dooney’s Dodecahedron technique). We do enjoy helping each other in the network when any of us get overwhelmed by the sewer rat onslaughts from time to time.

The Doc seems to be the Black African point man for opening up the continent to eventual healing and prosperity. Eight of his younger years, spent being educated in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, have also generated some good contacts and some excellent opportunities to catch the attention of potential gifters in regions beyond Africa which have been pretty much closed to us until now . I hope you’ll send him some money with PayPal or Western Union soon. His email address is [email protected] and please contact him if you can help.

Anything sent to our African cohorts is an investment in the world’s bright future, not charity. They, like some of us, have put themselves in harm’s way by committing to this healing effort but the poverty in Africa is something that has to be witnessed to be appreciated. As Judy says, when an African’s resources run out there really is no way of knowing whether the family’s next meal will come. Orgonite is changing all that. Before colonization, AFrica was prosperous and it will be even more prosperous before long, with a little of our timely help now. I think we’re fortunate to be able to participate in that continent’s unexpected and phenomenal current liberation from exploitation.

Maybe, after that, my benighted America can finally be liberated from mass hypnotism and treasonous fascism


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