Orgone Accumulators near Milwaukee, WI? Orgone for health?


I’m relatively new to the world of orgone awareness and am wondering if there is anyone in/around Milwaukee who has an Orgone accumulator that I may try. I’m assuming the accumulator is the large container that a person can sit inside to surround themselves with orgone energy. If I’m mistaken, please enlighten me. I have one of the little pendants, but from my understanding, those aren’t really orgone. I’m currently interested in exploring the benefits of Orgone for improving my own personal health at this time. I live 2 blocks away from a massive TV tower and am probably bombarded by bad EMFs. Have high levels of mycotoxins, reactivated Epstein Barr Virus, mitochondrial issues, and I wouldn’t be surprised if my living environment is part of the problem. Also, I get pretty sick after orgasm (cortisol issues?) How can orgone technology help me? Of course, I hope to help others with this knowledge as well. :slight_smile:

Any insights would be great! :slightly_smiling_face:

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