Orgone In A Can

I had had never been interested very much in radionics, but the events of the last months stimulated me to focus a little more on the subject.

Substantially it started with the Obama-Obama-Obama mind broadcast the day (it was night here) Obama was elected for president in th US.( It was posted in the “Radionics for O´Bomber and witches in the White House” - thread.)

From then on we had had a lot of etheric interference within the last weeks, and, as it was perceptible, most of this stuff was based on some sort of permanent radionic harrassment.
Radionic assaults seem to be the most used strategies to wear us down and crush our spirits step by step. At least since fall… maybe also as a “reward” for my blogging (in german) which slowly got a little more daily hits.

Boosting turned out to be helpful, but we were not able to stop the negativity building up in the house and our personal realtionships.

At a certain point, when thinking how to stop this, I remembered a conversation, having had several years ago with a musician who was also running a sound recording studio together with another musican

This guy told me about a “trick” they were using, when some recording sessions started to load up with bad moods and feelings. They used to make some “blackbox”-recordings on days with great creative atmosphere. That means they recorded this atmosphere with a microphone within a soundproof box. What they got was, acoustically, some low white noise. But it had turned out, that these recordings, when played over speakers, lightened up the atmosphere and brought a good feeling back into the studio.

So I tried to use this for my purposes.

About 3 years ago I had made an orgone-can. That means I had put a smaller food tin can within a bigger one and filled the space between with metal shavings, quartz and resin. I regullarily use it to charge crystals or whatever else…
So I had already a space containing great energy and atmosphere at my hands… no need to wait for better days [Image Can Not Be Found]
Put a microphone inside, a bigger piece of orgonite on top in order to close the can and started recording on my hard drive.

After a few minutes I saved the file and played it on the speakers. And it was astonishing!

It was like being in a strong stream of orgone when sitting in front of the speakers.
Second thing was, that the radionic inteerference was noticeably decreased.
Third is, it is then very easy to boost a target.

I transferred the file on a Compact Disc to have it portable, for example in the car or at work. And it works also from the compact!

So the CD is like an orgone can, one can open it up and release the orgone, when playing this white noise.
It is easy for everyone to repeat the experiment. All you need is an orgonite with a cavity big eneough to put a small microphone in for recording the sound of orgone.

So this works similar to a succor punch, but I´m not sure if it is able to block surveillance or some radionic signal completely.
It is a helpful tool, but, all in all it is a passive measure.
Passive measures are useful but a determined assault will probably need to be met head-on and defeated. Otherwise, they probably will keep increasing the pressure.

What I found helpful is, when boosting, one can aim the stream of healthy orgone at a desired target. And this works verey, very well, at least as I had experienced it.
Please be also cautious to make your own orgone record! , to be sure to have a healthy orgone track, which is not contaminated with other kinds of etheric signatures. I´m quite sure that music industry is regullarily and widely making use of this effect.

Try it yourself and have fun! It´s easy. But keep always in mind, that this does not replace orgonite and gifting! It does not replace boosting from the heart and predator blasting, as you can read and learn at donebydooney!
It does not replace anything, it is just an additional discovery which may be useful. OK?


For testing the effect, feel free to download some white noise from the orgone can:




When Manfred first told me about this I was struck with the notion that it may represent a very substantive, ‘next level’ development in hard-science orgone technology. Most of the really important discoveries in human history don’t enter the realm of research with fanfare and applause, of course, which makes us wonder how much stuff gets lost [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’m constantly watching for next steps, though, and I’m grateful to Manfred for sharing his discovery, here. The sewer rats have used a lot of radionics against us, sometimes with good effect, so I know there’s a lot of power there. Their radionics is all DOR-based, of course, but this application is obviously a clean approach that enhances healing and integration.


This post and my fledgling experiences with Manfred’s orgonesound file inspired me to send him a PM last week.
This is the just of our correspondence:

Hi Manfred.

