Orgonite Jamming Gestapo Radar, Tinkerbell Orgonite, etc

Hey, Don, here’s a recent update of my experiences with orgonite.

I’ve been giving medium-sized rectangular pieces of orgonite to my friends. When they ask, I just tell them it helps to absorb and transmute radiation, bad electromagnetic, energy, radar, etc. into positive harmless energy. Somehow the idea came about that orgonite might function as a sort of radar jammer for police radar guns, although I was honestly a bit skeptical about it. But recently my friends got to test it out in real life with some amazing results.

They were driving the other night down a highway where one of those computerized radar checkpoints is – you know the ones that tell you your speed as you’re driving by them. Well, they had one of the rectangular pieces of orgonite strapped to their dashboard. As they neared the checkpoint, the driver realized last minute that he was going 55 in a 35, but instead of reading 55 on the digital screen, the screen flashed to 20, 35, then 42 – basically a bunch of fairly random numbers. Apparently, the same thing happens when a person who has a radar jammer attached to their car drives by a police radar gun or radar checkpoint. Well, it turns out that just a block away three police cars were parked ready to give tickets, and they didn’t pull them over, despite going 20 over the speed limit. To me, that seems like proof enough, but I’ll see if I can repeat this experiment with a video camera or something when the po pos are not around. I don’t condone reckless driving – I’m a careful driver myself. But hey, if it’s a way to get more orgonite out there, and it just so happens to mess up police radar too….all the better I say .

I’ve been meeting Dennis a lot at the flea market lately. He’s been having a lot of success with decorative pieces of orgonite. Interestingly enough, the tinkerbell ones they make always get sold out, as they’re pretty popular with the girls. Our efforts are increasingly spiraling out to reach more and more people. So far we’ve met maybe a dozen other people who are really interested in it and even people who were skeptical have had some interesting experiences with the pieces we’ve given them or ones they bought. One said her kids are normally really fussy and fight a lot, but after buying a piece of orgonite from Dennis and putting it in her living room, she came back and said things are a lot more peaceful now.

As far as The Operators go, I’ve always felt the presence of other beings in my life. In fact, I think that’s the reason I’m still in Pensacola, and not elsewhere – to gift this area and get an orgonite movement spearheaded, for it is very sorely needed here. Once I’m finished here, I hope to do the same elsewhere because I love to travel, and it’s a big world out there with lots to see and experience. I know, personally, that since discovering your website and starting to make orgonite on my own – that my awareness has grown tremendously about a lot of things. Dennis and I do seem to be a great team too. Despite our age difference we have very similar personalities and viewpoints.

I did my first bit of water gifting Sunday at the bayou near where I’m staying. I was out in a kayak across from the navy base. Dennis had given me a muffin pan full of tbs with extra metal shavings in it for water gifting, and I hid it in a paper bag and put it in the front of the kayak I was on. I had to wait awhile as there was a navy patrol boat and other speed boats around. The sky was really cloudy too – there was a storm rolling in, and the patrol boat wasn’t leaving. So I went back to shore and sat down on a tuft of beach grass until the boat started back up, rounded a corner down the bayou, and was out of sight. Then I got back on the water, paddled out to the very middle, turned my kayak sideways to the shore so the people on shore couldn’t see what I was doing too well – there were quite a few people out there for a cloudy, sprinkly late Sunday afternoon – and then I just took it out of the paper bag and lightly chucked the panful of orgonite into the water. Immediately, a hole opened up in the cloud cover above me and the storm appeared to be breaking up. It had been sprinkling before, but just then it stopped, and the water became completely calm. I paddled back to shore, put my kayak back on the roof of my car and headed back home. Despite a forecast of later afternoon showers, the storm cleared up completely within 30 minutes. So it was a good experience for a first time water gifting foray, and more visual evidence for me as to the abilities of orgonite.


I rolled by one of those radar signs this a.m. on the way to work, with maybe a dozen TB’s in the car. I was in the right lane, going exactly the same speed as the car in front of me. The sign read the same for all the cars in my lane as we approached it, 56 mph…when it got to me, it clicked to 51. I was definitively going 56 at that moment. So seems like orgonite-based ‘wonking’ of the devices may be occurring.

