Orgone As Blue Flash In Vacuum/high Underpressure Space

11 Jun 2008 10:06
Subject: Orgone As Blue Flash In Vacuum/high Underpressure Space
I have noticed this phenomena first time in darkness of last winter and think its time to post my observations here in form of a video now.

When orgonite plate is taken out from the glass mold, the mold is needed to be hit few times to floor to get the orgonite out…. at this moment of hit, between the mold and orgonite forms space of vacuum or high underpressure and in this space, orgone that the device is flowing all the time flashes as ultrablue light. Wilhelm Reich noticed this same effect of blue light when he put vacuum tubes into orgone accumulator, when he took them out of the accumulator box about two thirds of tubes were glowing blue light.

Here is video where i take some orgoniteplates out of the molds and some of the brightest flashes can be seen in the camera;

Have you noticed this blue light visible to eyes and camera when taking orgonite out of the molds or in some other occasion?

I wonder if it would be possible to get this blue light effect to happen when generating very strong underpressure with vortex of water or in other way of generating near-vacuum space around or otherwise near to orgonite.

I remember having read about Reich that he got electricity out of his blue-glowing vacuum tubes in some way so i think here is something to be researched more.


Don Croft
13 Jun 2008 12:51
Subject: Re: Orgone As Blue Flash In Vacuum/high Underpressure Space
Good work, Jukka–some of our readers would like to contact you so would you mind providing your email addy?

Ivan offers this suggestion, for instance:

Don, the main reason I am writing is to ask you to pass a message to Jukka (further to his recent post) – he doesn’t list his email address.

To get a real cheap vacuum, tell him to google up “aspirator” – you just attach it to any pipe with running water (faucet, water hose, etc) and it will create vacuum for him.

Reading Jukkas post an obvious idea came to my head: How about making a clear orgonite ball (with some fibreglass matting as reinforcement) then pumping out the air from the inside. I wonder if the blue flashes reported by Jukka would appear – that would be a nice demonstration of the orgone existence. Perhaps he would be interested to hear this …

Best Regards,


14 Jun 2008 07:29
Subject: Re: Orgone As Blue Flash In Vacuum/high Underpressure Space
thanks for interest for the topic and to contact me, my email address should now be visible and all messages are very welcome.

if i find some company selling aspirators here in finland i could buy one and create vacuum with it, maybe it is possible to get the same light effect, only reason why it maybe would not work is water vapour in the space, but if it doesn´t matter it makes creating the blue light quite easy.
Other way to create vacuum is to take for example 12 meters long hose, put plug in other end, fill hose with water and put plug to the upper end too and drop the other end 10 meters down from the window of high enough house and then open the plug in the lower end and let the water drop out, in top two meters there should be vacuum with some watervapour in it and rest of the tube should still be full of water. like in this pic:Image (tyhjiö=vacuum)

Ivan´s idea about orgonite ball with vacuum space around it would possibly, instead of flashes, create blue light that is on all the time like in Reichs vacuum tubes that had been in ORAC.
Also it´s possible to try to find somewhat same kind of tubes that Reich used and experiment with them… i guess its easier to obtain them now than it was in Reich´s time.

Bob Roper
17 Jun 2008 16:46
Subject: Re: Orgone As Blue Flash In Vacuum/high Underpressure Space
How about casting a clear lightbulb in clear orgonite?