Orgonite And Geopathic Stress

My friend Tino Puthego from Botswana asked me to share this on EW:

When I first came into contact with orgonite in 2009 after ordering some from I was instantly struck by the strong feeling in the centre of my head even before I opened the package at the post office! It was love at first feel.
I subsequently found out that I was more fascinated with how people reacted to it than what it did or didn’t do to the environment. Georg, of, in our discussions that followed offered to show me what it could do with the environment; the fateful Mozambique trip followed with jail-time included in the package!
When I got back home I realized that I didn’t know enough about such matters as etheric reality, and I contacted Don Croft who took me through many things with patience. We developed a great internet friendship, and I hope to meet him and Carol soon.
I am still not totally certain about many things in this life. I trained as a geologist in a UK university. Then I became a military officer and a transport pilot, flying a Hercules C-130 around the world. I have shaken the hands of more 4star generals than I care to remember, and presidents and all manner of VIPs. As a scientist I understand the frustration of hardcore science in trying to research things that are not repeatable, like dowsers saying different things about the same issue; but there isn’t a doubt that there is more to this life than mechanistic science makes out. I have read hundreds of books, from David Icke to Dr Hulda Clark to Zecharia Sitchin to Hagakure by a samurai retainer, also Hankock and all subjects under the sun….the only thing I know for certain is that I know next to nothing, and that the highest truths in life can have their total opposites also true…like that God exists. I think it was Niels Bohr who said that. I keep my mind open that I could be wrong on every single count.
After gifting a few thousand orgonite TBs, some near cell towers, others to people that invariably went into minor detoxes, I learnt how to dowse using angle rods from a reputed water dowser. Took me a day. I then studied geopathic stress and found I could easily dowse for it, all types including Hartmann, Curry, and other lines. I found that lines that gave off DOR could easily be turned to POR by placing even a single TB on them. The thicker curry lines did not respond to this treatment. Sometimes 3 TBS in a triangle did it….sometimes 6, but what worked every single time was an earthpipe….even a single one! The dowsers and geomancers that didn’t know orgonite taught me to jump lines using copper pipes, and this gave me the idea to try EPs. I have so far found this to be the most powerful technique. People feel dizzy for hours after I bust the geostress in their yards, followed by clear detox symptoms.
What is interesting is the relationship between geopathic stress and orgone. No one seems to know for sure what is going on. This is what most experts agree on though; Certain animals like cats, owls, ants, most medicinal herbs, flourish on geopathic stress. Bees even increase their production of honey by a third. Oak trees prefer growing there, and bark from them to make cork floor tiles protects a bed from geostress. A pattern should be clear from this…especially that medicinal herbs grow on geostress…! Orgonite placed in beehives also enhances honey production by a similar factor…does this mean orgonite induces geopathic stress? Is DOR geopathic stress? I have found lines of geopathic stress producing DOR, but not always. I think what’s going on is that some animals and plants have learnt to transmute the DOR to POR….and since DOR is in a way accumulated orgone…i.e. it is restricted…transmuting it is an easy way to make concentrated POR…similar to what Karl Welz says…that he makes positive orgone from DOR.
When I introduced orgonite to the water dowsers that taught me, they were quite shocked at its power to transmute lines. Previously they had just jumped the lines not transmute them to positive. They told me that almost all very sick people are usually sleeping on bad lines. I have since confirmed this by checking on my old patients, some even cancer ones. Oh… I never mentioned that health and alternative healing are hobbies of mine…and I have interacted with hundreds of patients…several on their death beds. For every claimed cure for illness, be it alternative or orthodox, from zappers to diet to cleanses to oxygen to shaman therapies, I can show you an exception both ways. If we use a thorough clean-the-whole-body approach like DrClark tried to do, we see a quick reduction of symptoms, but if the patients environment has toxins or there is severe geopathic stress the illness returns. If the geostress is very heavy, even zapping continuously for a year doesn’t help that much. If there is severe emotional ‘armour’ and emotional plague….after the most effective cure, the patient makes themselves sick again a few years down the line. Some are cured completely by a single TB. Since I followed up patients up to 5 years later, I was always confused at the long term results…after I studied Reich’s work extensively it made much more sense. I have heard of chemotherapy success after removal of severe geopathic stress, much as we discourage chemo. This is why I realize now that I actually do not know much about anything, and that it is not worth arguing with people about things one doesn’t understand fully. If we discussed how to land an aeroplane in a crosswind though, here I can stand my ground.
Disease and illness seems to be the result of very many factors that can differ from person to person. If one reduces a few, one regains some of their health back. Like I was taught by my ninjutsu master whilst an Uni, the enlightenment of a healer may be to discover that actually they could never heal anyone, only the patient can heal themselves.
For now as I dowse for geopathic stress, earthpipes are my most potent ammunition. Note that many celltowers seem to be on stress lines….usually it’s the so called Benker ones…that are easily polluted by electromagnetism. Some lines can even be polluted by a bitter argument though. When we asked a worker for one of the cell companies here how they decided to site a tower exactly where it ended and not ten metres away…he responded by saying there was a “machine from France that shows (us) exactly where to put it for maximum effect”. Quite interesting. This would suggest that gifting a celltower randomnly may be enough to transmute the DOR coming from its antennae, but may be inadequate to correct the polluted lines it touches. It seems we have to place the orgonite exactly on the geostress line for it to be transmuted. I had this at my house…lines that I found 3 years later with orgonite a few metres from them, untouched, until I earthpiped them exactly, then things moved. On the other hand it would appear that geopathic stress is also necessary…if medicinal herbs need it to grow. Tricky.
Tino Phuthego

