Orgonite and Metal Detectors

[Poster’s note: As you may know, Javiera and Alejandro from Chile have been unable to register here thanks to a “sea of hackers” that have been preventing them, so Javiera asked me to post this for her. The message follows.]

I wanted to share an interesting experience. Turns out that I had a trial in court today (my mom is getting a divorce), and I took lots of orgonite with me… when we got there, we bumped into a guard and a metal detector. Thinking of the amount of steel, aluminum and copper we were carrying I got a little nervous, but realizing that these “art pieces”, “ornaments” and “jewelry” cannot be considered as a weapon, I went through the machine. To my surprise, it didn’t beep, neither a light went on… then we were told to put our purses on a table and the guard examined them with a smaller metal detector, going even inside the bag, probably bumping into the pieces of ogonite that were in there loose. Again, nothing.

I had heard before that metal detectors didn’t detect orgonite, but this is the first time I actually experience it myself.

Pretty amazing… the trial itself went ok, I guess, we have to go to another hearing on march… typical bureaucracy … I did get to talk to my mom’s ex-husband though, I encircled him in love all the time, and he was calm… I got close to him and started talking, I did not want to fight… I told him that I wished everything turned out good and fair for all, inferring that it should rule in our favor (he is an alcoholic and violent man who for many years harmed us greatly, psychologically and physically). He seemed to agree with me very deep inside him, although I know he will defend himself lying and refusing to compensate my mother economically. I am calm and confident though, we have a good lawyer for the first time in all this, and truth is in our side… we also have orgonite [Image Can Not Be Found] (gave one to the lawyer to put in her desk to).

These are the orgonite devices (they have amethyst, rose and clear quartz stones):

This is the pendant I was wearing:


P.S. Javi- I had to upload your images to my photoshack account and then insert them into your post that way for them to show up. Hope that’s okay with you. -Ned

After two months of trying to register, Alejandro received today an email from Jacques activating our accounts… it is very exciting to be able to start posting directly on the board, I am happy…

Thank you Ned for posting this topic for me, and what you did with the pictures is perfectWink

That same day of the trial, Alejandro traveled on a plane. I told him to take a bunch of orgonite in his hand bag to try out the airport’s metal detectors. Not a single beep!

I am very relieved with all this, since every time I planted some orgonite under microwave transmitters I thought how easy it would be for the world odor’s minions to come with a metal detector and take them all TB’s away… I kept on planting though, trusting on Alejandro’s research (he had read somewhere that metal detectors couldn’t detect orgonite). Now I have my own confirmations, which is always betterWink.

Serious experimenting is important, recording observations, attending to the before and afters… pictures are great for these purposes… Getting confirmations this way is even more meaningful and contributing… for this reason, as we’ve told Don, we are very interested in doing some scientific experiments with orgonite, in order to empirically prove its effects. We have access to the university’s lab so we’ll be able to use their instruments (going to measure the frecuency of a zapper we made was pretty fun, putting in and taking out electric resistors until we got the 15 hertz).

Any thoughts or ideas are very welcomed (the start point of scientific investigation and discovery is imagination and intuition)…

we’ll be reporting our results…



I experienced the same thing, carrying one Harmonic Protector orgonite pendant, a small TB as well as a regular TB in my pocket. The metal detectors did not beep neither at the departure airport or at the next one.

The funny thing was that I was carrying about 25 TBs in my luggage, and that I was called at the airport. I was gently led but without explanation to the hall where the luggage arrived. It never happened to me before, so I was anxious.

The security asked me to open my large luggage in front of them, so did I. The X-Ray of my luggage was on the screen. The offending item was a spiral charger cable… They never even checked the rest of my items. I was the last passenger to arrive in the plane (that waited for me).

I ended the visit of that airport with a smile [Image Can Not Be Found]

Glad you finally made it, Javiera, and thx for posting her pics, Ned. I’ve encouraged her and Alejandro to create a site for selling her wares, which would be listed on EW’s homepage. Carol says Javi has a good sense for combining stones in orgonite.

Stephane, we first started noticing that metal detectors weren’t set off by orgonite over five years ago, which is when Carol and I started flying together. It was just after the feds blew up the World Trade Center and the Federal; Airport Gestapo probably believed there were terrorists in those days Cool. It was also before we did much gifting, so the only orgonite was in our zappers, which only had a little orgonite in them.

