Orgonite In Kisumu

So much impressed to show you how far we have gone with the work. That’s our plant where we are doing our manufacturing work. Those are just but pats of the materials that we are using. Some of the materials I had sent to Chris and Nicholas in Migori where they also make some orgonite that at times they distribute in Lake Victoria and the sugar zones as the Awendo regions.
Orgonite now have made the whole Kisumu are to have a good quantity of rainfall not like the previous times.
I thank Frode and Laurent for the kind support, for all that had enabled me to have several places where we can now make the orgonite to help the needy areas. We cannot forget Don Croft also for his concern in supporting us with the funds to buy the motorbikes that we are now using in the business, really now we can distribute our product and market them with a lot of ease
Mrs O

In Kisumu right now have gone more step for the rain is now sufficient and farmers are now enjoying good weather caused by sufficient rainfall. Farmers in Kisumu now are progressing well and in the near future the harvesting will be great. I m very sure this will attract the attention of many people from different areas like what took place in Migingo and Ugingo in the Island of Lake Victoria.
Rice plantation who depends mostly in flood water for the effective growth of rice now are having very easy time in managing their crops for the flood water is now enough to sustain the growth of their plants’ hope all will be well as compared to the previous days when Carol Croft came some years back. I wish she may have the opportunity to visits us now she would have a lot to rejoice on. Otherwise the work is quite good and profitable. In Tanzania the demand of the orgonite has gone high and both Chris will travel by Friday or Saturday . Chris will go to the mountainous regions where they took the orgonite some days ago. He is going to meet some tribes known as Wachage. Dancan will visit Musoma in Lake Victoria where he had taken the orgonite in Musoma.
The zappers which Don Croft had sent to me I took some of them to Eliud in Tanzania and they really supported their health so much till even now they are still need us to take them some more, and I hope Chris together with Eliud will do a lot and Dancan will also visit the Lake Region of Musoma
I appreciate Frode for the support that he gave me today so that I may continue making the orgonite so as to spread it all over Africa. I also thank the whole team for their concern with us. Even Laurent also has done us some good and may God reward him for all that .Don Croft who is the pioneer
Mrs. O