This might be good intellectual chow for the research forum but there might be some driver interaction with the orgonite in play, here. Perhaps Clay was more intent on jamming the radar than Jeff was, for instance, and the orgonite may have reflected the difference.

In the ‘early years’ when Carol and I had to deal with so much overt surveiilance she taught me a simple, non-dogmatic ‘disappearing’ ritual that worked consistently well in most cicumstances. I think the first time she showed it to me was in Maine in March, 2001, when we were late for a meeting some distance away. She drove 80mph to make up lost time, right past a state cop who was watching for speeders. His head was down, evidentlyy focused on a radar screen, and he didnt’ seem to notice us at all

DB employed a similar tactic in Los Angeles a ccouple of years later with the condition that he disappear only from predators. He quickly realized that there are so many predators in Los Angeles that about one in every four cars came close to hitting his, so he altered the protocol to only apply to feds, then it was safer to drive.

During one of my first visits to DB’s place we went shopping for computer parts so he could finish editing CHEMTRAILS: CLOUDS OF DEATH and that was my rude introduction to box surveillance. We were constantly surrounded by feds on the highway and even in the store. They all lost us right after I turned on his Succor Punch. We were both shocked. We did it as a lark; a casual ‘what would happen if…?’ exercise. Evidently, even the satellites lost us because we then (another lark) gifted next to and even a liittle bit on the Jet Propulsion Laboratories hive in Pasadena, where paramilitary mooks with machine guns patrol the perimeter fence. The feds didn’t find us again until we rolled into his driveway and, boy, did they look MAD


Here’s an update on my experiments with orgonite blocking/scrambling police radar.

Four friends of mine and I were driving past a radar screen on an interstate in my friend’s car. My friend was going 70 mph in the fast lane. Cars in front of us in the slow lane were going 57, 62, etc. in comparison. When the radar beamed the car, it only read 46 and stuck on 46 despite the driver further hitting the gas. This is the third time I have seen the number 46 come up on a radar screen despite varying actual speed above 46 – 65, 50, 70. Maybe there’s something significant about this number? It is important to note that in all three experiments the car was an old 80s Beretta with a single aluminum based TB on the dashboard.

Based on what I’ve seen in other automobiles, orgonite definitely has some effect on police radar regardless of the vehicle. But it seems to work best as a jammer/scrambler with smaller, lower to the ground vehicles and when a piece of orgonite is placed on the dashboard (via adhesive or other method) and/or in or near the doors of a vehicle – especially in the doors of the side of the car that is being beamed. At least, that’s my experience with it so far.

I don’t rule out the mental element either, as I am fairly psychic, and I seem be especially good at stealth. I am often in plain sight without people noticing me, and I accidentally startle people sometimes by seemingly coming out of nowhere. Maybe all those dull days of my early teens when I had nothing better to do but sit and stare at the walls of my room and meditate on nothingness actually turned out to be good for something. [Image Can Not Be Found]

I plan on video-taping my vehicle driving past police radar with orgonite of different metal bases; the orgonite placed in different locations in the car; using different groups of people as passenger and driver, including some that are not aware of what orgonite is or what it does (to minimize the mental factor a little); and using several vehicles of various sizes, make, and models to more thoroughly test this idea and to produce definitive visual proof that orgonite has a markedly noticeable effect on radar.

As someone who is very interested in both physics and the orgonite movement, to prove that orgonite has an tremendous effect on radar, despite it’s extremely simple, non electronics-based construction – I feel this could be a very important step for getting lots of orgonite “out there,” for having solid proof that modern physics needs some major reworking to reflect the presence of orgone energy and the properties of orgone generators, and for possibly bringing orgonite into more mainstream attention.

The final results of my radar experiments with orgonite are to come in the following weeks.

Readers, for many years we had hoped that someone would show up in Northwest Florida and get busy with orgonite. Clay hit the ground, running there and I felt inspired to ask him to share his very fine reports on EW.

I like your hard science method, Clay, and I think Manfred’s new science forum is also a good place to record your experiments. Recently, we spent some time, again, in the chatroom to break clear of considerable interference, which lately included some clever, unprovoked backbiting on the internet in Europe at the behest of one sewer rat agency or another. It reminded me of how was similarly isolated and poisoned at first.

