Orgone Energy: Can You Ever Have Too Much In Your Home?

I’m finding having orgonite in and around my home helps me to sleep deeply, in fact the more orgonite I aquire the more relaxed and the more fluid my dreams seem to be which helps me remain asleep - prior to having any orgonite products my dreams were of the violently fragmented kind, as in bursts of images/emotions that would often have me waking up in a foul mood, I’m glad those days are over.

But can you overdo it, can you have so much orgonite that your sleep becomes disrupted?
From what I’ve read thus far it would seem that only the 15Hz Pulsed Orgone devices in conjunction with a colossal amount (by weight) of orgonite would be too much to sleep soundly, then again everyone is different, what keeps one person awake might not have any effect on anyone else.


Hi, Orgon energy / Life force Energy can be too much just for a person that have a big lack of it. Because he is going to feel again the life force and it is forced to solve his/her interior blocks or emotional trauma. But this usually lasts just for the first moments. It is like if you go under Orgontgerapy and the suppressed emotions trauma are coming out…Life force energy will feed your energy that should come out in its natural way (e.g. a “real orgasm” when you solve all your blocks), and because of your blocks you will feel it a bit unpleasant because it hurts the armor of your character.
Anyway this is the Emotional disease of the humanity. Life force is never too much, it will force to develop and improve yourself.

Personally I sleep with the Powewand constantly turned on, and with 3 kg orgonite Cake form under my bed. The crystal harmonizer from Carol under the pillow and the HArmonic Protector Pendant…So I sleep very good and profoundly and I have to say that pychic attack are almost gone, I would say definetely as I costantly “win” in my dreams…

Pleas start reading Wilhelm Reich “The function of the orgasm” and then go on with “the cancer”

Michele, thanks for the book recommendations.
I also seem to ‘win’ in my dreams now that I have orgonite around me, previously my dreams were always (or seemed to be) about me being persecuted/blamed in some manner by people from my past and/or family members.

This has now ceased completely and I never have negative dreams of any kind.

Before you doze off to sleep, simply ask the operators to run interference for you in your dreams to keep the bad guys from messing with them or from trying to wake you and startle you or do other mischief. That made the biggest difference for me. I do ask that I be taught how to do that for myself. Its only fair.

I have also asked that in the off chance the bad guys manage to get into my head during dream state to be given more conscious control of my dreams so I command them, not the attackers.

Orgonite never really helped me sleep any better and I have a lot of it in the home and in my bedroom - TB’s, special HHG’s and other devices the operators showed me how to make and I barely feel any of it anymore.

I am sleeping much better these days but I consider this more of a natural progressions. I’ve driven away most of my attackers and as such, am able to get better sleep.

Sleep deprivation is one of the most basic things the bad guys try on us because in such a state we’re much more easily controlled. Never compromise your ability to get a long enough sleep to be rested if you can avoid it.

I don’t think so. In the past having a simple piece of homemade orgonite in my forehead helped me stop worrying during the night. Nowadays it doesn’t have the same effect. I feel relief when I place a piece of orgonite on top of my head or in my forehead but I still suffer a lot from sleep deprivation.
I had very sinister dreams last night. My white cat had her tail cut, it happened on Sunday there was no vet avaiable, on Monday we went to the vet, we wanted to reimplant her tail on surgery but the tail was already dry, like a mummy. I also dreamt my dog had died from a contagious disease, when I saw her body I wanted to cremate it in order not to spread her contagious disease elsewhere, because I was sure she was dead. In my dream I spread alchool over her body and she startedd to move while she was a mass of mold, I thought 'Was she still alive? No, she wasn’t.

In other words, I had nightmares about 2 of my 5 remaining pets dying in weird circunstances. They were 8 one year ago.

My hours of sleeping and waking up are going to hell. I don’t like it

If you say I don’t have enough discipline I have to agree. I must change this, I can’t accept what’s going on.


Andrea, have you considered putting a lot of TB’s or HHG’s in your bedroom?

Maybe having just that one piece of orgonite in your room isn’t having the same effect as it used to because you are being targeted in a more direct manner by whatever alphabet intelligence agencies you have in your country.

I was targeted for a “physical home visit” on two occasions last year, both times it was made blatantly clear to me that they wanted me to cease my discussions which, at the time, were relating to underground joint military-alien bases (among other things).

