Orbs: Happy Elemental Beings

Maybe it’s nice to share some pictures of ‘orbs’ with you. Our house is full of them, so it seems. It is quite funny how they always show up on my photo’s. Apparently, orbs are elemental beings who live in the etheric realm. I can’t see them with my bare eyes, but I sense their presence around me whenever I am in a happy mood or enthusiastic over something.

Orbs are best featured against a dark background. The first photo I took today: it shows a very clear orb with radiant blue (orgone energy?) around it. The second photo was taken some time ago, when I was making orgonite. I am sure orbs like orgonite, of which we have lots in the house of course!

The video link is about people observing orbs in nature. It gives you an impression on how orbs move. Apparently orbs are multi-dimensional beings and materialize from plasma clouds, which show as white or reddish fog on photo’s and film. Often near cloudbusters too!



Rich wrote on 13 Dec 2008

Although I have not looked into the phenomena with any depth, I took some pictures today of a Lemurian (I was considering offering as a free gift with some of my Orgonite) and there are quite alot of Orbs in the pictures, so here is a couple;



Might keep it now though!

I did have some cloudbuster pictures with lots of orbs on, but have mislaid these it seems.


Pamela wrote on 13 Dec 2008

I have been building a library of photo’s of elementals and orbs as well as journaling my experiences and affirmations as I continue my gifting work. I have attempted to post several posts along with photo’s on EW in relation to my office gifting work, my photo journaling of elementals and how they relate to my work… Unfortunately, each post I have attempted to make have been blocked (Alejandro thinks it may be hackers as well but who knows) I have posted several photo’s in my album (check it out!) showing orbs and other elementals in nature as well as the orgonite photography I have started. The orbs and sylphs abound as you expand your gifting work, it is exciting to share this information and to experience the affirmations that this process brings—–I hope to repost share my experiences here, this post is a test to see if I can at least make one successful post!!!..… Thank you to all who are sharing photo’s and experiences with Orbs and Sylphs in relation to gifting…it is timely and relevant to us all as the need for increased committment is here and now.

Happy Gifting!

While I was trying to photograph a dragon-fly – you can spot it in the photos – near some ponds I had gifted some time before I happened to photograph two Orbs without using a flash. When I saw them on my computer at home I was completely amazed:



I studied the Orbs in the past and found out that cats can see them, for example:



So this was a good hint to get the right explanation about my cat’s strange behavior when he tries to grab something without any apparent reason. Here he is with an Orb:


I believe animals can feel orgone and appreciate our gifting. I remember that on one occasion, half an hour after the gifting of a newborn tower, some birds came circling and crying just – I really mean that – over it. It was an incredible thing to see.

Those are all fine examples for the record, thanks!

The wonderful part of doing this work, or at least my favorite part, is the way we can all glimpse aspects of the etheric realms that most people can’t or won’t see or acknowledge.

Also, since none of us have to wait for ‘proof’ in order to accept an observed phenomenon it leaves our imaginations and perceptions free to interpret as we see fit.

The other obstacle to simple seeing is dogma, of course. The worst offender is Theosophy, which leads the unwitting to believe that all of this etheric stuff can be stuck in the finite mind’s box of explainable, mundane if irrational junk [Image Can Not Be Found]

I started my own orgone research in 1997 with the help of my young psychic daughter, Nora, who saw this stuff all the time and told me about it when I asked. A little later, Carol, who has retained the innocence of a child in her etheric observations, took me to the next level in research as my working partner.

By the way, the key to success for getting candid observations from an energy-sensitive child is to put no anxiety into the enquiry. We always made it a game and I framed questions in a way that she usually didn’t know what I expected her to see. Children are prone to want to please the parent, so will tend to give answers that seem hoped for or expected rather than to say what the child sees/senses.

The old hippie/theosophy notion of childhood innocence was an inebriating scam, of course, but it may be that the goal of learning discernment is to strip away the accumulated prejudices, fears and dogmae that have prevented us from seeing from the heart, with the help of our unshackled imagination.

