Orgonite Does NOT 'Rot' In Water--Sheesh!

Don Croft
20 Aug 2008 18:58
Subject: Orgonite Does NOT ‘Rot’ in Water–Sheesh!
When I was seventeen, in 1966, I had the privelege of sitting in the pilot seat of a downed Japanese Zero fighter plane in the Palau Islands. It was in a lagoon about ten feet deep and the magnesium which covered the wings and fuselage was still shiny. The steel parts of the plane were also intact after 22 years in shallow salt water.

These are two different metals, so electrolysis is bound to erode one metal to the other. When we make orgonite it’s usually with one metal and when it’s on the seabed it’s safe to assume that there will be no other metal objects nearby for electrolysis to take place. After 22 years, I didn’t see evidence of electrolysis on that downed airplane, so is this an issue for orgonite?

I remember snorkeling in Guam, where I was living at the time (I got away for my last summer in high school to Palau and Yap) and finding unexploded artillery projectiles in the water, also intact. There’s a lot more oxygen in shallow water than in deep water. Most of our sea gifts end up in deep water. Oxidation is what causes metal to deteriorate. The cannon projectiles I saw in the shallow water in Guam were pristine but the Japanese cannons in shoreline bunkers were corroded almost beyond recogition. By that measure, the orgonite we toss on land is bound to ‘rot’ faster than the orgonite we toss in the ocean.

I hope to God we can all constantly apply rational thinking to our work. It’s tough enough to be ‘on the fringe’ of science without also being looked at by our readers as flakes, don’t you agree?

I often wonder why some folks insist on covering their water gifts with special materials or casting them in glass because funky orgonite will surely last on the seabed a whole lot longer than the stinking world order will last in this world.

The main objection I have to the fake-science insistence on treating sea orgonite specially is that not much of it would be made and distributed if we felt compelled to do all that and spend the extra money. Otherwise, I think I’m winning the war against flaky assumptions about having to add everything but the kitchen sink to field orgonite pieces in order to get the requisite confirmations. I think that by now most reputable gifters are making the simplest, most affordable but excellent stuff for most of their field work.


22 Aug 2008 09:42
Subject: Re: Orgonite Does NOT ‘Rot’ in Water–Sheesh!
Electrolysis corrosion of metal in boats is mostly due to leaky electrical systems within the boat itself, so is not an issue with orgonite. Galvanic corrosion is when two different metals, such as copper and steel form a type of battery with the salt water. For this to happen the two different metals have to be elctrically conected and in contact with the salt water.
Galvanic corrosion or electrolysis shouldn’t be a problem with orgonite at all, but to be on the safe side, it might me best not to use different metals in ocean gifts. Another good reason to stick to simple orgonite.

The What, Whys and Hows of Marine Corrosion.


Don Croft
22 Aug 2008 11:33
Subject: Re: Orgonite Does NOT ‘Rot’ in Water–Sheesh!
Thx, partner, I should have known that. Of course the relevant term is galvanism in this case and I used the example of the downed aircraft in the lagoon (man, that’s a beautiful lagoon–near Koror) because there’s more oxygen in shallow water, also because the two metals are very different, so would be prone to galvanic activity.

An old navy guy once told me that any metal object brought up out of the sea has to be immediately flushed with fresh water or it will begin to oxidize beyond usability immediately. He was on an aircraft carrier and they were able to retrieve downed aircraft in shallower (diver-accessible) seas and restore them by meticulously running fresh water over and through them. He said that as long as the things are in the sea they won’t corrode because there’s just not enough oxygen in sea water for it to happen. I know from other sources that the deeper the water, the less oxygen.

I started this thread because someone has started spreading tales about the necessity of coating our sea gifts. I guess the $#!+birds figure that the newcomers can be influenced not to toss orgonite to our dolphin mentors Cool

The campaign to replace resin with dirt has fallen flat, apparently.

The most bizarre campaign to discredit the simple orgonite recommendation, so far, has been barnyard feces. This might be the CIA’s sense of humor, or what passes for humor: they’re pushing bull$#!+ as a substitute for resin, literally. I think that one is still in play in the original cloudbuster forum on Yahoo. I administered that forum when it first started, seven years ago, but I was locked out of it the day after I posted the original instructions for disabling the then-new death towers with orgonite in May, 2002. Then the CIA, who own Yahoo, flooded it with their own people. They weren’t able to get in, before, though every time I booted one he/she showed up again the next day on the memberlist.
I kept deleting their poisonous posts, which were kind of unrefined in those days.

They got better adn better at sabotage and insinuation in the forums where I was invited to participate and eventually set up their own orgonite forums that stayed somewhat viable. The setup that finally works for them is to have just enough reputable but oblivious posters, whom they now leave alone instead of publicly excoriating, to hide their activities behind. Their previous big effort,, finally closed its doors on April 1, 2005 (another CIA reach for humor), for lack of interest. On that forum, the old CIA hands flayed all the legitimate posters, so the only people who went there, after awhile, were fakers and poisonmongers.

From the beginning, I think the CIA had intended for these faker/poison forums to take the spotlight when their What To Think Network is no longer able to ignore orgonite and still hold the PJ folks’ attention. I think they’re going to fail but it’s in all of our interest not to be famous or very wealthy as long as the CIA is still in business. They’re the most murderous of all the sewer rat agencies and they own the What To Think Network.


Don Croft
25 Aug 2008 13:29
Subject: Re: Orgonite Does NOT ‘Rot’ in Water–Sheesh!
A gifter who was coating his sea gifts with gelcoat, which is the hardened coating that sailboats and surfboards have to keep water out of the structural fiberglas, told me that he used the gelcoat when he made surfboards, so naturally assumed it was also needed for orgonite. After a little discussion, he agreed that gelcoat isn’t necessary for sea gifts and he seemed relieved because gelcoat is a mess to work with and not cheap.

I told him that I understand the value of gelcoat for surfboards because Carol and I tried to buy a liveaboard catamaran in Florida that unfortunately had structural problems due to cracks in teh gelcoat. We had to get the boat surveyed in order to borrow money to buy it and it was money well spent Cool . The cracks let water into the fiberglas and its the nature of glass fibers to send the water throughout, via osmosis. Wet fiberglass composite looks and feels just like dry. The surveyor had a meter that measures water content–he had lots of cool tools and techniques, actually.

It might also be the nature of metal flakes in orgonite to saturate the devices with water but as long as there’s no corrosion or galvanic action it’s arguable that the water isn’t a problem. it’s possible that water even enhances the action of orgonite but I doubt any psychics have looked at water-saturated orgonite, yet. I’ll look for an opportunity to get that done but in the areas of the sea, lakes and rivers where we’ve put a lot of orgonite the good effects seem to be increasing over the years.