Orgonite in the kenyan university -first time

Hi Readers,
I had not reported anything related to my gifting work since I joined my university. I think that I already posted about how Orgonite has changed my life, and that is where I mentioned that I have joined my university education. That was a good piece for anybody to read. I think the first time you heard or read about Benedict, myself was when Don Croft posted a report in the Research and Development Forum about Benedict Omollo’s Formal Presentation. Those whom did not read it by then can refer. By then I was not registered t post any report here. That was the very first forum that I happened to explain Orgonite for the first time. Several other forums where II got a good chance to gift various areas had been there, including gifting the most dangerous ground in Somalia, The Al-Shabaab training ground. However, this in not all about the source of my happiness.
You are all aware that am now undertaking my degree program in one of the best universities in Kenya because of the support that I gets from Orgonite. That means that it is Orgonite that funds my studies and makes me confident as I strive to meet the most importance requirement of life. That means that I must take it so much seriously.
When I got to the university which is located in a province far away from our operation base, I carried some pieces of the Orgonite to the place to go and let my friends whom I would meet to know about the Orgonite. Luckily, I found some friends who also attended the agricultural conference where I explained Orgonite for the first time. They were anxious to know mo
re about it and I had a good chance to tell them more. They decided to join me in promotion of the same. In the University where I am, tribalism is very dominant, and so members from each community have their own tribal organization which unites them together. We have attended several meetings to let them know about Orgonite. This impacted so seriously in the school that many are looking for me to explain to them what Orgonite are and how they affect the environment. This brings me to this great news;
It is a routine that in each new year, all the first year students are taken to a venue where if on has a special gift or talent or discovery, then he/she is given chance to explain what he /she has. The vetting bench ensures that they recommend the right participants to go and participate in promotion of such discoveries. I a among those going to show their discoveries for our Orgonite network in Kenya for the first time in Maralal campus. This will be an arena like science congress, though not.
It is my hope that the message will sink deeply in the people and it will be an opportunity for the entire university to nature this discovery as they may call it. That will be one of the greatest move we shall have made for sure. The event will take place on Wednesday next week. I will keep you updated about the outcome. I pray that you may boost me in the Chat room so that I get good energy to perform.

Benedict, thanks for posting this in the Research and Development section of the forum as well as in the Africa section.

Baba Nora

Is there anyone who might help Benedict prepare an introduction to orgonite that will be suitable for university science and technical faculty? He asked me and I responded with the following comments but, really, this is worth pursuing and maybe your work can later be used for Western academics, after this current atheistic pogrom has run its course. Maybe that will die a quiet deat along with their Global Warming scam.



Ndugu Benedict, I doubt anyone except you will be producing curricula about orgonite in African universities in the beginning. This seems to be how it works in a new field of endeavor–first come; first served and you’ve sure got the drive to do it. I love your demonstrated attitude; Not ‘Why me?’ but ‘Try me!’

This may be a time in our history as a species when the entire planet ought to be considered our country, rather. The people on many other planets have surely worked that out for themselves a long time ago and there’s some evidence that this was so on Earth many thousands of years ago, too. You might enjoy reading about this, sometime.

We are each identified by where we’re from, though. Nothing will change me from being an American, for instance, even after the terrorist federal government has been discard, perhaps soon. I joke that in that happy time to come we’ll regard the USA as, ‘The Untied States of America.’ [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’m proud of some of my American heritage, as you no doubt also are of some of Kenya’s much longer and more colorful history.

All civilizations rise, decline and might rise again in cycles, I think. What your ushirikiaano (association) are doing will probably cement Kenya onto a pedestal with great honor for centuries to come, though. It’s always that way: a small handful of dedicated people may entirely change the course of history, even though they’re alone in the beginning, sometimes for many years . America’s successful revolution was inspired mainly by a foreign guy who had just stepped off the boat from England a few months before: Thomas Payne, who was Benjamin Franklin’s protegé in London before that. When anyone in the world thinks of Ameria we’re more likely to think of Paine’s stirring and inspiring principles of freedom and unity than about the wholesale slaughter of Indians, the rise of parasitic corporations, religious fanaticism, freemasonry and the enslavement of Africans, all of which Paine vehemently opposed, by the way. That’s why he was nearly erased from history.

What you may find is that academics, especially in the science and technical departments, can find it very difficult to grasp the simple, evident dynamics of orgonite. That’s one reason that none of us have ever written technical papers about it. You might have more success teaching the students but I might be mistaken. YOu’re going to find out, pretty soon. Otherwise if you speak from the heart and tell what you’ve observed people will listen with their own hearts open.

Manfred Hottwanger in Austria struggled mightily to establish a research forum for this and, though he survived the subsequent onslaught from the corporate order he’s still finding it difficult to find people to contribute substantive material. Maybe the Africans can seize the Day for and help Manfred succeed, at last. The site is sitll up and very few people know what Manfred has endured.

I don’t think any of us know, precisely, how orgonite works and that’s partly because traditional western science has nothing in it’s belief paradigm to evaluate it. This is a problem that Dr Reich had when he clearly demonstrated the presence of orgone (etheric energy) to Albert Einstein in the late 1930s. Einstein was quite excited and he encouraged Reich, but later he refused to meet with Reich or to correspond with him, any more. He said that what Reich showed him ‘will turn Physics on its ear.’

Nicola Tesla’s inventions were mostly subtle energy devices. Even his Tesla coil produces extremely vital and dense, blue Etheric (subte) energy and I feel sure that this was done intentionally by hm. I don’t think Tesla even used the word,‘etheric,’ though. He also invented radio, which is etheric technology that has electrical components. The US Government turned a lot of his inventions into weapons. We believe that many of the new death towers have Tesla tech, for instance, and that the manipulation of weather is also accomplished through his inventions. Some groups in that global weather-disruption campaign (Global Warming?) use some of Reich’s weaponized inventions, too, evidently. I saw a patent document about that, once: the DOR weapons were sent aloft by the thousands in weather balloons during the years when the US military (probably in conjunction with the German SS) were detonating nuke bombs in the atmospheres of seventeen American states in the early to middle 1950s. Most people think that only happened in Nevada and New Mexico.

People who can see or accurately sense subtle energy are better equipped than academics to understand it. Since Africans are generally more skilled, this way, I"m very interested to see whether you will have success reaching the hearts and minds of any of the university’s African science professors. In that case, the key will probably be to convince them to experiment with open minds. Your jamii (workng group’s) international field work over the past couple of years is exceptionally good empirical evidence for demonstrating the value of orgonite and that should be enough to get a hearing with them.

If that were a western university, academics could be fired and blackballed for pursuing this. i trust that this is less likely to happen where you are. There’s a lot of academic censorship, here. The ones who merely express a belief in the existence of an intelligent design of the universe are quickly fired, for instance. It’s quite horrible and less believable, to people who haven’t seen it, than a myth or fantasy tale.

One of the observable (to institutionalized scientists) effects of orgonite is to induce an abundance of free electrons within a field around the orgonite device and this can evidently be measured accurately and easily, we’re told, with a tri-field meter. Carol got us a couple of these meters but we haven’t used them, yet. Would you like to have one? This ought to get someone’s attention in a university though someone will probably need to show you how to use it and perhaps to explain it to you. Then you can show us, next December [Image Can Not Be Found]

Dr Reich noted that a Geiger counter measures orgone and can’t discriminate between positive orgone radiation and deadly orgone radiation. Radioactive material sets off a Geiger counter with deadly orgone radiation, he observed, but his orgone accumulators set off a Geiger counter just as storngly, if Im not mistaken. So there’s another instrument that might help you in this pursuit.

Another cute trick is to put some orgonite in a microwave oven. Since it’s made up of metal it should get hot but it won’t get hot in a microwave oven. If bits of metal are sticking out of the orgonite they’ll turn incandescent and burn up so this might lead an enquirer to some realizations about the nature the role of cataized resin in orgonite. I think that studyng orgone accumulators will also help to understand orgonite.

Another popular experiment is to fill ice cube trays with distilled water, then put some orgonite on top of the freezer. You’ll likely see spikes of ice reaching toward the orgonite. I don’t know whether other forms of water will do this but a university is a good place to make that determination, I suppose.

It may be that unless you show the academics some conventional instrumentation they might be incapable of understanding anything you tell them [Image Can Not Be Found] but I hope there’s no ground for my apparent cynicism. I hope you’ll have an entirely positive and different experience but at least they’re bound to be impressed by you and will feel glad that you’re a student, there.

I want to know more about the 80-year old woman who is your fellow student!

Unisalimia mzee wake, tafadhali (please greet this elderly person for me)

Here’s a sweet development:

Dear Don,

I saw your post on the etheric warriors forum. I am a gifter in England and an ex -(recovering!) academic. I left my post because education has become so oppressive and downright abusive here. On top of everything else, there is a terrible problem with covert negative use of NLP throughout the UK public sector, which really messes people up. I have some natural resistance to this, for some reason, and figured out what was happening. (Orgonite definitely helped me get through that.)

It is wonderful that they are raising the topic of orgonite in Universities in Kenya! Brilliant – Africa is leading the world. Latterly, before I resigned, I was openly handing TBs out to colleagues and students – I think they thought I’d lost the plot most of the time [Image Can Not Be Found] Anyway, I found ways to explain orgonite to the extremely left-brained and/or brain-washed and, sure enough, they would pop a TB on their computer or wifi hub, just in case…

I have had diverse experience of writing and editing educational material in the arts and sciences over the years. I’m also fairly handy with graphics. It would be a pleasure to assist Benedict with preparing an introduction to orgonite, if that would be helpful.

Best regards,


Good to hear from you, Angie, and I’m CCing Benedict for you. Let me know if you want to post your gifting reports, etc., here. It would be a shame not to spread your orgonite-oriented writing and graphic work around and tenacious Manfred’s still in the trenches & could use reinforcement, too. I think our readers would adore you.

I’m looking forward to seeing and perhaps sharing on EW what comes from this collaboration between you and Benedict. I’m sure that you will have a productive friendship, too. It’s gratifying to see that you share my vision of Africa’s emerging role in the world and I think we’re going to see some even more amazing accomplishments from this intrepid young man in coming years.



[Angie is the person who sent me the following email, last August. I posted the link, then, and am doing so again, now. Today’s comments follow. ~Don]

Dear Don,
may be of interest:

Be well,


This link needs to be mentioned and discussed a lot, I think. I hope Benedictd has seen it. These inventors will probably prevail becuase they’re giving the plans and information away. I know from experience that the vast majority of us (including me) would rather buy something than build it. My inventor friend, Wilhelm Muller, chose the other route: to keep the circuit for his magnet-powered engine secret in order to be reimbursed for the million or two dollars that he had spent developing it. He was lined up to make them available or a low price, mass produced by a factory in Canada but then he was murdered, unfortunately. I don’t think these guys wil be killed, nor extorted into silence. The sewer rats fear exposure more than bullets.

We always had a sense that the corporate order, in addition to overt censorship, infiltration and disinformation, also use slick radionics and filthy magic to also suppress empowering information but we got a lot more than just a sense after several of us in the nascent, international orgonite industry got our livlihoods suddenly slammed by them so severely from July to December . Maybe after orgonite reaches mainstream awareness we can then work on exposing and dismantling this global network of blood-drinking ritualists in Brooks Brothers suits [Image Can Not Be Found]

Muller told me, when I first met him in 1997, that he preferred to talk to college students rather than to faculty. He came to this conclusion after he demonstrated his engine to the entire engineering faculty of MIT (off-site meeting, of course [Image Can Not Be Found] ) and they told him that although they can vouch for its genuineness they were never going to mention it outside of that meeting. At least they were honest about it. He had also taken it to China. I’d love to know that story.

There are probably scores of successful inventors who have marketable free energy devices. The only ‘inventors’ who get much exposure, even on the web, are the CIA-sponsored plagiarists and fakes, like Bedini and Bearden. I’m happy to report, though, that after Louis Onder gifted all around Bearden’s estate the latter started slip-sliding into senility. Louis had to be hospitalized shortly afterward, by the way.


Really Benedict’s vision about the orgonite is of a greater interest, in fact through the orgonite is what make Benedict to be where he is now.To my appreciation, nowadays my brother Benedict has got a good environ where he can express himself fully a bout the orgonites.In other words i would say that his dream will now achieve it’s accomplishment. For many years he had thought of a good place where he can meet the scientist and more so in our continent especially in the universities and share with them about the miracle in the orgonite. His massage in the forum that explain more of his determination made me know that his moment of great discovery has come.
I know that after these symposium his vision will take a new course and i m very sure we are going to read about a new adventure.Many elites will have a ground to comment about the orgonite and through that they will have to know it even much better even Benedict will also have a good opportunity to learn a lot.
Of late i together with Mrs O we had sent him two boxes of the orgonite for that purpose,in the sense that after explaining to the elites about the product he will give some for verification. We also sent to him four zappers for we urged him to introduce zappers too there.For after that he may finally have a good market for selling the zappers after those people have known the impact of the zappers too.

Is there anyone who might help Benedict prepare an introduction to orgonite that will be suitable for university science and technical faculty? He asked me and I responded with the following comments but, really, this is worth pursuing and maybe your work can later be used for Western academics, after this current atheistic pogrom has run its course. Maybe that will die a quiet deat along with their Global Warming scam.

I hadn’t seen that thread, I actually did just that, it’s in french for the moment, but slowly and surely a lot of people who read my explanation are starting to agree that it makes sense… But actual physics have to change, mainly electromagnetic waves understanding! Btw. it’s a melting pot of discussions with loads of other people over the years that ended up makign it all pop up in my head… So I must thank a lot of people!!
That’s what I’ve written, to ‘attract’ more sceptics

Basically (in sort of scientific terms):
Digital/analog wireless and any signals for that matter are not harmonious (unlike musical sounds for example), imagine listening to 20 different songs put one on top of each other, it’s just a cacophony totally disturbing to the ears… Well I believe a cacophonous EM wave does the same to a human body, it’s disturbing in ways we can’t really see…

Orgonite is made of resin: electrical insulator, hence conductor of static electricity (=electric part of an EM wave)
Metal is a conductor/reflector of any EM waves in they full constitution.

However since resin is an insulator only the electric part (E) of the EM wave is conducted inside the orgonite. This then turns the orgonite into a crystal resonator by electrostriction, which harmonizes the electric field to the frequency of the quartz. It also explains easily why any other stone changes the orgonite, all stones have a different piezoelectric resonant frequency.

E.g. orgonite harmonises the electric part of the EM wave, that’s why it doesn’t interfere with wireless coms, only the magnetic part is needed to interact with metals to be transmitted:received which are always metallic antennas.

It’s not so much the EM wave that is bad, we know loads of apparatuses that are used (like the rife machine, the zapper etc.) for healing and work with electric signals! These apparatus use harmonious signals! That’s the key. Orgonite seems to harmonize the E part of an EM wavs and I guess by some ways that I can’t explain this in turn generates nice POR (or maybe POR is harmonious ‘non ordinary’ electricity? like tesla coils which work on perfect resonance and harmonious signals…)

Anyway I’d be glad to help!
Knowing orgone and old books about energy while studying made me discover loads of holes in the theories I studied at university… So I’ve got loads of questions for academics to answer

One kind of experiment that may quickly draw open minded academics towards orgonite is agronomic research. I say this because:

  1. You already have some practical field experience with your orgonite costumers

  2. It will directly “prove” a vital practical application that can quickly refund the costs of the experiment in your case.

  3. It will give easily measurable data such as crop yield, time of the plant developmental stages, etc. Agronomic research is already used to compute such kind of data.

For instance, a common kind of experiment consists of comparing two small experimental field of the same crop in the same field conditions. One field receives some kind o treatment, the orgonite let’s say, the other receives no special treatment, and serves as a control. After sometime, usually the harvest time, the two fields are compared and relevant quantitative data for the crop is collected. Then the data is treated with statistical methods that will say if the difference between the two fields are significant or not. This kind of experiment can be done in field for a more realistic approach, or inside a greenhouse, for more controlled conditions. Off course, the experiments should be looked after to prevent corporate sabotage.

It won’t say how it works but it will show that it works. We don’t know how gravity works but that doesn’t prevent us from using it!

As for demonstration purposes, I would grow two fast growing potted plants, like beans. One pot with an orgonite buried inside it, the other without it (keep it away from orgonite). Both planted at the same time and receiving the same treatment (sun exposure and water). Take note of the date and time you planted it. Them show both as they will show visible differences. The time you will let them grow before the venue is up to you to decide based on what you planted.

Hi Everyone,
Thank you very much for my friends for all these post relies. I must say the advice that you gave me has helped me a great deal. I want to thank you very specially for them. I call upon your further contributions, especially at this time that am going ahead just as am going to report here below. This is the time I need your help most.

Hi readers,
Just to let everyone understand this topic, I want to give this introduction; In Egerton University, it is by its law that requires that if a new lot of students come, then, as a matter of getting their talents, the university holds a conference, where those claiming to be having talents are given an opportunity to present their talents, inventions or innovations. After that, the university, through a panel of judges sits down to evaluate the various presentations to push to the second stage, where more people are further eliminated. This is done on the basis of performance at the venue.
The number of the participants was seventeen, and each person was given a maximum of three hours to give the presentation. This however was not realized fully, since most participants had presentations taking as short time as thirty minutes. I got an opportunity to present my work on the following day, Saturday, because of the congestion that was there.
There were several topics that was presented by the various participants, and these varied from Economy, Technology, Medicine Agriculture. I presented my topic under Agricultural Technology. In this class, we were a total of two, another person whom I realized was sent by BIDCO. Company to come and present a topic that would counter-attack the Orgonite topic that I was to present. The agents of this Company attended the great Nakuru Agricultural conference in Rift Valley (Don Croft posted about it). I participated in explaining Orgonite, and that was for the first time that I got an opportunity to do so. I think that was also the first time that most readers of the EW came to know about me for the first time.
Bidco company is a wide spread company in Kenya, and of late they have started Fertilizer manufacturing. Having attended the Conference in Nakuru, they feared that I would outdo them in the market competition, especially targeting the Farmers around there. One of their agents happened to be a student in our university, and so through him he also got an opportunity to present. He was explaining the science of using the kind of fertilizer that is produced by Bidco Company. His explanations were too guanine, and he had a lot of facts almost just like mine. Unfortunately, he was dismissed on the ground that the panel wanted something new, not what does exist. Therefore, the presentation under Agriculture and Technology, I remained as the only participant.
I got to the stage when the music which we had composed about Orgonite was playing. It was entitled, “Mbolea Yetu,” meaning, “our Orgonite.” This was a song that we composed to soothe and bring to us the attention of the listeners. It is a cool music, and I would be willing to post it here if necessary. I was helped by three more friends, two of whom attended the Nakuru conference, and that was their first encounter with me. They got inspired, and so when we joined the same college, they were happy to come in to our presentation. We had T-shirts printed with the Orgonite picture as the logo. At the back it was printed, “Orgonite for life.”
We used about two hours and forty three minutes to finish our presentation on the stage. The presentation was summarized under the following Topics, and each person among the four of us had a part to do:

  1. Introduction: – What is Orgonite. What is Orgone Energy. What are the content of the Orgonite, and lastly, how Orgonite is made.
  2. Background information: – Who came up with the knowledge of Orgonite, where and when. How did I come to know about Orgonite and through whom did I know the Orgonite. Who are the users of Orgonite in Kenya.
  3. Orgonite as a science: – What is the science behind Orgonite? How does Orgonite work and what powers do the Orgonite have. How does Orgonite affect nature and the surrounding environment (Both land and the water body)
  4. Uses of the Orgonite: – What can Orgonite do? How is it used and where is it used? Summary and explanation the functions of the Orgonite.
  5. Relevance to Agricultural production: – How can Orgonite be used in the Agricultural production, and how can it be used to improve agriculture. How can the Orgonite be used to improve nature.
  6. Evidences of Orgonite power: – Living examples of where Orgonite had been used to bring various changes in the environments. Pictures of various farms which are at the same land, Orgonite is used in one, while it is not used in the other farms. Pictures of the conditions in L.Victoria in relation to the water hyacinth before and after the application of the Orgonite. Pictures from the Turkana area in relation to the drought, before and after the application of the Orgonite. Various examples of real situations changed by Orgonite.
  7. Conclusion: – What do we need to tell the society about the Orgonite, and what observation do we give to the society if they are likely to accept using Orgonite.
    Unlike the other presentations, ours was touching, and it was like we had a class where we were the teachers. Orgonite was something strange, and so the panel members had a lot of questions to ask us. The floor was also opened for asking various questions by the members present. This was not the case when the other members were giving their presentations. I wondered whether it was just a way of making this topic to be barred from going ahead, but I learnt later that it was quite inspirational.
    After the loudest applause when we finished our presentation, we left the stage and it was the duty of the panel to decide on what to decide on our presentation. We had to wait for Monday, which was yesterday, when the results would be released about those presentations to go ahead.
    I am very excited to inform you that we qualified to the next level of presentation, where a more dedicated and technical panel would convene the meeting. The date is yet to be given, and I will let you know when this happened. We were ranked 3rd out of seventeen participants, acquiring a total percentage of 87% in total.
    It is the hope that the University will take into consideration, learning Orgonite and researching through the department of academic and research. When this research is complete, the university does present this as part of their dedication to scientific research, which should be adopted by the government. This will mean studying Orgonite as a curriculum in the educational system if it goes through, and so even the government will have to spend in ensuring that Orgonite take a good root in future.
    I wish to call upon the assistance of our readers to continue helping me through various information that may enable me pass through all these processes. I am looking forward to publishing an Orgonite book, and your advice will be very mush important for this case. I will post more information about this progress.

Benedict, that was an amazing read.
Let us know what your book is going to be called and when it’s going to be published – I’ll be buying a copy.
Well done.

Hi Everybody,
I am going to call that book, “ORGONITE IN KENYA, AFRICA.” Once I get through with writing, I will let everybody know about it. I hope it will be a very good book and you will love it so much.


Wonderful effort on your part, I hope your next presentation goes well. I especially enjoyed your approach of mixing in the information about orgonite with some observable results based on the usage of it.

Combining information with evidence is a powerful method of gaining your audiences attention. Especially when working with a substance that is not quite 100% explainable.

It is my opinion to focus on provoking the audience/panel to support the investigation based on the obvious results known so far, and the great promise that orgonite represents.

Appealing to your audience’s sense of hopefulness could possibly bring new allies to the cause. Be open that you may not have all the ‘answers’ in a traditional sense about orgonite, but clearly you know enough that demands a fuller examination.

This should give you some wiggle room to maneuver when the inevitable naysayers come out in an attempt to cast doubt on your findings.

Above all, I have found that a determined heart that is full of purpose and hope can find a way to transcend the obstacles. It seems you already have this in place, so I am very excited to hear more about your exploits.

Thank you for the update.