Orgonising angola

Few months ago i sent some of the group members to our neighbouring country Angola after certain farmers requested the application of the orgonite in their farms when one of them witnessed the sudden changes in crop production in some parts of Namibia.Group members educate them and helped them applying orgonites in their farms.Suddenly there were great changes in climate, they received rain though not in plenty but we believe that when we will continue supplying them with orgonite there will be enough rain.Now there crops have started to grow well and they have alot of hopes that their crops are going to do better.We visited the region of Kimbundu tribe,the second largest tribe in Angola and we are planning to visit other regions very soon.
The group are doing very good job by ensuring that they orgonise the entire South African regions,though we have been facing alot of challenges but we keep soldiering on with our determination to change the deserts area to a place where one can get water and harvest crops to improve their livelihood using orgonites.
Mrs Bheka