Orgone White Noise

Here are 2 links to high quality sound files that are recorded in the orgone bucket pictured below. Idea supplied by “orgone in a can” Manfred.

there may be a limit of 10 downloads on each file. i don’t really understand how the site works other than they are trying to sell memberships while at the same time offering free download services as bait. the free part is the part i am trying to use. Each file is 69mb so it will take some time to download. do it in the background when you plan on being online for 15min to half an hour(dial-up would be many hours). you can email me- ammaui(at) if there is a problem with the download or if interested in a cd.
i have 19 files so far and am working on a cd that will cover the 7 chacras plus other stones went into the charger and got “recorded”.
grounding exercises while playing the white noise are powerful for me. enjoy, feedback welcomed.

you can hear the “ocean” with the orgone bucket on your head.