One would assume that people would be breaking down the gates, trying to post on that forum but Manfred has made it clear that contributors need to provide substantive material, not idle speculation and ‘arcanery’ (my invented combination of ‘arcane’ and ‘chicanery’). Manfred is an Austrian with science training who is following the example of our Austrian mentor, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, in constantly directing focus to the practical observations and applications of this new science.

What Carol and I learned, very early, is that orgonite strongly affects metal detectors, which I think are related to the Highway Gestapo’s traffic radar. It became clear that a factor to consider is the wearer’s energy state at the moment of walking through a metal detector. This consideration might qualify or complicate your observations about the use of various metals and if you manage to sort the latter out, it may be that the addition of gems and/or coil forms may show an avenue for refining ‘anti-radar’ orgonite for the car.

Since we all have an interest in specific orgonite applications it will be fun to follow your exploits. You can see by the list of vendors in the right margin of our homepage that there’s a lot of commercial potential in well-demonstrated orgonite devices and nobody, yet, is making anti-radar orgonite so maybe that’s a business opportunity for you. There are quite a few reputable energy sensitives and reputable others (including me at the moment) who will be happy to test your devices in the field and provide feedback.

Empirical science is real science, by the way, and is apparently more valuable than lab science because it relates directly to personal experience rather than to mere theory.

Michael Gienger (another Austrian [Image Can Not Be Found] ) wrote an exemplary book, CRYSTAL POWER; CRYSTAL HEALING, based on several years of his research into the personal affects of gems and minerals. He added a whole lot of additional information, such as the relevance of crystalline matrix forms. He accumulated a vast body of empirical observations from thousands of volunteers who merely carried around a specific gem or mineral for a few days and then told Michael their subjective impressions of the effects. This is one of those cases that support some psychics’ assertion that ‘everyone is psychic.’

It was the consistency of the reported effects that showed Michael the functional characteristics of all these elements. I contrast that book with the ones written by channelers, which are not nearly as specific or practical, though they approximate Michael’s own findings.

Axel (yep, an Austrian) told us last weekend that a friend of his knows Gienger quite well and Axel’s going to try to attract his attention to orgonite.

If I were doing the Gestapo Radar experiments I’d try to prevail on very disinterested people to put my samples on the dashboard and tell me what the intimidation/radarscope reads as they drive past. That might approximate disinterested research. Even college physicists now admit that the desire of a researcher conditions the results. Objectivity is probably more elusive than unicorns.


Thank you very much for the suggestions, Don.

It’s really pretty amazing how I ended up here in North West Florida and learned about orgonite right before I arrived. There was a long string of mishappenings that kept me from moving to other places. But I’ve never really believed in coincidences, and I know why I’m here now – the area just plain 'ole needed to be gifted. Also, I’ve always had a strong psychic connection here. The Pensacola area happens to be one of the most “haunted” places on the globe, as well as having Gulf Breeze – one of the UFO sighting capitals of the US – just across the bay. So this area has some unusual energies to say the least.

I will get in touch with Manfred once I get some hard evidence of orgonite effecting radar. I’m very interested to post any scientific experiments I do now or in the future that would be considered valuable. I’m getting back into the sciences now that my father has gotten all the paper work done into starting an alternate energy company, but I’ve been good at math and science since an early age, so I’m willing to provide what I can for the new science forum.

What really surprised me about my radar experiments is that I didn’t really believe they would work until I started getting feedback from friends of mine that had driven past radar screens. The idea came about when a friend of mine asked me about a huge box of tbs that I had in the backseat of my car and what it was for. Thinking about it for a minute, I said: “Well, it has a lot of uses, like converting negative energy to positive, and canceling out harmful electromagnetic energy, and I imagine it would have an effect on radar, including police radar, but I can’t say for sure yet.” The idea intuitively came to me out of nowhere, but I didn’t believe it at first, so it was all the more surprising to me when it worked.

If my trial sessions run well, I have thought about developing specific gestapo radar-blocking devices, and selling them for really reasonable prices locally. I have fallen into hard financial times over the last year, as has nearly everyone but the elite parasites. I could get a lot more gifting and experiments done if I weren’t so broke [Image Can Not Be Found]; . Luckily, Dennis has been helping me out as much as he can, and within the next month this whole county should be thoroughly gifted. I’d like to do the same for each county between here and Tallahassee, if possible, as well as other parts of central and south Florida where I used to live. Perhaps I can coordinate with other Florida gifters on this project.