Here’s the curious part: several of our zapper customers reported that the metal they carried thru the metal detectors set them off but Carol and I were taking pockets full of coins, jewelry, etc., through there, usually without setting it off. We usually wore our zappers, which were turned on. The Gestapo, most of whom are not unfriendly, by the way, look a little crosseyed when they see you walk through their metal detctors wearing your watch, neck chain, beltbuckle, etc., without setting it off but they usually just shrug and wave you on, or else use the paddle on you as you stand, crucifixion-style, in plain view of all the other intimidated passengers. When one is wearing a Harmonic Protector, and perhaps any other orgonite pendant, close to the heart, one of those hypersensitive paddles has to touch the pendant before it’s set off. If you put the same pendant on a table, the paddle device is set off about two or three inches from it. This is another indicator of the body’s own ‘orgone capacitance,’ apparently, and we don’t know if the pendant will do the same when it’s worn on other parts of the body. I’ll try it in RadioShack (a popular, numerous American electronics franchise for marketting Cheap Chinese $#!+), which is a good lab in this case–they’ve always got one of those paddles on hand.

In fact, every time Carol gets on a plane these days she gets severely poisoned, so she’s doing less flying. I wonder how many PJ folks have died from the world odor poisoning the entire plane to get to one person. Dr Batiibwe’s brother, whom I met in Kampala, was nearly killed that way on a trip from London to Kampala and eleven people on that passenger list soon did die of the same, sudden-onset, nerve-degeneration illness, which was obviously caused during the flight. The CIA has apparently shot down American passenger jets to get to one passenger. Most of those cases were before this regime started blaming Muslims for their own or the ‘anti-Semitic’ Mossad’s assassinations and mass murders, of course. I don’t think they can get away with that stuff as easily as before. Check out the thread in the General Psychic Intel section about what the psychics saw and did last Sunday, okay? Then keep your eyes and ears open for confirmations. I can’t imagine a better time to be alive than right now.

In America (‘The Land of the Free White People,’ indeed), so few people are flying, on account of the humiliation every traveller, even the old Depression Babies and other fascists, is forced to endure (Carol and Jenny wer frisked last time because they had four red 'X’s marked on their tickets, which one of the Gestapo jokingly told Carol was a ‘terrorist’ label) that even the PJ folks are probably taking notice that this is a blatant breach of their freedom to travel. The travel industry is sure suffering and there are probably about ten percent as many flights, now, as there were before the feds blew up the WTC, so of course the airline industry has tanked, with nary a peep on the What To Think Network Wink.

I noticed, on a trip thru Europe to Africa (Copenhagen and Frankfurt) that there are no airport Gestapo. It seemed like ordinary cops were going through those motions just to satisfy the American regime’s petulant demands. That trip was two and three months after the feds blew up the WTC. I bet Germany would be the last country on earth to resort, again, to that sort of jackboot thuggery.

Back to the point, and we think this is something that could be determined with lab equipment as long as there are also reputable psychics or energy sensitives present , orgonite’s innate ability to shut off metal detectors may be a factor of ‘orgone capacitance.’

Yeah, I made that term up but in fact our bodies are orgone accumulators as well as batteries (some people who know something claim that batteries, too, are orgone accumulators) and there are several factors that influence the body’s capacity to store orgone, one of which is attitude, another is emotional/mental balance. Eating more vital food and less corporate chemical crap also apparently increases one’s capacity to store orgone, though maybe it’s because of the way good diet enhances our overall balance.

The balance aspect is evident on the internet when you compare the qualities of this healthy forum’s contributors with the qualities of less stable contributors to other forums where the same claims are made but where personalities upstage the work. I’ve been encouraging everyone who spins his/her wheels by naively assuming that someone has arbitrary authority in this remarkable movement: Move past the typical world-odor, charisma cess pits and traps and go out and Achieve, instead! The instructions for gifting are literally simple enough for a child to grasp, so what’s your excuse?

Carol and I have known many folks who had been bogged down in those personality pits but have broken clear, then got busy and harvested their own empowering confirmations. That’s exactly what all the induced wheelspinning on high-sounding ‘newbie’ forums, chest pounders’ internet soapboxes/peanut-galleries, etc., are designed to prevent, of course. There’s hope for everyone, now, but I don’t hold my breath waiting for sweet-sounding, clever predators and parasites to get with the program and to stop stealing unwitting others’ energy. There are always only a few of those, thankfully, and it might be one of my life lessons to recognize that every army that’s on the move, even this unorganized etheric one, will have parasitic camp followers–the determined little band of whores, lawyers and vendors of questionable goods, God bless them .

When I gifted Washington, DC’s enormous inverted, distorted pentagram in Nov, 02, I only had a day to prepare so I made sixty or so TBs and five or six funky HHgs (I foolishly thought that would be enough) and attempted to carry them onto the plane. In those days, I think some of the Gestapo still believed there are terrorists in America besides the US Congress, Judicial and executive branches and, even so, that small crowd came very close to letting me take those on the plane. I didn’t want to check them as baggage because I was pretty sure they’d ‘miss the flight.’