I’ve been listening to your recording of Orgonised white noise.

It wasn’t actually me who downloaded it but a friend of mine who has a lot of experience in sound studios and electronics generally.

He set up two files for me and named them differently (mn and nm) but didn’t tell me which one was the orgone track and which one was the empty white noise track.

I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to identify the right one but it was actually very easy.

The first one I opened was silent (as far as I could hear) but the feeling was quite strong.
The second one sounded identical but there was no feeling associated with it.

I checked with him and I was right, of course; I had identified the correct track without question.

I tried it on my Wife, Nita, and she was surprised to find that she could tell ‘blind’ when the track was turned on or off.

One particularly interesting point for me is that there are about 3 HHGs in the room and loads of orgonite around in the house and garden and yet the effect of the orgone sound track was still quite striking.

I have an ‘orgonite accumulator’ here (with a Cescolator coil and a DB HHG in it) that I built with Kelly when he was here last year and my friend and I would like to try some experiments recording the sound from inside.

My friend asks what kind of microphone you used to make the recording or whether any kind works equally well.
Also what recording equipment (pre-amp etc) you used.

All the best. Dan.

And he answered thus:

Dan, this is a terrific confirmation of what I experienced and what also others have been experiencing after having downloaded the file and then reported to me. It is even more detailed. Thats great news.

The mic I´m using is a Sony ECM TS125 which goes up to about 20 kHz.
I recorded directly onto my hardrive, using Magix Samplitude Sound Studio as recording software.

As I experienced it, the wider the range of frequencies, the better. That´s also whats important for the recording.

Save as a .wav file, it keeps full frequency range. An .mp3 cuts out all freqs over 16 kHz.

I tried to do also other effects as reverb, equalizer etc. but this only weakens the signal. The more equivalent to the original, the better.

looping the orgone sound has a very good effect, because the longer it plays, the better are the effects.

I had put in also various gems, to see how it affects the feeling that comes in with the played file.
It makes even a difference of what is recorded inside the can. An amethyst feels different from a hematite…

Massive possibilities are open.
One can also record speech, then mask it with orgonesound and play it.
It works. That´s how I´m stopping radionic assaults, for example:, just do, and tell them etherically that youre bouncing back any kind of malevolent magic of any kind of type.

Manfred was kind enough to send me the WAV-recording, as I was interested to ‘hear’ it. The mp3 download through my computer speakers did not do me anything, i might have felt something if I had paid more attention (‘family background noise’). Anyway, the CD recording was very noticeable in its effects, even only coming through my TVspeakers. The different tracks gave off different energies (Manfred added different gemstones in the orgone can). This is very healthy stuff indeed. I will definitely use it often to clear the atmosphere, and frankly would even have paid money to own it.



Sorry if I’m ‘telling tales out of school’ but we eventually received a CD from Manfred that has several recorded tracks related to specific chakras. Carol listened to them (felt them, I can say with more accuracy) and told us that they are very accurate. I wasn’t surprised at all that the intended effects were achieved.

Most of the stuff that gets mailed to us from our friiends abroad are ‘kept for a little while’ in undisclosed locations by one or another $#!+bird agency within the US, of course, but we almost always receive the stuff, eventually. I’ve never known these agencies to tamper wiht the products, though they once stole a bunch of Lemurian crystals that were in a package with some other stuff. That was in the days when the CIA had been successful at keeping these crystals off the market for a couple of years.

It’s going to be interesting to see what applications people will find for this potent orgone tool. I think there are several ways to create controlled experiments, such as in classrooms, workplaces, and other situations that have public address systems or a speaker setup in a room full of people.

The birds have been throwing subliminal DOR at us for decades, after all, so why can’t we turn the tables with Manfred’s phenomenal discovery? I see potential applications with Slim Spurling’s amazing etheric broadcast tools for this, for instance. They require sound input and can influence very large areas and the input can be as small as I-pod earbuds.


