Orgonite Chips On Cellphones

12 Aug 2008 02:14
Subject: Orgonite Chips On Cellphones
I have always been thinking that microwave radiation works on 2 levels. 1 level is the electromagnetic one that can cause thermal effects. some guys actually told me that they used to fry chicken in a radar beam when serving on a navy ship.
Those guys ended up having horrible skin burns.
I don’t think that orgonite helps much against that.
But every cellphone is also a small DOR emitter and that can be changed with a little chip on the antenna.
Before we went “commercial” with ours we distributed them for free to 100s of people and asked for feedback.
so we know it’s not 100% but it does something and cetainly it feels different. Less headaches and fatigue and a generally better feel.
We had lots of healers check them out with muscle testing and other methods and we don’t make outrageous claims.
It would be illogical in fact, if a “small TB” (the cell chip) didn’t do to a small MW-transmitter (the phone) what a larger one does to a full grown death ray transmitter. Metal-resin-mix with black tourmaline has been patented for shielding microwave emissions in the 90s already.
Even the stealth coating on those fighter aircraft is basically orgonite.

Doing it all over Africa and sending it out to the world