Orgonite Cleansing World

Pics of 120 km clear sky view to the snowcapped Alps of Piedmont in Italy. Popularity of the global warming in people discussion at the moment is closing the gap with the ‘methods for cutting the mustard’ only less popular topic ever.

These detailed and clean photos taken today at 6.30 am, and 2 photos are from facing West toward Piedmonts Alps with the snow on the mountains and one photo facing North toward the Grigna Massif on the Lake of Como. The camera used for the photos is a cheap model.

Photos are in the direction of the provinces of Biella and Ivrea in Piedmont, West North West, then West, then North toward Swiss. This is the effect over the death towers antennas, the cities, the land, the water, and the skyes treated with orgonite. Is the orgonite that you put that makes a difference for the environment. Meanwhile for your own self benefit include the regular usage of the zapper.

(images missing)