Carolien, thanks for posting the fine evaluation. People can sink their teeth into good, empirical observations [Image Can Not Be Found]

We see ourselves as a loose-knit network of people who are fascinated and empowered by what simple orgonite can do. The corporate/occult $#!+birds see us as a threatening global revolution, rather. I know it’s frustrating to them that this effort is not centralized or personality-based. Every time they try to murder Carol and I, for instance, ten more people, even more dedicated and insightful, pop up and start doing this work we’ve initiated.

I have a good feeling about the easy success of a science forum effort at this stage of the unorganiization’s development and the Orgone In A Can development and dissemination seems like an affirmation to me, thx Manfred!

Typical of everything else we do on the internet we can expect that a formidable slander, infiltration and corruption effort will be thrown at anyone who will take responsibility for a science forum but that person’s going to get a lot of help from the chatrooms, as Je is presently getting.

Make no mistake about this, by the way: since the sewer rat agencies are treating this unorganized effort as a political movement Je’s current, astonishing success at ruining the economic/political/psychological platform of the Global Warming scam, which was to have been the desertification of Spain, the sewer rat agencies are shooting at all of us who are engaged in helping Je. Dr Schmuckface, who has rigorously defamed Je and falsely accused him of blowing up death towers, has even threatened to sue a bunch of us [Image Can Not Be Found] but I think that in his case he’s just worried about his name being bandied about on YouTube in concise Spanish and Engblish factual presentations. We’ll track the situation in the chats. For awhile, Je is going to be a main focus of the weekly protection efforts in the chats.

As a science forum unfolds and begins to establish acknowledged, hard science parameters for orgonite and related tech there will be new (to us) forms of intimidation, oppression and slander but I’m quite sure The Operators will guide us through that minefield, as they’ve done for the previous 8 years of this unorganization’s existence and phenomenal growth/consolidation. Dr.DeMento’s incessant slander of ‘the croft cloudbuster’ can be a small example of what our non-institutionalized scientists can expect, maybe [Image Can Not Be Found] .

We never did put our name on any of our inventions, by the way. We call the CB ‘orgonite cloudbuster’ to mainly draw attention to the simple fact that we’re building on the earlier success of Dr Reich. I never liked ‘chembuster’ because an orgonite CB does a lot more than just neutralize chemtrails and because Adachi only called it that because Trevor Constable, another public defamer of this work, insisted to him that it not be called ‘cloudbuster.’ My distaste for the term is part of the reason I asked Dr von Peters to name his fine bioweapon-induced sickness remedy, ‘ChemBuster.’

By the way, Ale corrected me about his German friend, a retired engineer in Chile, who used a tri-meter to track orgonite’s effects on a nearby death tower array. I had said he tracked the effects of a nearby high tension powerline. Six years ago, for a few months, I was able to track the time it took to disable a death tower by pointing a ZapChecker at it from a quarter mile or so away. At some point, the zapchecker no longer worked or this in the US but I’m hoping someone will try it with a tri-meter, which is a more complex and sensitive instrument. Here’s just one more example of what a science forum can settle for the record with a sufficient experiment base.

A point I’ve largely failed to make, but will keep trying, is that real evidence of anything never hangs on the word of one individual and nobody is or ever will b e capable of holding arbitrary authority in this unorganized global movement… That’s why the psychics in the chatrooms have never let people use them to make public evaluations. I’m hoping and trusting we’re all past that debilitating guru-on-a-pedestal hurdle, by now.


Very impressive, Carolien!
As far as I was able to explore the phenomenon it eases also active boosting, while bathing in the orgonesound.
Next thing is, that the output of orgone is stronger, if you give more volume on the amp.

I´m also happy to report to have drawn the attention of US-military to my website, as my site statistics shows!


Got once more cut off from my internet access at home, will post more, hopefully tomorrow.

