Only a few Illuminated All-Seeing-cheese eaters know this se

That is, until now. You see even if someone has reached the illustrious rank of 33 degree mason they are only privy to the information and/or knowledge as the senior members deem necessary, and of course how much cash money they are willing to give up for the cause if you will. But that only gets their foot in the door. Oh yeah, don’t forget all the foolish initiations, ritualistic sacrifices, loyalty oaths, and dark religious fetishes. It all boils down to one thing and that’s paranoia and how to keep in control over the masses by occupying their minds with subterfuge, mind control, and good old fashioned fear . The Dark Masters were scared of us before we even knew they existed! Now how cool is that? What would the elite ones be doing now if WE had been in control (instead of them) since the beginning? I think they’d be just like the oppressed cavemen and not so much the lizard on the Geico commercials! (You know, those cavemen never get any respect).

I still refuse to buy a cell phone under any circumstances, because I want to keep my brain tissue as well as eyesight and other faculties in healthy working condition for the rest of my life. I have been told cell phones kill honey bees when they are nearby.

Recently illuminati flunky Al Gore (a 33 rd degree mason) just hosted “Live Earth” to try to get people to fret and worry about global warming, but the kicker is he did not tell them the truth about the high tech weapons specifically designed to cause global warming etc. that reside in our backyards! So I have to render the whole facade as nothing more than control based fear-mongering period! Now I want to ask big Al to give all the money back he collected or donate the money to a worthy cause such as one that actually helps people? Ya think?

What about the secret? After gifting all over the southeast for about 6 years I’ve come to the conclusion north Alabama is the hub or rather, A major hub of weather control activity that affects parts of Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and LA (lower Alabama). I am talking about of the circumference of the radiation (that extends for about 200 to 300 miles) emitted by a half a dozen or more weatherballs situated within 50 miles of each other right C’HERE in North Alabama. Why, because of the positive side effects we observe whenever large gifting efforts (particularly weatherballs) are promulgated in north Alabama.

Last year, our area seemed to be headed for a drought so we hit most of the weatherballs along with many neighboring cell towers and scalar/microwave light fixtures on highways. Not only did our efforts cause abundant rain in our area, but also affected areas in surrounding states in the same predicament which were subsequently blessed with abundant rainfall.

(Don’t get me wrong, ALL these areas also need to be gifted accordingly). Earlier this year, the southeast suffered drought-like conditions while Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana got most of the rain. I understand the network in the western part of the country was powered down which allowed the rain to thrive in these places. The network was powered UP in the southeast which discouraged NORMAL rainfall evaporating it with too a high volume of radiation.


The entire weather control network is actually played by the elite exactly like a virtual reality game, and this how they go about manipulating our world. ALL SYSTEMS GO! My sources have told me they really get their rocks off with virtual reality environmental warfare! They could care less what damage they bring about while behaving so egotistically. So much for introspection huh? When we discovered some of the weatherballs and towers needed a little gifting so with a few more orgonite gifts we gifted these targets and almost instantly everything dramatically changed!


You see, we can play the virtual reality game with orgonite and even sleep at night too. Not only did north Alabama get enough rain to lift the no firework ban for the 4th of July 2007, but so did the surrounding areas. Everyone around here thought for sure we would get wildfires this year, but I knew somehow orgonite would save the day and it did! Another reason I think north Alabama works as a hub to such a large amount of territory is because of it’s geographical location. “There’s no doubt this determination was made by the mason’s compass, business as usual.” If each weatherball radar covers an approximate radius of 200 miles, then why do we need so many of them here? Typical Doppler weatherball radars put out up to 450,000 watts of power! This is mega-excessive radiation is constantly pulsing out from many devices at the same time, talk about overkill! I guess it’s just easier to believe global warming is happening naturally from the sun’s solar rays and the earth’s lack of ozone. If people would view things with an open mind instead of being lazy and accepting the official explanation and start trusting their hearts. It’s just too risky for most PJ folks, after all what would people think? Who’s your master the public, or a higher power? Goodnight!

