Orgonising Edmonton +

Greetings autonomous Etheric Warriors,

2002 orgonite cb

Above photo of Orgonite Jedi’s: “2002 orgonite cloud buster” with life affirming orgone thriving heavenly blue morning glory flowers.

Over a decade had passed since my 2002 built orgonite cloud buster was stolen and taken to the city dump by my neighbour’s landlord in Calgary, Alberta during the summer of 2005. Even the dump gets gifted with orgonite, so this was not seen as a loss, but a relocation of orgonite to benefit all organisms living near it.

In July, 2015 I had been on a road trip to visit a friend and his family in Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan and noticed the clear blue sky, kudos to Gare and other EW’s for gifting Saskatchewan over the years. As I was driving from Saskatchewan to Alberta, I noticed the concentrated haze of high altitude aerosol pollution hanging over Alberta, blocking out the sun ahead of me. This observation triggered a powerful surge of compassion to deliver a successful pollution solution.

I had read that 2015 marked Edmonton’s driest spring in 50 years. On August 23, 2015 I began building what I call the NLA1, also known as: “The Natural Law Autonomous 1 Orgonite Cloud Buster.” This creative design employs pipe layout spacing matching the facet lengths and geometry of a quartz crystal in sectional view. It also embodies the consciousness of natural law: self-evident, universal, non-human made, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behavior. Natural law ensures the despot is stopped in their despotism. Regard: an abuser is corrected when their abuse is not tolerated.

On Sept 5th, and 6th, 2015; Edmonton and surrounding areas received 26mm rain over 2 days, a productive penetrative gentle soaking. North Edmonton airspace immediately began clearing since NLA1’s construction and the day following construction; a massive Sylph displayed itself for all to see.

Since August, 2015 I began pouring 3oz. and 7oz. steel TB’s with pieces of small crystals and gemstones. Both Gare and Don encourage packing all orgonite devices with as much metal as possible, so that’s what I do and encourage others to do the same.

From August to November approximately 50 TB’s have been deployed: all the visible towers have been flipped in St. Albert.

Sherwood Park and Edmonton areas are being gifted ongoing as orgonite resources are created. Recently while gifting between St. Albert and High Prairie along highway 2 during November 21 and 22, snowfall followed from November 23-24. Precipitation amounted to 10.5mm in the St. Albert region and the High Prairie region amounted to 6.6mm over the 2 days of snowfall. This was the first lasting snow of the season.

Orgonite gifted ponds, rivers, towers, substations, graveyards, parks, significant ley line vortex sites in Alberta and around the world are constantly transmuting DOR into life affirming orgone. Thanks to orgonite, “natures pollution solution,” the sky is looking clearer than I’ve ever seen it before. The sun is no longer hidden behind a chemtrail haze. Kudos to all the Etheric Warriors for creating life affirming solutions, keep up the great work! Wink

Welcome, Tom, and I think our readers are going to benefit from your reports and observations in an interesting and unique way.

Orgonite Jedi thanks Gare ([email protected]) for his generous TB donation, gifting Alberta.

On Dec 4, 2015 I received a quantity of 172, 5oz +/- donation TB’s from Gare, a 54 pound pail. From Dec 4 - Dec 15 these donation TB’s have been strategically gifted around and throughout Edmonton, Sherwood Park and St. Albert. The refinery, towers, substations in Sherwood Park east of Edmonton have been gifted successfully; with the help of my blue electric hand ally: “Wanderer” more than 30+ TB’s have been gifted to refinery row and associated substations. The Saskatchewan River on both west and east ends of the city are gifted, the west side now sends life affirming orgone enhanced water through Edmonton. From Dec 11 - Dec 15 there has been 21.3mm precipitation in snowfall, the gifting began on Dec 4th and the snowfall began on Dec 11th. It had been very dry previously to all this gifting, balanced natural law weather is now ongoing thanks to orgonite.

Thanks to orgonite, “natures pollution solution,” the sky is looking cleaner than I’ve ever seen it before. Let’s take action to keep our environment clean and life affirming. Spread the word about orgonite as a pollution solution, share and https://www.worldwithoutparasit…com with someone you care about today!

Here is a south east elevation photo of Edmonton’s life affirming orgone sky taken on Dec 18, 2015 from Manning Drive, Edmonton.

