Orgonite Garden Patch On The Balcony In East Europe (Poland)

I must say that our African friends are light years ahead of us in the field of usinf orgonite on their fields, which feed them.

But there is also going a quiet research here in Poland.
Let’s put imagination into service – just 13 ft sq. of arable forest land speciffically build on the balcony on the 1st floor.
Add some bamboo sticks and quite a lot of seeds. Wait until it becomes green, and month later be overcome by unexpected jungle (clue: 8 TBs inside the soil + 1 CB beside garden patch).

Here are examples of what I’m talking about:

Step 1: empty garden patch (fall of 2011):
[img align=left]"/>

Step 2: plants a month ago (2012-06) – general view:
[img align=left]"/>

detail 1:
[img align=left]"/>

detail 2:
[img align=left]"/>

Step 3: plants NOW (2012-07) – general view:
[img align=left]"/>

If you want close-ups of tomatoes, pepers, peas and other stuff just fruiting right now – please let me know.
And the best person who can certify and say how this balcony had changed since last year would be Georg & Frederike younger princess, who had a chance to see it (balcony) first hand, spent most of our out-of-mission time there, and may say her word.

For mission see Georg’s link (also present here somwhere): … ifted.html

and specific topic here:

PS: Sorry for formatting, but to my best ability as SQA guy for past a quarter of century I could not figure out how to insert simple new line stuff – in order not to mix up pictures with my comments. But I hope that Don’s admin will teach me a lesson which would last my next 2 lifetimes!

Any requests for fruits concerning this project, and their close-ups, please post here.
In emergency or of special interest (i.e. how to build such stuff damn cheaply and REALLY enjoy fruits of your labor in your mouth) just contact Don or Georg and they have my permission to direct you to me.

Ufffffffffffffffffffffff ………… end of this post …………………. and I have not written post for a long time (not mentioning that I’m still due to finish unfinished mission).


wahoo what a healthy jungle! Dragonkiller! BRAVO!!!

Wow, beautiful, lush plants!

Here’s my little 8 x 10 x 10 triangle of orgonised sunshine : )

Ok you dare me to make photos of my vegetable garden! Today I will take them and post here

As I promised I post the photos.

Tomatoes are like a jungle…I tried to hang on some sticks but it did not work a lots…They are growing in all directions…Potatoes look also very good, as eggplant, sweet and hot peppers, chard.
The saharian hot with almost 40°C has killed my green salad, but now the weather is again normal and vegetables thrive!
I have almost 6 zucchini per day–and pumpkins are growing very fast too.
Al antennas around are heavely gifted (south Vienna) and in the garden there are 4 tbs.

you will also discover the growing season is much longer with orgonite enhanced crops

btw – the recent crop from Pete’s allotment was filmed on camera for the follow up of … Movie.html

now that I have a new video camera (in 3D no less), perhaps its time to make the Orgonite Documentary?? IN 3D!!!