The reason we take aspirin when we get a fever is because our brains can suffer brain damage when our temperature rises too high. They know most people are unable to think optimally when exposed to high levels of radiation, so they keep pulsing their anti-mind technology 24 hours a day. Are we not already programmed to accept the end of the world scenario? We’ve been conditioned all our lives so I don’t see why now is any different. I hate to say this, but maybe the bad guys are unknowingly teaching us to trust our hearts the hard way? This is a heck of tough lesson, don’t you think so? The truth is that tornadic activity, hurricanes, and global warming all increased dramatically as they populated our landscape with Nexrad, Doppler, cellular, and microwave technologies. The whole network took root gradually while the public remained anesthetized and subservient trusting the pharmaceutical cartel over God.


The Good news is we are accelerating the healing process day in and day out with orgonite just as sure as we ended the drought in the southeast this year. GAME OVER!

Rainsville, alabama masonic lodge number 911 uh-huh, "you know it didn’t start raining again in Rainsville until we busted all the towers.

Tower near Rainsville’s masonic lodge with radiation registering on my zapchecker.

Psuedo elitist caveman, Can you say Geek-O?

Orgonite Products available from:



Hi Eric,

you make good points and of course your solution-based approach is inspiring. I don’t know for sure about the origins of the claim our Sun’s hyperactivity is actually causing a lot of the warming, but I do know a friend whose father was investigating aurora borealis in Lapland (north Finland) for five years. His conclusion based on the research was just that. The Sun is causing the warming.

It is not so hard to believe that the warming is continuing after all the ice melt away after the Ice Age. On the other hand, we cannot say for sure what kind of technology has been used to control the conditions of this world and since when. I know our weathers are being manipulated which is directly affecting the way people feel and behave, even if it’s just a psychological effect. Many of us understand it at least has been and in many areas still is also physical altering (where no one has yet been gifting, that is).

My personal understanding at this point is, since I do not want to give too much credit to the old world fart network either, that our Sun’s activity has a great impact on the Earth’s warming. But I am eager to learn more too. Although I concider it possible, believing the OWF is behind too many things kind of backs up their agenda. But I know you Eric are not trying to say anything like this and in many ways I agree with all that you said.

Here in Finland the weather modification seems to actually cool the weather down in many cases. As if it wasn’t cold enough most of the time… Luckily we have the solutions.

Let’s keep up the work my fellow gifters. It’s a brand new day to pour, say, a CB



Louis, you sent me a private message, today, but it got hacked. Until Alejandro and Eduardo are finally finished with the new, secure format for EW there will still be some CIA-hacker problems, due to the extensive sabotage that was done to the site in the past couple of months, which reminds me of what the SS tried to do with boobytraps when they retreated from Paris

It’s been interesting to see who has been blocked from accessing this board, individually. That apparently represents a lot of overtime pay for the more conscious CIA hackers. I personally believe that everyone in the CIA commit treason every time they cash a paycheck.

Would you please email me at [email protected]? I want to know what you want to tell me.

Thanks for posting your well-gleaned observations about the incessant gifter’s relationship to the status quo!


This is probably on-topic: Albert, a prolific gifter in Houston, mentioned that he noticed that after an area has been gifted, light itself has a different quality and I realized that he’s right. It’s funny how much important information escapes our attention but this is one reason we have EW, of course: some of us eventually talk about the obvious miracles that just didn’t get mentioned, yet, so I’m glad you started this thread.

The environmentalist/nazis who studiously avoid knowing what we know, and who are funded by oil company grants, still preach the same silliness that the spiritual hunchback, ‘Algore,’ does but, in fact, there are enough people taking initiative that even Algore’s employers’ planned weather disasters are failing to materialize, more and more.

In arid regions like ours, farmers have been getting two hay crops per year on non-irrigated land, which does more to debunk ‘global warming’ than any arguments of ours could do and these farmers wonder out loud why the soil is wet to a depth of three feet instead of to only six inches, as before. If not for gifting, this region would probably look like Death Valley did (before that place, too, was changed into a garden with orgonite). The artificial HAARP droughts during the past thirty years or so were the only ‘evidence’ of global warming, after all. FArmers are even planting and harvesting other non-irrigated crops, apparently for the first time since white folks arrived in the area.

