Orgonite And Energetic Fields

Originally, I had this piece of post as a third paragraph to my experience with the Lemurians. But then I figured it was a little off topic, because it is more of an orgonite experience…

A couple of weeks ago, I felt like looking back on an old relationship of mine that ended somehow unsolved. I noticed that this open end was still heavy on my emotions. I wanted to be free from this. So I incorporated a special gifting trip into my little tour to Bismarck’s thomb (he wished to be burried close to the railway, a ley line in my oppinion, in order to be connected to life perpetually…). I knew there was no use in talking to the person involved in this relationship. So I took a bunch of pieces of orgonite and brought them to all places connected with this person. After this trip, something happened. It was like stale energy coming into life again. I perceived this as an energetic field that was closed in itself and that was triggered by the orgonite. I know that some of you have reported about pieces of orgonite connecting to one another and into an energetic field. But I had never experienced this connection within a field belonging to a “personal” topic only. Maybe it was my intention that made this happen. Maybe it was only my personal perception. Anyhow, I would love to hear from people with a similar experience. A friend told me that Karl Welz wrote about these kind of fields, but I couldn’t find anything about it. I feel that further exploring this idea of “fields” could further promote our understanding about the etheric world.