Meanwhile enjoy another application of orgone in a can:

It contains speech masked within the orgone-noise saying: “All attacks are returning to the aggressors. The agenda of the parasitic elite is failing and decaying to nothing. The positive field of Orgone is growing stronger, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day”
Doesn´t matter if it is german, english, chinese or any other language. It is the intention, that makes the file work.

Can be done easily by everybody!

Enjoy fighting back!

Edit: Got a visit from the US government on my site. They are pretty quick!

Since putting up the second file for download also [DARPA[/url:2om80dsb]is obviously interested in my website and the new research forum.
Pretty much interest for things that officially do neither exist nor do have any effect…
Thanks for leaving your footprints in the visitors statistics, guys!


I see that these guys are really grateful for being exposed to the public.
Thx for killing my phone. What will come next?
At least you´ll receive a good boost from my part!

Manfred your last file is extremely powerfull, thanks. It reminds me of the soothing presence I felt when freaking out upon first understanding the conspiracy is real (reading one of David Yicke`s books).
No wonder they are unhappy about it. I would recommend everyone to be interesed in this! Would love to hear how other people feel when playing the track.

keep up the good work!

Hi Manfred, i cannot save the file on my pc, i don’t know why.
have you any suggestions??

The download should function properly. Made a test and had no problems with saving the file to the pc.
Maybe the problem is caused by the size of the files, which is about 8Mb per file.

Stevo and I received Manfred’s CD of orgone tracks about a month ago (Thanks Manfred!) and we spent some time evaluating the tracks. This is a very subjective account of what we felt…we didn’t do any scientific-style experiments.

My first exposure to the orgone recording was actually at Don and Carol’s while we were visiting there with Ale and Javi. Don and I were fiddling around with his iPod and Ale played the Orgone in a Can mp3 for me on Carol’s laptop. He asked me if I felt anything coming off the computer, and what I perceived was a cone of energy extending from the screen of the laptop, about 8 inches out, with the large end of the cone pointed away from the screen. Ale stopped the recording and the cone disappeared. He turned it back on and the cone reappeared.

By the time we got home from that trip, the CD from Manfred was in the mailbox. I played the CD on one of our laptop computers and here’s what we felt:

Track 1 - Amethyst - strongest energy of all tracks on the CD
Track 2 - Carnelian - medium energy
Track 3 - Emerald - light energy
Track 4 - Empty Orgone Can - cone of energy
Track 5 - Garnet - strong energy
Track 6 - Gold - medium energy
Track 7 - Hematite - medium energy
Track 8 - Dodec - pulsing dodec around the computer, about a foot in diameter
Track 9 - Quartz - strong energy
Track 10 - Rose Quartz - medium energy
Track 11 - Sodalite - strong energy
Track 12 - Tourmaline - medium energy

After playing the CD on the laptop, I played it on our big stereo which has four-foot high speakers attached. When playing the dodec track, I perceived a dodec roughly the size of our house around us. So it seems that the bigger the speakers, the bigger the effect. We were badly attacked shortly after this, so I played the Amethyst track in a continuous loop for 24 hours and it seemed to help. It’s hard to say definitively because we were also using a lot of other etheric tools during the attack, but I could feel the amethyst energy (one of my favorite stones).

So there’s my non-scientific report, for what it’s worth. [Image Can Not Be Found]


Just tried to order one, there’s no ‘United States’ dropdown? First time orderer…

Sorry, I figured it out…“Shipping to European Union countries only.” Can someone hook a stateside brother up on this?

Good feedback from your friend, Carolien! We mustn’t ever dismiss empirical evidence, especially from reputable people. It’s the personal touch that causes interest in our work to spread, after all.

Temperature differences are certainly measurable but another feature of orgonite’s effects is the way it causes the ambience to ‘brighten.’ When Carol and I moved to Florida in late September the atmosphere felt oppressive but after a year of gifting, there, the summer heat was no longer oppressive. The slight, possible drop in temperature probably couldn’t account for that distinct improvement of ambience.