Below is a south elevation photo of Edmonton’s life affirming orgone sky and a TB orgonite gifted life affirming tower from Anthony Henday Drive taken on Dec 18, 2015.

Special thanks goes to Don Croft and all life affirming Etheric Warriors worldwide for your ongoing orgonite gifting contributions and humble selfless humanitarian service.

Thanks E.W.'s for revoking and banishing all parasitic energies, abuse, slavery, narcissism, life denying energies at all times.

Thanks E.W.'s for employing life affirming orgonite and natural law to reclaim, defend and maintain autonomous healthy boundaries for yourself and your loved ones at all times.

Greetings autonomous EW’s,

Over the month of January 2016 I have been taking Awake & Aware orgonite gifted earth grid photos and sharing them on Facebook groups to spread awareness about orgonite solutions. To date there are now over 250+ and counting orgonite tower busters gifted throughout and around Edmonton resulting in the success that you see within these images. Thanks fellow EW’s for gifting the grid with life affirming orgonite, feel free to share these images to spread awareness about orgonite.

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wow Tom Your posters are fantastic and that Blue hole over EDMONTON is amazing with only 250 intelligently Gifted tbs!

very revealing SAD and disgusting all at the same time to know EDMONTONS CHURCH STEEPLES and signs are used to house TOWERS great snap!

THEY were obviously not ready for You to hit the ground running in EDMT Tom and looks like You are having very few spray days so far but expect more to come and just in time for Your new time lapse to, as I giggle lol

Here is something fairly new I think and not done regularly yet anywhere but by Yu in SINGAPORE so far but CANADA specifically EDMT and REGINA are getting time lapse videos of the sky 24/7 which is going to be very revealing!

Remember that Yu wrote His Own Linux program to deal with the still images and automatically turn into time lapse video but Im going to try a windows based system…

just found from Yu…

For software I wrote my own Linux scripts. On Windows or Mac you might want to try Panolapse. I believe it turns the camera output directly into a video, without you having to worry about all the still images.


I would suggest a cheap outdoor camera mounted to a cb pipe or spacer run indoors to a hard drive!

Good luck Warriors I believe these time lapses are going to awake a sleeping Humanity to whats transpiring over all of Our blue holes 24/7 just too obvious to ignore think Yu compresses 24 hrs into 5 to 8 minutes…

The images/posters are so excellent! The Power of Utterance.

Re: the church steeple, they’ve been energy collection and concentration capacitor tips back to the beginning. They were simply stone Ba’al pillars prior to that. Notice how the churches are placed whenever possible on nodes of the Earth grid? Cemeteries full of bodies acting as Death energy sinks or batteries, or as in the case of the murderous, invading Tahitians in Hawaii, a human sacrifice heiau for same.

I’ve attached a picture so you can see the tower, then as now.

(images missing)

Thanks for sharing that church steeple capacitor information Jeff, the parasitic matrix energy harvesting machine is being banished world wide thanks to all the EW’s administering the orgonite parasite detox solution.Thanks Gare and Jeff for the kudos and just in time for some more wonderful photo and meme’s to post and share to spread etheric warriors orgonite solutions! Here is a recent Sylph photo taken on Friday over Sherwood Park’s refinery row oil refinery.

Here are some meme’s for EW’s to share and post, Enjoy!

(images missing)

We’re lucky to have you here, Tom, and congrats for your success on Facebook, too–I think that’s a first. You do a very good job with the graphics.

No matter what might happen, there, you’ve made real progress and it’s a brand new realm in terms of promoting orgonite. I know that a lot of orgonite info has been censored, there, but maybe the Old Parasite is finding that counterproductive in social media by now. Does it bring up the question of just how many agency trolls social media will even tolerate? If allowed into any forum they will dominate and poison it, which is why this one is the only legitimate english-language orgonite forum after all these years. I’m hoping that social media is an end run around the old, sociopathic, social engineering protocols but I suppose we’ll soon see Cool

Thanks for the orgonite promotion kudos Don,

Social media is a wonderful tool to reach out and touch the hearts, minds, and souls of humans dedicated to being the change they choose to be. Social media provides a platform to present the solutions via creative photographs, meme’s and even share streaming video of orgonite sky cleaning in action! Its important to offer and share solutions, especially in a world where the problems occupy 90% of the news.