Dennis and I have talked about learning more about crystals and their psychic properties, since we’re both fairly ignorant in that subject. So I will definitely get myself a copy of CRYSTAL POWER CRYSTAL HEALING. I have discovered from making different kinds of decorative orgonite with Dennis that I can tell the relative strength of energy coming out of particular pieces of orgonite. I never thought of myself as an energy sensitive before – mainly, I just have precognitive dreams and see and hear a lot of spirits, although an extreme amount of poltergeist activity occurred around me in childhood, and still happens to me every now and then. Dennis and I have made a fair amount of hhg pyramids, and it’s amazing how much a single amethyst crystal or a copper coil will increase the type and strength of energy coming from the orgonite. I once arranged some decorative pieces of orgonite in a six star pattern and placed an hhg pyramid in the center. The energy coming off of the geometric design and the interaction of the different orgonite pieces actually noticeably distorted my vision (the outside world went a bit “spotty” and wavy) when I held my right hand around the tip of the pyramid.

I’m working on making my radar orgonite more artistic too. Dennis and I have actually gotten pretty good at making some genuinely beautiful works of art out of orgonite. I’ll have to send you some pictures of the best ones we’ve made so far. We’re aiming for three principals for the orgonite we sell here locally: visual-attention getting (the artistic); practicality – orgonite people can use for practical reasons, like cell phone buttons or radar devices or perhaps dishware of some sort; and energy strength.

I think you’re on the right track, Clay, and well along it. A lot of people, including you, are already doing good research, so there’s nothing to wait for in terms of contributing to a science forum. Remember that popular appeal is a big part of research for us, so spouting a lot of math isn’t going to earn many points, though it might be important. I read that Dr Reich got into math when he was in prison and wanted to quantify some discoveries about gravity’s relationship to orgone.

I’m personally more interested in your account of how your vision was altered by the orgonite arrangement than I would be interested in a mathematical analysis of that effect. Laozu Kelly has done as much as anyone in the research department and he does it all by feeling, even though he was a college math professor.

Dr Reich used intuition and feeling constantly in his work so we can follow his lead and assume that these are necessary research tools.

There’s a whole lot of new, popular interest in the effects and uses of crystals. Even the mall jewelry stores are featuring semi-precious gem combinations that were obviously designed by energy sensitives. It wasn’t long ago that pretty much all you could buy in these stores were diamonds and gold–boring.

Dooney has started featuring crystal blogs on and she’s been helping and encouraging Carol to do the same. Javiera also has an inborn, distinct talent for this. So far, I’ve noticed that women are leading the way with crystal work. My old Welsh/Seneca witch friend, Dorothy, would probably say that this is because women primarily operate mentally/analytically. Since orgonite enhances the energy characteristics of anything that’s put in or around it one can accomplish a lot more, now, with the same elements.

By the way, it’s been awhile since I credited Karl Welz with inventing the term, ‘orgonite,’ and with being the first person to market the combination of metal bits and resin. I should probably mention this more often instead of only when I discuss how I found out about orgonite. He’s pretty sore at all of us but it may be that we’re ultimately helping him sell more of his fine radionics devices/ inventions. None of us seem to be competing with him.


Just for the record:

Just recently I received a “officially certified” radar reading of 42 km/h
for the discount price of € 21.- [Image Can Not Be Found]
From what I am told they subtract a certain amount (I think it is 10 km/h)
from the original reading as “tolerance”.
The car had at least 3 TBs in each door, 2 TBs in the middle console and
the usual emergency gifting ammunition in the back/trunk.

If my memory serves me right, I think I payed for the exact same speed
about a year ago. (also with many pieces of orgonite in the car)

hope this helps….

Hi Axel,

Do you remember what your speedometer was showing at the time. Was it substantially higher than what the ‘radar tech’ was showing? If so, this would add to the volume of data supporting the hypothesis that orgonite affects the gastapo’s radar tech with regularity/dependability. Helpful info like this will be useful in Manfreds science forum at Thanks!