I personally think it’s as difficult for a trained scientist to regain this essential innocence as it is for a rich, clever or beautiful person to acquire a conscience or humility. I mentioned that in case you were wondering why most rich, clever and beautiful people are such jerks [Image Can Not Be Found] . It’s human nature to always choose the path of least resistance but it’s also part of our makeup to appreciate the struggle necessary to finally get the ego and mind under control so that the heart and it’s spontaneous intuitive promptings can talk freely to us.

The fact that none of us will ever have the final word or arbitrary authority takes the pressure off the rest, in a way. Notice how nobody has posted damning comments in this thread, for instance. Of course, if anyone were to do that he/she and I would have a very long conversation


By the way, I showed Carol the photos in the thread and she really enjoyed them. She told me that the bright one in Carolien’s first photo is a departed spirit who is there to help her–not sure what the small orbs seen in front of the curtain are, though. She saw elementals (tree spirits) in the still photo of the YouTube video. My computer can’t do videos, unfortunately.

Vittorio’s photos show fairies, Carol told me. His cat clearly sees them and this is one of the cool things about having a cat: the other dimensions are as visible to them as 3D is to us and you can always tell when they’re seeing something interesting.

I’ve always been fascinated by the way elementals/fairies, departed spirits and other non-physical forms show up in photos mainly as spherical energy fields but sensitives in the West often also see fairies as homeomorphic forms with wings. In Hawaii they’re seen in another homeomorphic form (menehune–dark-skinned little creatures with regal, yellow hats); on South Andros Island, Bahamas, where people (very churchy, there) seem to fear elementals, the local larger elementals are heard stomping around in the bush and present a sort of fearsome aspect.

The elementals on S Andros Island were apparently very pleased and grateful after Carol and I started tossing orgonite in the blue holes on the island. I heard them after that–sounded like horses in the impenetrable roadside forest. I say, ‘forest,’ but it’s really just a dense tangle of thin-trunk, short trees and vines, growing on deadly-sharp coral rock that resembles petrified sponges–very strange landscape, there.

Muhammad clearly said that the Jinn, ‘the people made of clear fire,’ are pre-existent to humanity and are not subject to free will or considerations of good or evil. It’s been a long time since I read that in the Qur’an but I was so astounded by it that I read it many times. That was a long time before I had any direct experience with elementals and I was looking for ways to comprehend the non-existence of devils. The Iblis story that Muhammad told seemed almost tongue-in-cheek to me and this was the closest to the bornagain chump version of Satan. Arabs, at the time, were almost addicted to poetry and allegory. It’s only modern bornagain chumps who don’t seem to get the importance of allegory over literal interpretation, hence their insistence that the Bible is ‘infallible,’ in spite of hundres of blaring contradictions within it. The less clergy-bludgeoned Muslims see the Bible as the Creative Word but also understand that much of it is allegorical and much of it (especially the Gospel) was also perverted by clergy, mainly by Rome but also by their Gnostic Paul in Palestine and the Hellenists, there. An aspect of every cult you can name is programmed schizophrenia.

The miracle of the influence of the Creative Word, I think, is that in spite of all this world-order/clergy parasitism over the past two thousand years, one can still see the pristine, enlightening messages of Christ and Muhammad shine through so many of their followers, even today.

I presume there are as many forms for elemental (Jinn? -I certainly believe so) creatures as there are cultural traditions about them around the world. The form aspect, which is most clearly seen by non-psychics like me in a couple of Vittorio’s photos, are perhaps evidence of the elementals’ efforts to relate to us. I once had a photo of a young pine tree, taken from above (second storey apartment), that was mostly surrounded by the distinct but hazy image of a blond white woman in a white gown, looking up at the camera. This was from a film camera. Digital images sometimes have the ability to change over time, as one of the photos Carol and I took in an underground Celtic stone chamber in upstate New York has shown over the years.

