Orgonite in Nairobi

(judylubulwa) #1

Don, this place was always hazy before the orgonite. I remember going a little away from Nairobi about 8 months ago, and I could see that haze so clearly. Carol is right. I leave a space in my curtain where I can see the sky every morning when am still in bed, and it was never a blue, clear sky. The haze depressed my spirits to a certain extent and it went away the day we made orgonite pyramids. Then I’d wake up and delight in the clear sky and greenery outside my window, and its like the birds and shrubs knew it too! There is lots of nature on my compound, and it just seems to delight in the purity in the air; that’s the feeling I get.The other thing is that the rains seemed to be lessening over the past two years, so much so that last year it hardly rained during the April long rain season. September, when we have the short rains, just brought a few showers. And that was in Nairobi. Other parts of the country got nothing. Now just before I made the pyramids, it hard sort of rained like for three days and stopped. There is no way to tell, but I kind of suspect that was about all the rain we might have had this season. The hazy thing was present as ever. Actually, one thing I note is that during the rainy season, the days here are really dark and gloomy, coz it wants to rain, but somehow can’t and there’s just less sun. The night when the orgonite was made, just as the resin set, I suddenly felt a pure and uplifting breeze. It felt more than a breeze; as if it carried a very pure energy with it. It certainly brought a sense of joy and exhiliration, like the presence of angels.Then we started getting funny little showers every night. They’d only last two minutes. This has never happened before: small showers every single day for about two weeks. When its rainy season here, it just rains cats and dogs and floods the place, throughout the day and night. The day I got the chrystals, we got really heavy rain that night. Solomon (my partner) connected that to the chrystals. It now rains nearly every day, sometimes twice a day. What is different is that when its not raining, the sun comes out and the sky is clear, at least for about 3 or 4 hours. Then its cloudy for another 3 or 4 hours. That is not typical of Nairobi at all – sun and clear skies during our rainy season. Its normally either raining all day, or gloomy all day. I love the balance I see. I’ve only seen this in Kampala, where it rains and then after the rain every thing is back to normal with the same old humid sun. Ok, Nairobi is certainly no where near humid, but its certainly fun to have a sun in this season. Never saw it before.Judy