Orgonite and thought forms

I don’t know if this question is directed to the psychics or not.

I’ve started to post my feedback on Wake-Up. So far, the main effect I see out of this experiment is that I’m dreaming of things that relate to childhood blocks (Last night I was escaping CIA agents with the help of a female dolphin who had a bright red bandana around her head … that really made me laugh this morning.

But I also noticed something interesting. About two weeks before receiving WakeUp from Don, I was testing a method called EFT. That method is based on accupressure points to be tapped onto a number of times and repeating a sentence to de-program diferent ill feelings and blocks in one’s spyche.

So, I made my list of physical/mental emotional shocks/hatred/sadness/hopelessness/ … I felt. Of course, I started my list as far as I could remember or trace the traumas (I made the list from 3 days old up to 18 years old) since the farther you look the more blocks you can release at one time. I placed my list next to two of my Saint’s Buster Buttons and left it there (it’s still there by the way) and I did the tapping on the different acupressure points. Two days after I got ill (and I’m still unwell). I first caught a virus in my lungs which was tackled in the first week, developped a lung sensitivity to Hong Kong pollution since then (which is really heavy for the past 2 months).

The first statement in my list was related to the convulsions I started to have when I was 3 days old. The list and the illness definitely relate.

We all know orgonite has a balancing effect but has anyone tried such experiment before?

Sorry for the lenghtly introduction. My question is:

Can orgonite (such as HHG or St Buster Buttons) can unlock past traumas if we make a physical list of those traumas on paper and place it below the orgonite?



Am not very sure, but when I started making orgonite I had lots of emotions coming out, and my life was like a book of all the sad and happy moments I’ve had so far. But mostly sad moments. I started to be concious of those moments and I was in pain but I was getting through it.

I think that orgonite not only helps to see through ones mind eye’s, it also helps one to see through our physical eyes. You start to see things clearer and helps you deal better with those traumas or moments.