Orgone experiences

don and captain carol just recently got a zodiac rescue-type boat for purpose of ocean gifting and dolphin communication. on a recent trip to charleston, s.c. it proved it’s effectiveness and seaworthy-ness and began an overall mission that ranks as stupendous in my world. i’m talking about conscious work with dolphins to gift their areas of the sea.

this new development made itself clear to me this sunday when we went out to the gulfstream on a sortee to gift what we had determined through dowsing, observation, plain ol’ logic and the superior psi-talent of carol, to be apparent locations of underwater dor sources and thus a hinderance to our ability to get with the local pod, despite many landside attempts at such.

we went straight for our goal on a specific pre-determined heading out to sea with a boatfull of orgonite including andy’s perfect dolphin balls (which i highly recommend if you want a really fine dolphin gift) steve’s dolphin cups o’ love, tb’s and a special device don adapted to the task at hand that was invisible before it left my sight, meaning … good luck finding it… and some other stuff molded for this trip.

the near-shore surf was quite rough and when combined with the speed of our exit produced thrilling if not downright atmospheric effects as the open air passed freely under our hull. i know don knows how to fly planes, but frrcrissakes the label says zodiak not cessna!

we prevailed on captain carol to detirmine and verify our heading and distance in relation to our goal and soon,after she could let go of the brightwork and get inner composure, we headed moderately to the first location. we reached an area approximately close to where i thought we were supposed to be and when asked ,she ordered us out a little further. “here” she exclaimed a little later, as i powered down and turned to see don readying the first device for deployment. it disappeared satisfyingly and we moved on changing heading, as the brilliant captain pointed the way. we relied on her orders and about the third time we dropped orgonite i began to notice a relationship between the onboard electronic displays and her precise directions as to where the stuff had to go. each time she said “here” or “coming up” a discernable display occurred. carol picked up on this right away too, as did don in an all-together realization happening for each of us at the same time and befoe two or three more drops, we had a physically verifiable working method based on carol’s impressions ahead of time. talk about “got it covered”! it was swift, sure and amazingly efficient. we went directly to 25 or 26 underwater towers that afternoon, several of which had multiple arrays and negatively powerful configurations. all busted. but the most amazing development was yet to come.

suddenly,don thought he saw a fin in a certain direction and we cruised over to check. in a minute or two, the electronics registered big stuff below and carol said, “dolphins!” we hung around a minute with the very last of our orgonite hoping to see one and in a flash they appeared a hundred yards away! we sped over and carol, who was now in active contact with them, said they were trying to show us something. she said it was a big array and sure enough the electronics showed it too! i threw my andy dolphin ball and don and captain carol dunked the last of our stuff right on top of where they asked us to put it! how perfect and cool was that!?

we watched them swim around us until they disappeared. they were not the beachsand colored ones i had expected to see but were darker and quite calm. i could hear their outbreath from time to time and it was a monumentous moment.

i believe we have begun a relationship with the local pod that will be quite productive with regards to our ocean gifting. apparently, the gulfstream is quite polluted with dor producing and sonar devices. we, in our new partnership with the dolphins will get all that cleared up in short time, and hopefully will enjoy some finer and more profound communication with them soon.

i have a different feeling about all this now and it is a far cry from paddling out on a surfboard and hoping to see a body come over to get orgonite that isn’t a shark.things are definitely on the move now and i think that the first chapter in a new book has begun.

respectfully submitted

jeff mckinley

I should just change the name of this thread to” gifting with the crofts”, since most of what’s getting done in south florida is from a boat and in partnership with those two.

Yesterday’s adventure involved loading the Zodiak Orgone Warrior or “Zowie” with about 85 or 90 tbs and such and heading out from a ramp we found in port salerno, fl. on the water feature known as manatee cut. Our mission was to gift the suffering st. lucie river, which has a north and a south fork. The bay area there at stuart fl. was previously gifted by us a couple of weeks before so we continued inland following the path of mucky water.

Prvious to when the crofts moved to these environs, a report was aired by local news channels about how a jet-ski owner had come down with flesh-eating bacreria infections on her body,ostensibly as a result of being exposed to the especially bacterialogically contaminated waters of the st. lucie river. The report was replete with lamentations from local fishermen about the sad state of the formerly pristine waters and how they were sure the damage was man-made. The fish from there were certainly not to be eaten and children and all others were advised to stay out of the river. Local officials stated they would look in to the situation and then the hoopla subsided. Meanwhile the river was still rank.

I had made some pipes expressly for the purpose of gifting that river the same way greg brown and friends gifted the peace river in fl. after harrpicane charley, but I couldn’t rig a boatride to do so.

Now, since the crofts got their boat, they’ve gifted a long stretch of the intercoastal from jupiter down towards palm beach, then outside in the ocean back to Jupiter and also inside again in the intercoastal northward up to stewart. We gifted the oceanside leg down from the st. lucie inlet in stuart, back to the Jupiter inlet from the north completing a very large figure “8”, similar to that done by us all up in Charleston, posted earlier.

ok, back to the mucky water. We finished gifting the bay area and headed up the north fork of the river, traveling and tossing all the way through to the west side of town and came about up to where the water was transparent we then retraced our path to the point where the river splits. From there we proceded to cruise and toss, down the really nasty south fork of the river noting that this was also the cross-florida barge canal known as the Okeechobee waterway. The massive source of pollution was inland from this channel. Carol saw a nexus point of negative energy some miles away and i think it may have to do with an electrical plant that I know of. This dor condition causes the particulate matter to stay suspended in the water, thus making it appear like opaque pus-brown soup. Of course it’s toxic!

The orgonite will allow the pollutants to drop out of the water that is coming from lake Okeechobee., which is also highly polluted from artificial fertilizer and pesticides placed there as runoff from sugar corporations.

We gifted up a couple miles until we ran out of stuff, but , have the next leg of our plan in place.

What you will see in the near future is officials taking credit for improving the waterway there, when in reality, they will not identify the true pollutants and polluters. They can’t because it would mean their jobs. Or you will hear a report like,” due to improved farming methods…”

I just want it on record that the improved condition of the st. lucie river,the loxahatchee river, the cooper river, the ashley, the savannah, the peace and a thousand other rivers, was due to the efforts of gifters like YOU, that took the time and know-how to handle the messes that the giant bumbling oafs who think they know what’s up have created.

We have gotten clear indications that it must be we who take the stewardship of earth into our own local hands and get the job done there and outward from where we start Our efforts are overlapping now and very soon you will notice subtle, massive changes.