For years, I’ve suspected that the old world odor (the rule of loan sharks and other nasty parasites) won’t go out with a lot of sturm und drang but will simply be discarded like stained, holey underwear before very long. Similarly, I suspect that the internet is undermining the What To Think Network so steadily that the media juggernaut will be rendered as impotent as the publishing industry has become. You might not know that before a couple of decades ago, all publishing was done by a few families/corporations and censorship was easy for the world odor. Now, thanks to several new trends, censorship is impossible.

Flooding the internet with clever CIA and MI6 disinfo and ‘conspiracy’ sites and personalities is ‘too little; too late’ to stop this growing tsunami of new human awareness and initiative, thankfully. I think gifting is an outgrowth of the new trend but perhaps also a sort of fulcrum by now.


This summer we re-gifted many weatherball radars and gifted much closer (within 1/8 of a mile) which had dramatic effects on the drought condition, this effort is still underway. The illuminated ones have gone out of their way to prove how powerful their precipitation evaporating global warming technology is by outlining the very hub-like scenario I mentioned earlier on the national weather forecasts. This is a most deadly virtual reality game taking place, and we have proven time and again orgonite is worth it’s weight on gold.
This one here is in someone’s backyard, I went through the woods and gifted while the family was on their front porch.

Another one at a local TV station with HAARP needle like arrays
“It helps to eradicate all the not so camouflaged ones too.”

We are adding this little fellow and all his kin to the “endangered species list.”


How serious is all of this? VERY SERIOUS!

We hit several weatherballs in June and the bottom fell out of the drought and we got non-stop rain for 2.5 weeks. They cranked up the juice on thre existing units which began another drought in July. So we gifted more units in July which started the rain again. Well in August we had the hottest summer ever so we began to continue our efforts wherever it was necessary, and recently started to receive more rain. The powers that be have a very strong fixation on our area and they actually think we will give it up. But I’ve got news for them, I already have several new gifting friends who know most of the places I have gifted and they have vowed to take up the slack RIGHT NOW!
The following information is at the following NOAA website:

This information on the above webpage outlines the hub I coined that North Alabama represents to
NOAA and gives the public a good idea of how important it is to them to prove us wrong. The fact that a drought comes and casually goes represents the slow progression of technological intervention. I’ve got one word for the cheese eating illuminated ones! ORGONITE

“Watch this situation and post evolve in a relatively short period of time to the affirmative as NOAA
eats their words.”


Today we Blew the Doors off the local airport!
This afternoon we visited the local airport to lay the smack down in the most eloquent of ways. There are 2 radars 1 recently modified doppler, and a traditional radar as used by most airports. The strategy is to box the entire place in and keep the DOR from escaping and doing it’s thing. It’s already about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than it was yesterday at this time. Time will tell.

Aircraft Radar (I love the location)

Some strange looking tower like devices in the air field


Well that didn’t take too long, less than 2 days and we received 4 hours plus of balanced rainfall (and it’s still raining) which is not indicative of drought conditions. When they create a drought in our area we experience spotty spritz and spratz of scattered showers if even that according to the quality of gifting performed in a given area. This area had not been gifted by myself in the past I did know it was so easy to reach the radar in the photos in the prceding post. Note my photos are dated so they do not tell nothing but the bonafide truth orgonite works! The fact our area was starting to get dry a couple of days ago and the high temperatures that coincide with droughty conditions proves orgonite works and works fast! (More about the 3-D virtual reality environmental warfare testing taking place in our country in a little while)

Mickey D’s never looked better wet.

Rain, rain, beautiful rain.


Only a few illuminated all-seeing cheese eaters know this secret…

Many verifiable types of evidence along with possible explanations concerning key characteristics in the form of biological, photographic, radar-metrics, forensic, chemical, and various physical evidence are what it would take to convince an impartial jury in our current masonic court system. Sound fair enough?