Some people live in fear of going outdoors, suffer chronic depression due to chemtrails blocking out the sun and polluting their local environment. They had no idea that they could solve the problem by creating tower busters by combining resin with metal shavings with small stones in a muffin tray, gift their homes and communities with orgonite to transmute the toxic pollution, clearing the sky. With orgonite, every dedicated autonomous human can revoke the parasites; transmuting pollution into life affirming orgone, reclaiming the bright blue, orgone rich, sunny sky again.

Thanks to Don and all EW’s gifting orgonite, everyone can learn how to build their own orgonite TB’s, HHG’s, earth pipes, CB’s and experience the benefits firsthand.

Continue the great work EW’s, I will encourage creating media to post and share to spread awareness of the many orgonite solutions we offer.

More confirmation of orgonite transmuting high altitude aerosol pollution in the environment. See the pollution immediately transmuting into orgone, in the middle of this photo; in an anion, orgone rich sky, cation pollution chemtrails do not exist.

(images missing)

Very telling photo, thx Tom! Pics like this one enable Us to see exactly how large Our Orgone fields are and tell Us exactly the bondaries of the Gifted/ non Gifted TOWERS! This is determined, of course, by looking on the horizon. Of course there is much less population out there and looks to be roughly 20 miles out? Couple more months and We’ll be able to supply You with more ammo!

Great the way You can take a known FB pic with CELEBRITIES on it and turn it into something EveryOne in this movement can use to further the cause, a real skill!

Thanks Gare, yes I notice the DOR in the horizon dynamically transmuting into life affirming orgone continuously, expanding. There is more great orgonite work to continue, thanks in advance for your generous life affirming orgonite donations assisting Alberta!

Here is an orgonite cloud buster actively transmuting high altitude aerosol chemtrail pollution video. Filmed and created on January 1, 2016 to share and spread awareness regarding orgonite solutions.

Transmuting Pollution Via Orgonite

A call to action: Build your own orgonite cloud buster to effectively transmute high altitude aerosol pollution (chemtrails) in a 200 to 300+ mile radius. Declaring your autonomy via orgonite gifting action supports earth mother detoxification. Natural law: self-evident, universal, non-human made, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behavior. Natural law ensures the despot is stopped in their despotism. Regard: an abuser is corrected when their abuse is not tolerated.

For more information on building your own orgonite devices, go to

Thank you for your interest in learning about Orgonite

With all due respect,…247#p19268…247#p19281…e-2#p19277…e-2#p19278…280#p19294

I was hoping it would be just a fad but it has become popular to make orgonite memes using hollywood images, as you can see in the links above.

I really like images with text which are strong and representative of the important work orgonite does - such as what Tom (Orgonite Jedi) was doing at the beggining, very good stuff…247#p19243 - but when someone places illuminati stooges as the spokespeople for these truths it actually feels the message becomes not only diluted but also dirty by association.

It’s been a good exploration of advertising potential with images and I got some good laughs from cyclingflinger’s and urged him to post them.

Some other EW contributors expressed concern to me about the use of the CIA’s Hollywood assets for promoting orgonite and I certainly agree that when we do that we’re serving the enemy in terms of reinforcing the sleepwalking majority’s subliminal programming. I’d feel like a jerk if I prohibited such things, here, but I do hope that when someone wants to use imagery, here, to reach the sleepwalkers it will be more effective to avoid the unwitting promotion of the enemy’s own memes.

Many or most of our regular readers are surely above being tweaked by subliminal progamming, of course. A lot of us enjoy films that have a lot of programming in them and are not affected by it, any more than the average sleepwalker, today, would be influenced toward overt fascism by watching 1950s films with that subiminal programming in them. If Hitler showed up in Germany, today, he’d be laughed to scorn.

Even though Carol and I enjoy many of the CIA’s Hollywood productions a lot we have a sense that we wouldn’t like to personally know the majority of popular actors.

