Orgonite in the kenyan university - first time

Hi Readers,
I had not reported anything related to my gifting work since I joined my university. I think that I already posted about how Orgonite has changed my life, and that is where I mentioned that I have joined my university education. That was a good piece for anybody to read. I think the first time you heard or read about Benedict, myself was when Don Croft posted a report in the Research and Development Forum about Benedict Omollo’s Formal Presentation. Those whom did not read it by then can refer. By then I was not registered t post any report here. That was the very first forum that I happened to explain Orgonite for the first time. Several other forums where II got a good chance to gift various areas had been there, including gifting the most dangerous ground in Somalia, The Al-Shabaab training ground. However, this in not all about the source of my happiness.
You are all aware that am now undertaking my degree program in one of the best universities in Kenya because of the support that I gets from Orgonite. That means that it is Orgonite that funds my studies and makes me confident as I strive to meet the most importance requirement of life. That means that I must take it so much seriously.
When I got to the university which is located in a province far away from our operation base, I carried some pieces of the Orgonite to the place to go and let my friends whom I would meet to know about the Orgonite. Luckily, I found some friends who also attended the agricultural conference where I explained Orgonite for the first time. They were anxious to know mo
re about it and I had a good chance to tell them more. They decided to join me in promotion of the same. In the University where I am, tribalism is very dominant, and so members from each community have their own tribal organization which unites them together. We have attended several meetings to let them know about Orgonite. This impacted so seriously in the school that many are looking for me to explain to them what Orgonite are and how they affect the environment. This brings me to this great news;
It is a routine that in each new year, all the first year students are taken to a venue where if on has a special gift or talent or discovery, then he/she is given chance to explain what he /she has. The vetting bench ensures that they recommend the right participants to go and participate in promotion of such discoveries. I a among those going to show their discoveries for our Orgonite network in Kenya for the first time in Maralal campus. This will be an arena like science congress, though not.
It is my hope that the message will sink deeply in the people and it will be an opportunity for the entire university to nature this discovery as they may call it. That will be one of the greatest move we shall have made for sure. The event will take place on Wednesday next week. I will keep you updated about the outcome. I pray that you may boost me in the Chat room so that I get good energy to perform.