Torch of the Illuminati Downtown Huntsville. Don’t get us wrong, we love Huntsville and this why we carry a gifting torch and will continue…

Now let s get to the facts:

I have already provided evidence on many occasions that these devices emit dangerous radiation with a zapchecker theorizing they are responsible for diseases such as leukemia, cancer, brain fog, depression and evaporation of incoming localized precipitation causing recent droughts, etc.
Some of my photos show before and after modifications to towers that had been gifted. “I believe they modify them to raise the level of radiation which I call the reptilian comfort zone.�
I find it relatively easy to watch the radar screen to LOCATE abnormally dry areas during periods of average precipitation to pinpoint geographical areas with unusually high radiation levels. The radar screen image (below) is very similar to one I’ve shown in other posts from the past. This time I will present a more detailed description of the area I call the Southern Devil’s Triangle along with geographic locations of the key DEVICESresponsible for carrying out this not so covert environmental warfare operation. This will also make a better case with a much clearer picture for 3-D virtual reality configurations permeating OUR planet.
I wish to assure the reader had I not been taking my gifting efforts to many many different places as far away as Washington D.C. we would have put this situation (in North Alabama) to bed a long time ago. In recent months, we found many towers and microwave similar technology much closer to home than I realized. As a rule, the average town in our country is easy to gift and easy to maintain with a minimum of orgonite. I believe North Alabama is designated as a military intelligence R&D/NASA /ENVIRONMENTAL TESTING proving grounds. The abundant resources allow the area to take severe assaults without completely destroying the basic flora and fauna due to natural survival faculties built into the geography. N. Alabama is also a big part of what they call the Tennessee Valley and this unique quality makes the area fit well within the perimeters of these types of military tests. Until recently most of the weather modification efforts were primarily focused in the western and southern United States. There is one more tell tale clue as to the 3-D virtual reality game nature of weather control. The fact they are SWITCHING the agenda all the time. Remember in 2005/2006 all the hurricanes they caused? Don’t you think if the earth were going to heck in a hand basket the hurricanes (if they were legitimate) would keep escalating like one would expect a planet out of control to act? But Nooooooo They keep changing gears and try droughts a little more, then they go back to tornadic activities, a few hurricanes and so on. It all too much wreaks like the hidden political hand trying a little of this and a little of that to keep stirring the pot.

Now to the radar screen:

Here are the facts:

Take a close look at the triangle-like arrangement of Huntsville, Athens, and Decatur and notice the image of blue precipitation and how the CENTER of the triangle shows more terrain and quite a bit less incoming precipitation than what would be considered normal.(Keep in mind orgonite is the only thing capable of improving this condition and it has) Last year we noticed that when the radar is looping (in motion) abundant precipitation would actually disappear right before your eyes as it arrived on highway I-65. I overheard a person say it gets to I-65 and then it GOES AWAY I said it can’t go away, that’s impossible until I actually looked at it. All along people were telling me the rain would GO AROUND Huntsville and I guess that did not register with me, but when I heard it was GOING AWAY, now that got my attention Well the first thing I did was go to I-65 to see what could be causing this problem and lo and behold there were 35 of the microwave highway lamps and I posted: exposing the network w/photos on etheric warriors. Well this was only part of the problem, now look at the radar image again. Look at the highway that goes west from Huntsville to Athens. On this highway several miles before you get to Athens there is a weatherball, doppler radar for channel 48. Now look at the other side of the highway that goes from Huntsville to Decatur, several miles on this highway before you reach Decatur is the Huntsville International airport with a doppler weatherball radar for Channel 19 and also a typical aircraft radar as shown in the photo above. Now look again approximately where you see the word Huntsville on the radar. There are 2 more doppler weatherball radars atop Montesano for channel 31. If you look behind and above Huntsville there is a Nexrad radar near the state line in Hytop, Alabama. I also read somewhere theres a weatherball radar on the Redstone Arsenal military facility adjoined with Huntsville. Now take into account all the HAARP antenna arrays and over a thousand cell tower and similar types of technology and you can understand why this is the hotbed in the southeastern U.S. a virtual environmental warfare incubation operation. The fact everything is interconnected in symmetrical alignment with the rest of the network makes it a lot easier to understand the nature of the 3-D virtual reality and scope of this type of network. Why is our network NOT clashing with the OTHER types of networks around the world? Because they are obviously all in alignment and working together towards the very same goal! Can you say No Brainer!