I would like to add that the gestapo agencies use a variety of different devices for measuring how fast a vehicle is going, not just regular radar. I have a very sophisticated radar detector that my dad gave to me as a gift some years ago. There are at least five different kinds of radar, laser, etc. that they use to register speed. With the exception of one case that happened a week ago to a group of my friends driving to Birmingham (where a radar screen read an ‘E’ for error when they drove past it, and another one of their friends got a ticket for going past the same screen too fast and without orgonite in his car), mostly what I notice is that orgonite reduces the amount of speed that shows up on the screen. Here in the states, I know from previous speeding tickets I’ve gotten, they usually take five mph off what their radar reads. So in the case of when my friends and I were going 70, and it only read 46 on the screen, that’s still an almost 30 mph difference that can’t be explained. But if I were going 100 mph instead of 70, when the speed limit was 55, the reading on the screen could have been a lot higher. Probably around 75, which is still 20 over the speed limit and ticket-worthy.

Also, I have only tested it so far with radar screens, but perhaps I could find some way to get a hold of an actual radar gun for better testing. All my tests have only been done on small economy vehicles too, so if you drive a truck or jeep or SUV, it may not work as well.

Like Stevo, I’d be interested to know what your speedometer was reading, Axel. If you were actually driving 80 km/h, and the radar only read 42, the effect of the orgonite on radar is still substantial.

There is something else I haven’t taken into account until now, however. The numbers 42 and 46 tend to come up quite a bit on radar screens. There is the chance that orgonite causes the screen to read these number regardless of actual speed. Now, I admit, that seems unusual, but I think it’s a possibility. If you’re going 80 on the highway, and the screen only reads 42, in a 55, you’re smooth sailing; but if you’re going 25, in a 25, and the screen still reads 42, than it would be hurting you rather than helping.

So until I do further tests, I don’t recommend actually using it as a radar scrambling device. It would seem that orgonite does have an effect on radar from what I and others have seen and experienced, but how exactly that effect manifests or functions is riddle I have yet to find the answer to. Don brought up one problem with these tests, and my dad, an electrical/electronics genius, brought up another: mental effect on the orgonite, and the probability of how often the orgonite scrambles radar devices. If the orgonite only scrambles radar 50%, 70%, or even 99% of the time, there’s always that chance you could get a ticket; and if the only orgonite that appears to scramble radar is orgonite that I have made, well, that still isn’t too helpful in demonstrating that orgonite has an effect on radar – it would just mean I have a strong mental effect on my orgonite and influencing what it does.

Good work, everyone! Scientific experiments can be kind of tough [Image Can Not Be Found] but more and more data always helps.

I don’t know if this actually helps but the first time Carol and I evidently buggered Gestapo radar was in Maine, April 2001, when we were late to meet someone, so drove 80mph near Portland on the interstate, past a state cop with a radar gun

He evidently didn’t see us, though we passed him a few feet away, speeding extravagantly. She’d used her invisibility protocol, then.

A couple of years later she taught me to do that and I was astonished that it worked consistently for me, too, since I’m not psychic. Sometimes confidence counts for a lot, out in the field. We had a lot of visual surveillance in those years and when that constant federal bother eventually subsided, I stopped practicing that.

I think we generally look at science in terms of consistent results obtained, rather than theories, which we sometimes develop later on. This is probably the opposite of how kids in college are taught, though of course they’re also taught to ignore ether [Image Can Not Be Found] which is the basis of most of our work.


I am sorry but I have no idea how fast I was going then!

It seems a little high actually because if I assume that they subtracted 10 km/h
and considering the tolerance of the odometer (speed?) is around 10% (to one side)
I should have had a reading of around 60 km/h
which seems pretty high to me for this particular location (speed limit 30 km/h)

but can only repeat: Unfortunately I cannot remember the speed I was going….

It’s alright, Axel. Your input has been valuable in noting that using orgonite as a radar influencing device does have it’s flaws. It’s good to hear reports from other people because I can compare my own results to theirs and come up with a larger body of info to work with.

This is the sort of substantive discussion that ought to find a more proper home on , I think.

I wish I knew why that potentially powerful and empowering forum is meeting so much resistance, besides the usual $#!+bird agency interference and slandering on the web.