The nice thing about things that are real is that different people arrive at the same conclusions idependently, confirming it. See:

I know very little about geopatic stress but one thing I read is that running water underground causes it, by draining orgone from the surface. In the city were I currently live, Piracicaba, there used to be a fetid stream called “Itapeva” ( which is, by the way, unrelatedly, the name of my hometown ). This was 50 years ago, when it was urbanized. Over it, hiding the stream, an avenue, “Armando Salles de Oliveira”, was built, which runs through the downtown, with some death towers nearby. Knowing this, I gifted it with EP plugs in pole fences.

In this avenue, in a small square, a granite obelisk was built to comemorate its construction, right across a Kardecist Spiritsm Center.

One of the bronze plates reads

“The itapeva, occult, constitutes a reminescence from the past
This avenue, a symbol of your realizations [refering to the mayor who “built” the avenue]
This obelisk, the sincere thanks from Piracicaba people [sure, sure…]
Piracicaba, August 1959”

Perhaps it was used for exploiting the DOR from the fetid stream undeneath it. Old style death tower I guess!

Livings animals and plant who convert DOR to POR, this is an interesting thought! I noticed that most living organisms structures, specially in plants, seems to be shaped for interacting with orgone, like alternated tissue layers and cavities. See:

Grebennikov Cavity Structure Effect (CSE)

By the way, I also trained ninjutsu some years ago [Image Can Not Be Found];


Hi former ninja…my school was Hatsumi’s Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu! I also did a bit of Tanemura’s Genbukan!! Those were the years…sweating out the dojo, body aching from falling and straining, almost breaking ones joints.! He he.
Note my post is a distillation…there is of course tonnes more, but in a way, " those who know do not speak, those who speak do not know"…the more we find out the more we realise we dont know, I was much surer of things years ago.! Also note contradictory truths do not mean they are wrong…or true…maybe its a level of understanding we havent reached yet…like God exists…Opposite also true. Life is simple…life is also complex, if you think our bodies having 25 000 enzymes and over a hundred thousand reactions per second is simple you need examining…on the other hand " drink when thirsty, eat when hungry" is dead simple! There are countless examples.
A good box on dowsing is Cowans book,forgot title…he even finds crop circles and appearance of Eas appearing at areas of high geopathic stress…which affects certain parts of our brains to make us see such things…so there are aliens and there are no aliens! Even Orgonon had Eas before Reich moved there…and he said they usually seemed to be following the orgone stream.
Now…better to take the simple line of thought, no? Gift orgonite, think good thoughts, better oneself, and enjoy our lives.