“The Southern Devil’s Triangle� I theorize is one of many secret technologically controlled areas around the world manipulated by 3-D virtual reality based environmental warfare weaponry period. You are looking directly at the HUB of environmental warfare in the southeast United States

I am including the local weather station webpage so you can view the phenomena I am explaining. In order for you to see and understand what I am talking about there must be Blue precipitation and or Green rainfall passing through the triangle space.

Click on the part to make it loop. ?



Don’t look at the finger, look where the finger is pointing. The area in question is North Alabama. At the moment it is not raining, but something very important is happening. Abundant precipitation in the form of clouds provides beneficial H2O to the atmosphere as well as the flora and fauna. This detail may be overlooked by some gifters who have worked valiantly and successfully over the past few years.

Indisputable proof via sattellite radar of abundant precipitation occurring primarily in the heavily gifted area of North Alabama. Notice how the triangle area of Huntsville, Athens, and Decatur (mentioned earlier) is full of wonderful precipitation via orgonite.

This satellite image is an excellent tool for gifters to help decide which places need orgonite. I have to thank our illuminated friends for providing us with such a wonderful convenience (satellite radar) and making it available to us 24/7. Thanks illuminati, what would we do without you?

Eric Carlsen said: Maybe in another thread you will

Tell us about the drought/non drought down your way.

The weather channel is showing us that Atlanta is under severe drought and that the main reseviour for the city is nearly empty.

Well Eric, here’s my take on it. North Alabama is now clear (it rained very good yesterday and more today) if rain comes this way we’ll surely get it. As I said earlier North Alabama is the hub of the southeast and parts of four other states are effected including Atlanta Georgia. Last year we hit a weatherball in Atlanta and the Crofts did a great job gifting Atlanta with lots of orgonite and used approximately 30 gallons of resin prior to that. I believe areas of this network are segregated according to the elite’s plans and they focus on some places more than others. Right now it’s the southeast. Everyone knows by now Atlanta is supposed to be the headquarters for the NWO and they try to hit their own places as hard as possible to maintain their energy signature. With all the rain hitting Texas this summer and heading this way, why did alot of it make not it here? The elite know we often report gifting successes and are determined to try to prove us wrong by utilizing the network OUTSIDE our well gifted perimeters. For instance, west and right next to Huntsville is the Redstone Arsenal army base. This base is half the size of Hunts ville and very difficult to get inside. They have 1 specific mind control tower (1 of only 2 in the world I hear) on a ley line or node that goes through Huntsville. Plus there are many other towers that are ungifted on this base but we are working with people who promise to help gift this base. We have done the perimeters but more effort is required. Further to the west in Mississippi there is the weatherball in Branton (not Jackson) and I obliterated it up close last year. But there is a weatherball on Columbus Air Force base in Mississippi where we were only able to do some parts of the base. I would really love to hear of someone knocking that booger out. Year before last we gifted many parts of Memphis, but we did not get the weatherball. I would like to hear some of our friends getting this one for sure. Memphis is one of the scariest places I have ever been! I believe the weatherball in Mississippi and the one in Memphis are being utilized to the max which are having a large effect on the southeast this may be why so much rainfall that hits Texas doesn’t make it to us and instead has heads up north. You can say it’s the jetstream but the network can effect the jetstream but as far as I’m concerned, most of what we hear on the tv and read in the newspapers is plain disinformation. . I plan to start moving outward and to the west in the near future to close the gap on the network. I just had my fourth surgery this year and will be expanding my gifting extravaganzas as necessary. They probably think we are like most people and will taper down our efforts. But let’s be honest, there’s nothing we’d rather do. The fact is GIFTING IS THE MOST AMBITIOUS AND MOST FUN I’VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE! Fact: Chemtrails are no longer present in North Alabama and the surrounding areas! Fact: Yearly Tornadoes are nonexistent in North Alabama and the surrounding areas! Fact: We have only just begun, many areas in Tennessee and Alabama are drought free since we’ve gifted them but we never hear about it. When we watch the weather channel what do we see? We see “Storm Stories” promoting fear and disaster and "It could happen tomorrow’ promoting the same propaganda. (LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS OH MY)The thing is the PJ folks never get away from their Telly V’s long to see what’s really happening! If North Alabama was as bad as they said it was, then why did we not get any wildfires? You know why? ORGONITE
Round 2 starts soon, and I’m going to be there with orgonite bells on and I just can’t wait!
What’s more? I’m still breathing and so are all our local yocal orgoniteers!