I’m candid about one of the reasons I want the science forum to succeed: it will help defuse the professional backbiiting campaign, mainly in Europe, that gifting is ‘the Don Croft Cult.’ Everyone who reads backbiting is susceptible to its effects, unfortunately, which is why the agencies use it so extensively in society to discredit pioneers and empowering information.

The main reason for a proper orgone science forum, of course, is that the world is ready for it and so are we, so we ought to honor the timing. A war-waging forum and a psi research forum have limited appeal, naturally, but a science forum will help more people to have open minds and hearts.

Manfred’s qualified, reputable, ready and willing to move this forward with your help, so please contact him and start posting on his forum if you’ve got some substantive science to report! Remember, too, that empirical science counts and that always includes your own subjective impressions. It’s not prudent or sufficient to have only two reputable forums in English (EW and to cover this vast and growing subject matter!


Firstly thank you Clay for your gifting and sharing of observations.

We have a few of those stationary radars which let you know how fast you are going here too. So I’ve been observing how they react to my car with orgonite. I drive past one often on the way to work so I have had a good chance to see how it behaves. I drive a 1991 2 litre petrol Mercedes station wagon. Mostly my orgonite is in the well just behind the gear stick. It is a TB and a small TB (the small one cured on a cloud buster). I also have been carrying around an over sized earth pipe in the back as it is a bit of a hassle to hammer them in when too big… (I will find a good water target for it tho). I am also always wearing an orgonite pendent I made with gems, a SBB coil and CB curing.

I was going to report that in all the time since this post started I have not noticed any unusual reaction to the radar. My speed does not vary appreciably compared to the cars preceding me, or to the speed on my speedo. That was until a few days ago when driving a stretch of road in another part of the country that I had not driven in some time. There was a long line of cars in front of me all doing according to the radar 61-63 km/h, until it reached my car which read 57 km/h. I was going at the same speed as the other cars. I had about eight TB’s in a bucket in the passenger foot well left from some lazy gifting I was doing while visiting friends. Two of them where cured on a CB. The radar seemed to be of another type to the ones we get around here (at least the display is different). Perhaps the was some mental component involved here as I was a little surprised by it and eager to see what happened.

This intrigued me so I left the bucket in my car the next time I passed my local radar…. No effect. I was moving some CB’s around a couple of days ago. I had two large ones strapped to the roof and two smaller ones in the back plus all the other mentioned orgonite…. No effect.

I have tried previously placing the orgonite in different places in the car to no effect.

I have not tried to consciously mentally influence the radar in conjunction with my orgonite (in fact I forgot about that until I re read this topic before posting). I have not tried to program my succor punch to help. I will do so and see how it goes….

Thank you very much for your feedback, Luke. I’ve had to postpone my orgonite radar-jamming experiments due to financial hardships and moving around lately, but I will take into account your experiences, and I would be interested in further feedback. I’d like to note some things that I’ve discovered recently:

First, in my experiments with traditional radar screens, the orgonite had a noticeable effect. However, over the last eight months many places have been replacing traditional radar guns and screens with laser ones. Orgonite has no effect on lasers, unfortunately – unless maybe the laser beam hits the orgonite directly as you pass by, which is very unlikely. I know this because one of my friends got a speeding ticket on the highway from a highway patrol officer with a laser speed reading gun – to my chagrin because I didn’t take that into accout when I gave my friends the orgonite, although in my defense, the Florida Highway Patrol had just started switching over to laser speed reading devices back in April – those sneaky bastards. [Image Can Not Be Found]; So you have to make sure the speed reading screens are using radar readers, which is probably not that easy to find out. You’d probably have to ask a police officer.

Second, I am psychically gifted, especially in regards to stealthiness and “willing certain things to happen,” so it is very possible that I was exerting an influence on the orgonite even when I was not in the car. I did make all the orgonite used by my friends, after all. So if those screens are indeed radar reading devices and not laser ones, then it is merely proof that I have influence over my orgonite and its effects even unconsciously from great distances – as strange as that might seem to some people.

But the question is also, what kind of orgonite were you using in particular – not counting the earthpipes or SBB Coil? Aluminum based? I’ve only tested it out with aluminum or steel turnings in fiber glass resin with a few small quartz crystal points in the center, to be specific.