Also, when the corporate/gov’t parasites sent HAARPicane Wilma across Florida in a straight line at us, a few weeks later, the force of that very short-lived, un-natural storm evidently caused an immediate whiplash of pleasant ambience, even though the feds turned off all the power generating stations. There was enough orgonite in South Florida, by then, to produce that ‘bounce’ effect. People in the entire region were walking around with grins, even in areas that were actually damaged. I’m sure the feds were disappointed that they were unable to justify sending in the FEMA storm troopers, that time, as they had done to New Orleans

The summers are also cooler in Idaho, where we now live, and the past couple of winters have been milder. Before, we experienced extreme heat and cold here. I’m sure the Corporate Algore Parasites are sweating bullets on account of orgonite finally reaching mainstream awareness. In our lifetime the deserts will all no doubt be reversed and I won’t be surprised to hear about farming in Greenland, soon.

Would you please trade a requisite number of the Orgone in a Can CDs for a zapper on your next order, Carolien? I want to distribute them to some folks around here, perhaps experiment with one played in a loop in the local coffee shop where Carol hangs out, does her email and schedules psychic readings [Image Can Not Be Found]

The $#!+birds probably thought they could shut Manfred down by polluting his online orgone-in-a-can offering, in conjunciton with that clever, very busy liar with many names, attempting to poison his reputation in Europe. THANK YOU, Carolien, for making his original, clean version available on CD!


Interestingly, a couple of days ago, I clicked to read the latest of David R’s “Ocean Gifting” posts and the page load stopped long enough at a previous posting for it to catch my attention. I returned to and began to read about the Solfeggio frequencies therein and, being a Musician, it immediately captured my interest. The correlation to the scale’s 528 Hz was especially noteworthy as this is, apparently, the very frequency used in genomics to “repair” DNA. I searched for references to this in science papers but was only able to turn up hits from abstracts that did not actually contain the reference to the way the frequency is used in ‘traditional’ science. Regardless, from what I have researched so far, and from my experience with the effects of Sound Vibrations on Consciousness states from The Monroe Institute, and listening to Solfeggio frequencies and guaging their effects on me, I am convinced that there is some very real benefits here to explore for all of our sakes.

From the meaning of the Original Mediaeval Latin titles for each frequency in the Solfeggio Scale it is clear that each frequency represents particular, specific, benefits and uses. However, rather than enumerate them here I’ll point interested readers to the following:

See the following at David Icke’s forum: … stcount=66

And some wonderful background from this link: … eggio.html

Additionally, I’ve just ordered Dr. Leonard Horowitz book: Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse [Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse which though there are 21 new and 13 used books at Amazon, as per the link above, Amazon is now listing the book as “currently unavailable” one day after I purchased the book, LoL… Coincidence? Not likely…

In any case, I have been working with Audacity (a marvelous open source sound tool for Macs, Windows, and Linux) and with the Mac tool SignalSuite, to create some tones and chord combinations of the 6 original Solfeggio frequencies and an additional 3 frequencies for a total of 9 (2 below and one above the 6 original frequencies). I was intending to mix these tones with some white or ‘pink’ noise to make them easier to listen to, and post about this here. However, I remembered reading this Post of Manfred’s and thought that it would be marvelously synergistic to use the marvelously empowered “Orgone in a Can” derived analog white noise rather than some etherically inert, digitally synthesized, stream of bits…

I am going to work on this stuff and post some more complete examples as WAV files and MP3s; however, I have a 5 minutes of 417 + 528 (which are, I believe, highly synergistic together) in a WAV and MP3 File at the following: and

And then work up some actual musical compositions based on these frequencies with my Violin,, [Pro-Tools LE[/url:141lky1c], and a Midi Keyboard


I think it’s a great idea Azti

let’s have some samples here … .com/blog/