I was at my wits end, forget about bad dreams I couldn’t even relax enough to get to sleep in the first place, so I asked God to protect me from having any further visits and to also reveal to me “the truth” in all things every day.

I’ve had no visits since then even though I have now started ‘gifting’, although my fragmented and violent bursts of persecution in my dreams continued (if I had a bit more sense I’d have asked God to put an end to them as well) until I bought 42 TB’s and placed them all through my home and in the garden, that immediately made all negative dreams stop.

Prior to my having these 42 TB’s I had only one pretty HHG Pyramid, I believe the huge increase in Orgone Energy throughout my home changed the structure of my dreams from negative to positive - that’s why it might be a good idea for you to get yourself a serious amount of orgonite in your bedroom and see if that helps.
Also, try praying to God, you don’t have to be religious (I’m not), just pray with sincerity.
As for the Operators, I know nothing about them, all I know is my prayers to God are answered, very often immediately, so for me to seek any other help would be crazy - if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!
I wish you well.

PS. As I’ve been writing this out I’ve again had to stop and write it out in Wordpad and copy/paste it into this box because the sewer rats are again causing the sidebar to move up to the top of the page each time I type a letter - don’t these cretins have anything better to do.

I will say that at least for me, though I have a LOT of orgonite in my home, it never helped with bad dreams or disturbed sleep.

What seems to have worked the best was as I stated earlier, to ask the operators to run interference for me in dream state so that I can and do get a good nights sleep.

Something the operators do do, which is what prompted me to change my request (you have to learn to ask for the right things) was that I was asking for them to protect me. That was incorrect. What they were doing was waking me when I was having a bad dream in time for me to not be overcome by it where I could then neutralize it.

What I should have asked and now do is as I stated above. Basically, I need to SLEEP SOUNDLY. I ask you to please protect me in a manner that allows me to get the sleep I need.

IF you have a bad dream, when you wake up neutralize it so it has no more power over you. This is simple and how you choose to do it is personal choice and it should be something that works for you. What I do as an example is to push that dream memory out of my head through my 3rd eye and into a waiting dodec I’ve created in the ether in front of my face. I now close my 3rd eye so it can’t ever get back in. I move the dodec quickly into space and I blow it up as gloriously as I can (imagine it as a fireworks shell exploding into beautiful colors). Now the most important part. Concentrate on nothing and simply repeat in your mind several times “I choose to forget” and then let go and go about your business. Betcha in a little while even IF you can still remember what happened, now its really fuzzy. It will fade to nothingness over time. Just let it go. It has no more power over you.

Never let things like this lie. Always neutralize them. As I said, choose a way that feels “right” to you where you believe its gone and done once you’ve completed doing it. I chose the way I stated it above. That won’t work for everyone. Find something that does which has positive meaning to you and just do it whenever you need to.

Regarding praying to God, several of us choose to use the word “divine”. Its more attuned to what God is and it bears no religious symbolism since God is well above any religion since, in my view, all religions have strayed from the path to the light and are leading others astray.

The operators are effectively the “universe engineers” who keep this universe running properly and aligned with the divine timeline. The wingmakers are kind of operators whose specialty is the manipulation of time and timelines, also charged with keeping this universe in check. They all work for the divine. The hierarchy “upstairs” is a little foreign to how things work on Earth. These guys are your day to day connection to the divine.

There is nothing wrong praying to the divine but at least for me, I choose to put my trust in the operators that they will effect the needed positive change in my life to keep me on the correct path. How you choose to proceed and who you choose to connect with to reflect your innermost desires and needs is personal choice. Far be it for me to try and dissuade you from continuing with what you feel is right.

Remember, prayer is NOT repeating some written word a religion chooses to tell you is a good thing. Thats merely lip service and it has no positive effect. Prayer is nothing more than a one to one conversation with the divine through your HEART, not your head.

Can someone tell me where to read about operators and wing makers?
i have faith in God and my Saviour and am an avid gifter, i believe there is no contradiction between the 2.

Carlito, download The Adventures Of Don & Carol Croft, it’s on the left hand side of your screen and it’s free.
They mention the Operators/Wingmakers extensively.