Orgonite did it!

The unseen reality, forces previously unknown. What are they doing, what are their ambitions? Today we were to witness one of the unexplained phenomena closely connected to orgonite.

After travelling to Tampere, a city away from Helsinki of two and half an hour with car, and having had orgonite work shop, four of us, one new (you have got to start from somewhere, right?), another opportunity surfaced. An annual, I think, meeting of people interested in UFO activity and phenomena was held which I sensed was worth trying. It was quite interesting stuff, but to cut the story short I’ll skip to my confirmation part.

Our confirmation happened, when were standing there, I was holding a tower buster, to offer it to someone who had just lectured about UFOs and this kind of things. I was activating the device, holding it in my hand and feeling its field. Then it started strongly pulsate which I mentioned to my friends who were standing next to me. Close to us was also a table on which there were books and a box full of tarot card packs in it. None of us was touching this table, but after I had mentioned the effects I felt from my device, for no apparent reason, the box with the tarot cards just dropped from the table to a trash bin. We had no ideas what that was for. Really, rather bizarre occasion.

Of course, we laughed about what had happened. Perhaps, I am partly willing to speculate, orgonite was giving a sign the tarot has come to an end? You know, after certain experiences it seems not so ridiculous a thought orgone-generators at times use will power of their own. I am sure many gifters have similar kind of thoughts from the things they have witnessed with orgonite. It is interesting, that’s all.

Whatever you are feeling is the answer for this to happen, at least the timing was as perfect as it can be. We didn’t pick the tarot from the bin, because I don’t feel we did anything. It didn’t feel appropriate. Orgone made me do it! What kind of power are we unleashing to this world people? Say farewell to the traditions, orgonite does not seem to like tarot cards we were shown. How weird is that. Or was it just sort of a joke to convince us about the power orgonite contains? Please, dear device, don’t pull the preacher’s pants over their heads, for they don’t know what they are doing!

Bless you,