One clue to things that may empower us is to listen to what bornagain chump preachers rant about being from ‘the devil.’ Clergy of Chiristianity and Islam have typically driven seekers away from empowering material in an effort to kkeep their exploitive jobs secure, of course. Even jerks like Aleister Crowley have driven rational folks away from examining reality independently and openly. Notice how much like bornagaiin chump preachers that guy was. You may know that the most satanic covens, per capita, on the planet are in the American Bible Belt, where bornagain chumps often do double duty as satanists. Both belief systems are infantile and schizophrenic, so it’s not hard to see why these hypocrites play both sides of the game [Image Can Not Be Found]

There are no devils, of course. All evil is a human creation, though one may extrapolate to say that individuals in other sentient species who choose self over self-sacrifice also produce the stuff and add it to the mix. Maybe that’s why devil images, including freemasonry’s ‘Baphoment, the hermaphrodic she-goat,’ usually look like a draconian. It’s evidently time for humanity to set aside all these infantile paradigms.

One absolutely has to leave programmed terror, ennervating dogma and materialistic mysticism behind when one approaches this subject but the rewards are pretty remarkable and confirming if one has the courage to do that. I believe that we get a lot of sustantial help along this path, once we’ve committed to it. Most folks flee from commitment like it was genital warts but those lazy people are not our concern.

The etheric imagery in the photos is a sign of the ‘finer’ stuff, I think because the greater dimensions can be accessed through these little doors when our hearts and minds are open; UFOs are a lot less inspiring but they’re fun to see, too.

Thanks, again, for those photos and keep them coming!


Hereis a short film I made using a few of my still shots… I had a great time taking these! The orgonite orbs I took after I made my last batch, the photo’s were amazing to me as I intended to try and capture the elementals I could clearly feel present-- and there they were! I did reverse imaging to show detail further.

Enjoy! I look forward to posting more after my trip next weekend back to Mt Adams.

I’ve always been fascinated by the way elementals/fairies, departed spirits and other non-physical forms show up in photos mainly as spherical energy fields but sensitives in the West often also see fairies as homeomorphic forms with wings. In Hawaii they’re seen in another homeomorphic form (menehune–dark-skinned little creatures with regal, yellow hats); on South Andros Island, Bahamas, where people (very churchy, there) seem to fear elementals, the local larger elementals are heard stomping around in the bush and present a sort of fearsome aspect.(quote Don)

One day last spring, after a refreshing shower of gentle rain, there was this beautiful glimmering light outside. It shed on one of my garden plants so fascinating, that I just had to take my camera and take pictures. Because I kept thinking of it, I studied the picture up close some more. That’s when I saw these three shapes – two coloured and one white – which looked like the gnomes Western European people have in their garden as [features/url:2lpyr6v7. Red pointy hat and all.

I felt so silly for even considering they might be gnomes, that I waited for a year to show these pictures to my man. I told him Don’s remark, about how elementals show up in different cultures with different shapes. Depending on how people relate to them. My man added that the red pointed hat and long capes of Western European gnomes go back to the Middle Ages, when people dressed like that over here. He had read gnomes didn’t update their clothes, because people had stopped believing in elemental beings after the Middle Ages. Cool info, I thought.

Anyhow, I still feel silly for posting these pictures. They might be only shapes of light. But who knows?? Feedback is welcome.

\Correction: The gnomes dress with pointed hats like people in the 18th century did, not the Middle Ages. See this 18th century picture of [saint Anthony/url:2lpyr6v7 and also this [18th century woman/url:2lpyr6v7. When the Age of Enlightenment and industrialization started - around that time - people stopped believing in gnomes and other etheric beings.

Carolien, this is what I know and feel to be true: elemental beings absolutely want to communicate with us, there is an urgency about it because humankind has come to be so out of kilter with its rightful path (whatever that is for each one of us) that co-operation with them is now a necessity rather than a fanciful luxury.

