Orgonite for Swimming Pools

> Dear Don,

> This e-mail is not to post but to find someone to check my story.

> I am a pensionned Dutchman living in the South of France.

> I have a swimming pool and changed recently the way the water is filtered. I
> have now a sand filter. This filter consists of 20 kilo of white riverbed
> pure quartz (SiO2) stones and 40 kilo of pure quartz sand. I put in 20 Tb’s
> in this filter and kept the pump running all the time. So the water was
> passed through the sand filter with the TB’s in it all the time. No
> desinfectants were added or needed at 22 degree celcius water temperature
> (no chloor or broom). The water turned very clear and limpid and absolutely
> delicious. It is a little swimming pool of only 50 cubic meters.

> The first time I did take a bath in this water I became ill in the evening.
> A fever of almost 39 celcius which I recognized as a typically orgone caused
> illness. This happens when you get more orgone energy than your body can
> handle. This was a one day fever, also typically. Afterwards a fungus
> of almost 50 year standing started clearing up. The next time I took a bath
> I did not fall ill again and this is also typically in my experience.

> I have the impression that my swimming pool has become a very powerfull
> orgone generator (!60 kilos of quartz!). Local air pollution as reported in
> the local newspaper (midi libre) has become the lowest of the whole region
> (Lanquedoc Roussillon).
> This could be a very interesting application of orgone energy for swimming
> pool owners as you get very clear and clean water with no desinfectants. So
> it could be a selling point for TB producers.

> At the same time you turn every swimming pool with a sand filter in a really
> powerfull orgone generator with all its benefits for the surroundings.

> As I said this has to be checked.

> Please confirm that you received this mail. I will resend it if I do not get
> your confirmation in one week.

> Sincerely,

> Henk

Very good work, Henk, and I’ll post your report for the record. I don’t think it needs to be confirmed in order for anyone else to try it, of course, because this is empirical data. Sharing such reports is how this unorganized movement spreads and flourishes, after all.

I hope you’ll stay in touch. Let me know if you want to be in contact with other experimentors.