Speaking of popularity, Patrick Timpone will interview us again on Thursday and this time he asked me for some talking points. One on the list that I emailed to him is ‘memes.’ Cool I’m mainly concerned about the ‘feverish’ memes of terrorism and environmentalism as primary means of keeping the sleepwalkers from taking note of the reality of the ancient rule of a parasitic, murderous oligarchy, which nobody would argue is acceptable. These parasites rule through their memes so I think all of us, here, ought to keep to our personal standard of not unwittingly promoting any of that.

I really enjoyed cyclingflingers’ image (and caption) of the Roman general being confronted by a barbarian on horseback ;-) --I think we can each identify with the horseman.

Tom, regarding your doctrinal statement, ‘Regard: an abuser is abused when their abuse is acceptable and allowed to continue. An abuser is corrected when their abuse is not tolerated,’ I’d like to offer that this forum is an instrument of war and our readers might conclude, based on that statement, that we all condone the mass murder and other crimes committed by the oligarchy and their official minions, ‘The Old Parasite,’ instead of insisting that they all be appropriately held to account for their crimes over the centuries. I’m not referring to capital punishment, necessarily. The Zulu and Xhosa families of the South African apartheid regime’s victims had a wonderful way of holding the murderers of their family members to account, for instance, that involved public confessions in lieu of imprisonment and in the film about that I saw some of these torturers and murderers break down in tears–it looked like deep, genuine remorse to me.

Theosophy was created by the Old Parasite (satanic freemasonry and corrupted Hindu/Buddhist doctrine are that bastard’s parents) as one of many ways to protect themselves from such reckonings, I think. There’s a close parallel in one of the Old Parasite’s other ideological creatures, Christian fundamentalism, in which ‘every crime committed in the future by a born-again Christian is automatically forgiven.’

While it’s certainly true that grisly, unspeakable ritual abuse in early childhood of members of these families is part of how the adults turn them into abusive adults, serving the ancient agenda, and that we must love our enemies and attackers in spite of all that I think that when a member of this forum promotes a theosophical principle it naturally degrades the forum effort, which is why I insist that every person who wants to post reports on this forum will agree not to promote such things, here. It reminds me of a popular American political saying, ‘A conservative is a liberal who got mugged.’

There’s certainly a balance one can reach when promoting this forum in social networking sites in which the aims and purpose of the forum are clearly described without identifying it with one’s own personal ideology. I feel okay about insisting on the ‘no preaching’ rule in forum postings because I refrain from preaching my own religion, here. I see it as a courtesy to our readers and other EW contributors rather than a restriction of my own speech. Beloved personal beliefs are more effectively shared from the heart instead of from a pulpit, after all.

Diversity is a wonderful thing whenever a diverse group such as this one has a common ground in a healing pursuit. Healing on a grand scale, which is what all orgonite field workers are ‘committing’ (EW membership is a tiny but representative minority of these people) is considered by the enemy an overt act of war in a world that’s ruled by poisoners and murderers, even when the healer is a militant pacifist.


I would like to clear up any confusion regarding the statement: “an abuser is abused when their abuse is acceptable and allowed to continue. An abuser is corrected when their abuse is not tolerated.” The statement does not condone mass murder, immoral, unethical, narcissistic behaviour and other crimes.

I would like to give an example of an unethical act within the province of Alberta that has been corrected in Calgary City in 2008, but not corrected in Edmonton City or St. Albert at the time of this writing. Sodium fluoride is a toxic substance that is a byproduct of the fertilizer industry and the aluminum industry. Package labels on bags of sodium fluoride read: “DANGER SODIUM FLUORIDE POISON - TOXIC BY INGESTION, TARGET ORGANS: HEART, KIDNEYS, BONES, CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM, GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTEM, TEETH.” Sodium fluoride is a neurotoxic, enzyme inhibitor that is being mass medicated. For more information regarding the dangers of water fluoridation please visit…letter.htm and to take action against it go to

To accept water fluoridation is to accept poisoning. I have found the majority of people that I speak with about the subject of water fluoridation are unaware/unconscious of the dangers of water fluoridation. The abusers in this case are the individuals placing toxic sodium fluoride in the water supply for an entire city populace exposure through ingestion and bathing. The reason why the abuser in this case is abused is because they themselves, their family and loved ones consuming and bathing in poisoned water all suffer consequences due to ignoring the dangers of toxic water fluoridation which include: gene mutation, neurotoxicity, bone pathology, dental fluorosis, cancer, impaired kidney function et cetera. The abuser is abused; the individuals responsible for water fluoridation are poisoning themselves, their family members and their loved ones, the entire populace of everyone exposed to the toxic poison are abused.