The not-unfriendly interrogation, which happened in the flight’s waiting area, not in a secret room with me naked and bending over, took so long that the plane was a half hour late taking off. I got the stinkeye from several first-class passengers as I boarded and walked past them into ‘steerage class’ quarters Cool.

Of course the Gestapo kept the stuff, so I had to spend a credit card fortune on BBs from MalWart (got my xtals there, too) when I got to DC’s vicinity and had rented a car. It’s hard to toss those heavy TBs, by the way.

I apologize for wandering, a bit, from the subject of this thread, folks. I think those three days in DC were my most fun gifting trip, capped off, gloriously, by being literally surrounded by several angry MIB (I first thought they were ‘morticians with attitude’) in a fast food restaurant while waiting in line for my alleged food on my way back to Baltimore’s airport. As far as I know, nobody has been molested by the DC cops (CIA) since that satanic street-pentagram, which includes the parade route, was gifted. I went there because people were regularly being abused and detained by teh cops when the protests were ‘unauthorized,’ and a week after the gifting, a very, very unauthorized demonstration was to take place there: a mass march by people from all over the US to demand a return to the rule of law, via the US Constitution. I think that one even got a brief, dissembling mention on the What To Think Network. Example: ‘I Hate Bush, The Mean, Murderous Moron!’ protests are always sanctioned; anti-World-Bank protests are NOT sanctioned.

I once saw some feds with those mine-detectors, looking for our orgonite by a local tower in those early days and of course they didn’t find it, even with presumed psychic help. Their psychics (mostly MKid newagers) only know about DOR and its uses, of course. Carol checked the energy of the tower after that and it was still busted. At a nearby tower, I buried an HHg at the fence, east side, and posted the precise location on the internet forum I was on at the time. That was soon after we first figured out that orgonite turns death towers into life force generators, in May, 02. The feds never removed that piece. We still drive by there from time to time and we’ll keep tracking it.

Once in awhile, a Chicken Little on one of the boards I was on would let off a series of loud, trembling cackles in posts that his/her orgonite was found and removed but in most cases it was apparently because they didn’t gift prudently; they had a federal, 3D audience watching all their moves and they also didn’t carry a Succor Punch–the feds probably looked like a weird caravan moving down the road, from tower to tower, with the unwitting gifter in front of them all. See, anyone can have a following now Cool

To be fair, in some cases the world odor would remove the soil for some depth for a distance around one of their favorite urban death transmitters in order to find the orgonite, also they occasionally dredge adjoining waterways but this is awfully rare and in those cases, you just replace the orgonite, putting it just beyond the excavations Wink. That’s an awfully nice confirmation and should always be reported publicly.

One fellow who casually tossed some orgonite from a tall dam into the adjoining reservoir (very deep, there) saw a team of divers in that spot the next day–the dam was over a big underground base. I think he just tossed some more but spread it out, next time. Of course it’s easier and more effective to just Earthpipe underground bases but that happened before earthpipes were invented.

I post reports from a lot of good gifters who don’t care to participate in forums, as you probably know. [email protected] is my addy in case anyone wants to send me those, but most folks just click on the ‘contact’ button at the bottom of this page (I think it’s still there if one isn’t logged on). I don’t share the gifter’s name unless he/she wishes it. I only share the reports that are concise and on target; the weirder personal slants are usually too distracting but I don’t get much of that in reports. As a rule, when people get into gifting and start to feel empowered, our sharp edges tend to smooth out and our egos take a backseat…

One reason I invited Javiera and Alejandro to post on EW is because they’re intensely observant and quite objective, also very expressive. Those priceless traits, combined with their boundless energy and very rugged determination are very much appreciated by our readers because it lends validity to their own, earned impressions. The icing on the cake, for me, is that they’re the first South American gifters, outside of Brazil, to send reports that can be shared publicly. I’m hoping that our productive and resourceful friend in nearby Argentina, who regularly sends astonishing observations after his gifting expeditions, will follow suit before long and I think Jose’s espanol forum can get some momentum after this. He told me that there’s still an issue with secret police there, now. Alejandro told me that secret police haven’t been much of an issue in neighboring Chile, ever since the CIA’s machinations became generally recognized there. Exposure is the first big step toward bringing the entire world odor to account, of course.


At the the Frankfurt Germany airport I had to go through security twice, as well as

every other passenger. Every passsenger got wanded and blown by one of those

machines that sniff for stuff. I was wearing my Harmonic Protector pendant and it

made no response to the wand. I have always worn it through metal detectors and

have never never been detected. :O)