Until next time…


It has rained in Huntsville all morning long and they show a 70% chance of rain for today. I believe alot of the terminology used by our brethren in the weather forecasting is very misleading to the public. When they say we have a rainfall DEFECIT we understand that it has not rained as much as anticipated according to the average annual rainfall records. This is misleading because a defecit means you are in the hole and owe something back to someone. Are we to say mother earth owes us something or are we to say mother earth owes herself something? What we owe mother earth is RESPECT for providing a safe environment to live and thrive in (up until the time the multi-nationalists decided to run the show at the cost of mother earth and most of the population). Atlanta lies just to the east of Huntsville. I am providing a photo below from Intellicast radar that shows rain which has already passed through Huntsville looks like it should arrive in Atlanta. Since we are cleared with alot of North Alabama (due west) with our orgonite gifting efforts Atlanta should get rain now under normal circumstances.

I think it’s safe to say when rain makes it’s way through the technological barriers to the west of us it will now rain in North alabama and most likely Atlanta too. Keep in mind, we are not falling asleep in the snow. This is why we constantly monitor the situation and we understand they are expanding this network everyday! Remember we have a war going on. Yes it’s ON! The elite will stop at nothing to prove us wrong and as long as myself and a few others can live and breath and document the phenomenological data we will be victorious! Sometimes one has to weed through my ranting to do so but the results are there for those who care to monitor the situation from their individual viewpoints. Remember where you view the situation from makes a world of difference. If they were able to make us back down in the southeast in the near future it would be an enormous victory for the elite who still have the PJ fellers in their back pocket. As long as we remain cognizant of the problem and are able to gift with ORGONITE we can stay ahead of their calculated moves. Please understand I could be wrong on some aspects of my deductioning, but when rainfall directly coincides with gifting efforts and is recorded over periods of time in many parts of the world by hosts of other gifting compatriots, then that is empirical evidence and this speaks for itself.

Turn on the weather channel and see what it shows for the southeast. It’s been raining here since the wee hours of the morning with an 80% chance tomorrow and a 30% chance on Wednesday. If it keeps raining like this I’ll have to get a boat! I wonder what it would be like to fish from my front porch!

Photo of Intellicast radar taken a few minutes ago, you might say the ship is really hitting the fan!

'I sure hope I rolled up the windows on my pickup truck."


Looks pretty intense, Louis:

If the wind is blowing from the south; it looks like you’ve got more to come.



This is NRL’s prediction for the next 24 hours in the region:

This is going to be my last installment into this post. I plan to pick up where I left off in early 2008 with new informative posts as results are forthcoming. Right now, North Alabama is experiencing regular rainfall and most noteworthy is the fact we are getting many un-announced rainfalls. The weather report usually says 10% chance of precipitation when no rain is expected, but recently they have been changing it 2 to 4 hours prior to the arrival of unexpected precipitation as it becomes imminent, with an updated weather report now saying 60% chance of rain this evening. I believe this is due to the fact that we gifted so much of their network and they do not have workable options available as they did in the past. In other words, we have the best coverage we have ever had and now we have the upper hand! [Image Can Not Be Found] This is wonderful because it is happening on a pretty regular basis! I believe this change in the weather phenomena is due to the fact we have stuck to the basics and continued to gift under all circumstances. Now, don’t get me wrong, the southeast (especially places like North Georgia) need all the help they can get. We need more gifters in these areas to join in and help us revive the southeast like never before. The record here, speaks for itself.

See you next year!


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