When we see a child reaching for a red hot stove element, the logical, moral, ethical, response is to say stop and take action to prevent the child from self harm: “no, do not touch the hot stove element, you will burn your hand!” This same example can be applied to water fluoridation, saying to the individuals placing sodium fluoride poison in the water system: “no, do not put neurotoxic, enzyme inhibiting sodium fluoride poison into the water that you, your family and the entire population consume and bath in!” The consequences are poisoning abuse to self, poisoning abuse to family, poisoning abuse to loved ones, poisoning abuse to the entire city populace. This abuse is not acceptable, this abuse is immoral, this abuse is unethical, stop it!

The water we consume and bath in, the air that we breathe, the soil that we grow our nourishing food in deserve our highest integrity of life affirming virtue, love, honour, and respect.

Those who know about immoral behaviour, unethical action, say no to correct it and stop it. For more information on the subject of morality, and natural law, enjoy this informative video by Mark Passio on entitled: “New” Age Bullshit And The Suppression Of The Sacred Masculine

LIKE and SHARE on social media these recent photos of Sylphs taken over Sherwood Park’s orgonite gifted sky:

(images missing)

“an example of an unethical act…(is) placing toxic sodium fluoride in the water supply.”

Yes, that is, from my perspective, an abusive act.

“The statement (an abuser is abused when their abuse is acceptable and allowed to continue) does not condone mass murder, immoral, unethical, narcissistic behaviour and other crimes.”

No, I disagree. From my perspective that statement does condone those things.

“The reason why the abuser in this case is abused is because they themselves, their family and loved ones consuming and bathing in poisoned water all suffer consequences due to ignoring the dangers of toxic water fluoridation.”

I, Jeff, am going to stop them, NOW. To protect MYSELF. Not to protect them , from their (obviously-mentally-ill) selves, as well as from the (unmentioned) black karma they will admittedly generate via their unethical actions - the black karma that will come back around on them as a result of those actions. I’m taking care of those loose-ends, mind you, but not as a driver to my actions, but rather as a side-benefit.

From my perspective your statement is a bizarre reverse-psychology meme that’s like something you’d read in a " how to implement Stockholm Syndrom in one’s captives " handbook. I would ask the reader to note that your statement puts the abuser first, has the abuser in charge - albeit in a crafty, shifty, double-thinky kind of way.

p.s. Thanks ever so for removing both the Holy-wood trigger-persona images and the veiled, unexplained-to-the-readership numerology from your most recent posters.

p.p.s., From a journalistic/neurolinguistic-programming perspective, your consistent use of a type font larger than those used by all the other posters positions your posts in a more-compelling and more-emotional way within the subconscious of the readership. It’s why newspaper headlines are larger, and bolded.

“And then all the host of Rohan burst into song, and they sang as they slew, for the joy of battle was on them, and the sound of their singing that was fair and terrible came even to the city.”

J.R.R. Tolkein, from “The Return of the King”

Tom, thanks for bring up the issue of fluoridation in your local area. It’s important to expose these wrongs and to help correct them, orgonite and social media being good tools to achieve this as you are demonstrating.

I find it rather bizarre, though, that you would choose to blame the victim (population) after admiting the victim is ignorant of what fluoridation is and what it means for their health.

I have found the majority of people that I speak with about the subject of water fluoridation are unaware/unconscious of the dangers of water fluoridation.

Sodium fluoride is a neurotoxic, enzyme inhibitor that is being mass medicated via tacit consent.

Some (dung heap) thinkers and philosophers throughout history have tried to convince us that participating in a society is the same as giving implicit consent to any demands from the government of that society. That kind of ‘logic’ enabled that a born baby be deemed property of the State and registred accordingly because he didn’t raise an objection then - nor later throughout his whole life. This is done through the birth certificate, fiscal number and other instruments of the world parasite. It seems irrational for me to accept the word ‘consent’ as appropriate when there is an obvious ignorance of the facts by the population at large.