From my experience, unless one is clairvoyant and can communicate with them in a very direct way, they are approaching us much more often than we realise, but it happens in very subtle ways that we are not used to notice in our noisy modern world (outside and inside noise). For me this happens when I’m in nature, more so on walks than during my daily work. Both I and my wife get this rush of positive emotion that comes with seeing beauty in nature, quite often I only realise the full impact of such experiences much later.

From what I know they also communicate with us in the language that we can understand, using feelings, images and concepts that are familiar to us. This is borne out by many people who relate their encounters with them. There are many books describing such interactions, the best ones I know of are Tanis Helliwell: Summer with the Leprechauns, Wolfgang Weirauch: Nature Spirits and What They Say, Marko Pogacnik: Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings. I’m sure there are others.

One experience I have made on a number of occasions is when I’ve lost something small in the grass or gravel, then I ask for help from them to find it again and on many occasions I have. I always make sure I say a big thank you to them.

So don’t feel silly talking about this, it’s important to do so in whatever way is appropriate for each one of us. Time and experience will show the way and, as has been demonstrated many times on this forum, when we go out towards them they also come towards us when they feel they can trust us.


Last March I charged some crystals on my mini cloudbuster. Because I noticed
the colors of the stones had turned more vibrant overnight, I took several pictures.
A sequence of three of those photo’s showed this reflection on the bottom right corner. The last one
in rainbow colors. It was a sunny morning allright, but my garden was in shade at that hour.
I really wonder if this is a camera reflection indeed – or an elemental maybe?
Perhaps anyone can tell?

No one has posted orb photos in a long time, so I thought I would add my photo of the Eiffel Tower in Paris that has 100’s of orbs in it to this thread
and to see if anyone else wants to share any photos they have of orbs here.
Who would ever have known that so many orbs would be together in one spot ?
Maybe the orb activity at the Tower was related to the newly placed orgonite I had put around the area ? [Image Can Not Be Found]
One really bright orb really stands out from the rest and almost looks like it could be the moon off in the distance.



Here is the temple of Apollo (Delphi, Gr) under the light of a full moon.
Lots of orbs as the temple is located over an energy vortex.

For those who say that it’s just the reflection of lights or ask why orbs are visible only when a flash-light of a camera is activated I have to make clear this :
Orbs (whatever they represent – fairies, spirits, elementals, souls) is pure natural energy and the quality of this energy differs comparing to the density of the atmosphere. Those balls of dense energy just need an instant light and a sensitive lens in order to make itself visible. That’s all.

Photo that my younger sister took from the moving car open window on a road to some friends rural property, on my hometown in december 2009. It wasn’t raining an there were no huge insect swarms around !

These are terrific! Of course these are not accidental optical effects and any reliable psychic can probably get a lot of interesting information from each photo.

When Louis Onder and I first started corresponding, I think in 2002, he sent us photos of his cloudbuster and there were diamond-shaped energy entities all around it, some closer and some farther from the camera. If memory serves, they were colored, perhaps magenta. These are rarely seen. Ben Morton’s dad was often surrounded by magenta orbs in photos of him. Carol said it’s because he has Lemurian ancestry.

Carol senses elementals as orbs, also ghosts from time to time. When we were in the ancient underground Celtic stone chamber in upstate New York an orb showed up around Carol and she sensed that it was the departed spirit of a Celtic previous ‘attendant.’ Something else that showed up in the photo was an ancient traditional knot symbol on the end of one of the large granite beams that made up the roof and walls of the chamber. This image transmuted into something else. I need to dig it up and post it again since the first posted photo (long time ago) was lost in a subsequent NSA hacker onslaught. We need to stop there again and take more photos. Carol found it for us psychically, since the directions in the guidebook book were quite vague.

Jean, who sends me a lot of good information, some of which I share on this forum, sent me this photo of her foal and its little etheric friend: