Orgonite in ugand-another step ahead

Hi Readers,
After coming from the seminar meant to improve farming in the county, I went for a field study to determine the most pressing need of the farmers using the Orgonite. When it was first introduced to the farmers over the region, there was, as usual an opposition of the idea from the preservative inhabitants of the region. All over a sudden, and almost by coincidence, the few who acceptyed to apply the so called magic publicosed the business. By then, just a handful of te same cvould be made, for the demand was seriously down.
The reverse is now true. The denmand is rising day and night, and the supply is even lower. People have suddenly become mad for this thing, and now we, I being one of them spends over 90% of our time making and distributing the Orgonite.
When I took some to some part of Uganda, a place not so far from Kenya, I say I was mesmerized.I arrived in the morning, and after some communication with some farmers, the information was passed and within just a short time, everybody wanted to see this person. I felt great of course I must say.Some came with cameras, capturing the scene, while several questions were addressed to me to answer. Some thought it was some magic, while some thought it had scientific basis. Lastly, I was called and given a forum to educate some farmers growing Banana on the best way of application for the best results.These were farmers from a women group called Kibuna women group. They swore to start a project of Orgonite manufacture since they saw it as a very lucrative business opportunity. I informed them that our group would respond later, having made various considerations. I did not want them to even know that we also had a problem of supplying enough to the farmers in the region.I will post some of the banana farms where they had initially applied the Orgonite.