Orgonite And Electric Meters


I remember reading somewhere on the EW forum about lowering your electric bill by placing orgonite near the electric meter (analog).

Early last year, I had placed one of Francisco’s TBs right below the meter to experiment with this concept.

I realize there are some factors involve such as energy use and rates, but the difference between the annual totals of my electric bill from 2015 to 2016 was $691.00 less in 2016.

According to the electric company’s analytics, my energy use in 2016 increased.

Has anyone else done this?


(image missing)

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I put it by the meter of the house we used to stay in and the bill dropped significantly. I had to keep replacing that one because it kept walking away.

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Thanks for bringing this up, Geoff–your results are pretty definitive. A large number of people have reported this effect over the years and it always bears repeating, in my opinion.

We’ve always put orgonite on our electric meters but we’ve never kept close track of the bills for a comparison but I think Carol mainly likes the energy effect that it seems to produce. House current frequency, which is 50-60 cycles per second, worldwide, is quite debilitating and orgonite can apparently overcome those effects.

Ed, I’m not surprised that you need to replace the orgonite on your electric meter from time to time, considering how much the Old Parasite evidently fears and loathes you, these days Cool.

If anyone else has done this experiment and would like to report it, please do that for the record. If you’re not an EW contributor you can email me and I’ll share it: [email protected]

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In the photo, the camera flash barely captures the orgonite below the meter on the left. Its placed underneath meter on a ledge. Not too sure about proximity of the orgonite to the meter in conjunction with effects, or what it would do to a smart meter that’s pulsing microwave bursts?

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I’ve been blessed with a smart meter here where I now live, so I get to experiment with this. My solution is to combine orgonite with a generous amount of crystals/ stones that naturally protect against radiation (I see RF shielding can be purchased also, but that’s what I’ll do for now.)

Maybe smart meters are one of those blessings in disguise that will help to bring more awareness to orgonite, as it forces people to wake up to the effects of EMF radiation. Once these meters are in the house, people are basically stuck with them and will have to find solutions if they start to experience problems.

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I haven’t heard of anyone trying this with a smart meter. Is yours analog or a smart meter? I don’t think the nature of a smart meter’s weaponry is documented, by the way. I suppose someone could take measurements to determine which kind(s) of radiation are generated. The only reason I personally feel sure that they’re weapons is that psychics whom I trust have said that they feel weaponized to them. I’m not aware that any of the weaponry that proliferated around the world after the feds blew up the World Trade Center is documented. Genuine whistle blowers with those security clearances don’t live long enough to do that, generally. The army of fake whistleblowers on the internet fool a lot of folks, though. I personally believe that these started to proliferate on people’s residenes about a year after thousands of people had started busting the then-new death towers and that the smart meters are a sort of rear-guard action by the Old Parasite to stop losing ground so fast.

They’d already lost their chemtrail agenda, by then.

If the fear porn purveyors are claiming that it’s microwave radiation, 1) my first instinct is to assume that these faceless (if you do a search on the individual ‘experts’ you won’t find much a all) people are lying; 2) when we repeat their unfounded claims we’re shooting ourselves in the foot a bit, in my opinion, because more and more of our readers have already figured this basic principle of contemporary discernment out and expect us to hold ourselves to reasonably high standards, too.

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I don’t have any instruments to measure the meter here. My only indication when moving in was a strong pressure at the centre of my forehead, compounded by the psychic negativity I was under (which is generally improving). When I put orgonite right next to the box, they hated that I did that.

I did an experiment to see if the smart meter with orgonite would act as a powerwand (I sent out some good intentions to help disable the smart meter agenda )

Anyway, I looked up the data on this meter. Its output is 500 mW operating at 2G/3G/4G. I’m not well versed in this, but in comparison a mobile phone has a max output of 250 mW. A smart meter is supposed to only send data at a short interval every day. My sense it transmits something continually (but only measuring equipment can verify that).

I read som info that one of the ways to transmit data back to the electric company, is through the powerline itself (this info was from the producer of this meter, I know there are some internet providers looking at technology like that). So from a practical standpoint, having wireless transmission isn’t needed, except perhaps as a backup option.

Will I save money on the electricity bill? I don’t know, since I just moved it. I’ve also read reports about the bill going down after orgonite is placed in the vicinity.

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