Orgonite on wikipedia

Dear friends,

Now that the owner of wikipedia has started a new (more strict) initiative the rules of wikipedia seem to have loosened up. At the present moment you can find articles about Wilhelm Reich on wikipedia wikipedia orgone and orgonite on wikipedia on wikipedia.
Everyone can make adjustments to the article and for instance leave -cough- supportive comments on the talk page. So please be invited to make your own adjustments. The orgonite article could use some extra references to strenghten the position of the orgonite article.

The wikipedia encyclopedia is a great tool to share informationa nd often used as an commonly accepted reference database.



Thanks, Satish–I’ve been watching Wikipedia for a couple of years and the idea is marvellous but the preponderance of institutional influence is pretty telling. The ‘orgonite’ article looks like it was written by a complacent FBI disinformant, for instance. If the process at Wikipedia is as genuinely democratic as is claimed for it, we’ll see some genuine journalism there, eventually. If no amount of intelligent discussion will get that article changed, then at least we can point to Wikipedia as another evidence of clever subterfuge on the web.

I spent the first three years of my internet activity in this movement as a participant on three successive, compromised, saboteur-ridden forums and it was good training for me to understand how the enemy operates, though the only logical approach was for me to get off my intellectual butt and start my own forum (this one), of course. I invite anyone who hasn’t yet met the enemy head-on, this way, to try his/her hand at injecting rational, helpful offerings into the Wikipedia talk forum, which you can bet is chock-full of saboteurs–probably including some familiar ones.

I think it’s pretty well known, by now, that any substantive, informative internet presence will likely be purchased or otherwise co-opted by one or another CIA, NSA or MI6 front company, including Yahoo, EArthlink,, Bill Gates, etc. To assume that Wikipedia. alone, would be exempt from a massive, concerted effort to control and censor its content would be naive. Note, for instance, that even though Wikipedia is a European site, the American Government was cited as having the last word on orgonite. As far as I know, no American alleged gov’t agency has ever even mentioned orgonite publicly, much less studied it, even though several of us have survived numerous murder attempts by them. MOst folks don’t realize that Reich also considered rational contention with this treasonous government to be a war. He even armed himself and his companions to protect Orgonon from intrusive, lawless feds and he was a terrific marksman, just like a lot of Swiss civilians are <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” />.

The World Odor has deep pockets and is frantic to own and control all media, though they’re failing at an increasing rate to stay ahead or even keep up with an awakening human specie. The internet is, by nature, a grassroot, uncontrolled resource. My attitude toward the majority of ‘information’ sites on the internet, which are co-opted by the World Odor, is ‘caveat emptor.’

Reich knew that the problem of fascism, which characterizes the World Odor since the 1920s, is not the assorted, sordid, ‘common man’ dictators, which the parasitic World Odor had thrust onto pedestals; rather it’s been the spiritually lazy, self-seeking mindset of the Little Man (Pajama People), who had escaped the bonds of patriarchal religious hierarchies soon after the end of World War One. That’s also when another form of fascist, organized mysticism, created by the World Odor, began to spread like a prairie fire (Theosophy).

Trading one form of organized mysticism for an even more destructive one (political fascism) was the main cause of the devastation we saw during the twentieth century but we’re coming out of that, now, and are approaching maturity as a specie.

If Wikipedia won’t keep up with the improvement of humanity it won’t last. If they’ll inject some genuine journalism into the articles that Satish mentioned, there’s hope for that effort.

By the way, Reich considered liberalism to be as poisonous as fascism because liberalism is also based on suppressing natural urges, not on honoring the biological (heartfelt) core of our natures, which is untainted, inclined to responsibility and potentially productive.

This is probably why liberals (representing the passionless head and distorted passions in general) have traditionally been the most zealous warmongers in US and British history (all major wars in the past two centuries were initiated and controlled by the City of London, of course) and have also traditionally considered distant, non-representative government to be the arbiter of moral issues and general behavior. What the orgonite movement represents, rather, is Wilhelm Reich’s grassroot ‘work democracy,’ which short circuits the various World Odor efforts to subjugate humanity through extortion, mind control, intimidation, false religion, the promotion of sexual promiscuity, Work democracy is the form of grassroot social organization that occurs spontaneously whenever people are not conrolled by arbirtrary, centralized institutions.

This is how everyone is now creating a world civilization, mostly without conscious effort. At least, that’s how I see what’s happening in the world and the dolphins we’ve encountered apparently concur but of course my view isn’t colored or directed by the What To Think Network or by other forms of organized mysiticsm. Institutionalized people call this form of social dynamic, ‘anarchy,’ but anarchy, just like fascism, is a purely mystical concept, not a functional one.

Can you see how this relates to Wikipedia? I’m saying that if this is truly a grand gesture; a spontaneous effort to present unbiased information for no charge to the public, the people who run that site need to step up and take responsibility for it and not be railroaded by the World Odor extortionists. Otherwise, genuinely inquisitive people will consider Wikipedia to be no more viable than any number of other disinformation sites. We really should only care about function, not advertisement.

Satish, I also would like for people to attempt to influence Wikipedia to produce a more informative article on orgonite. I think success would be phenomenal and I think it’s possible. Thanks again for posting this suggestion.


I found editing there was like wading through sewage fighting off rats along the way!, and outnumbered 20 to 1.

Thank god the man who got me onto it is too busy with his day job to fight the fight there any more, escaped for the time being! Full of allopaths (40 or so) and pharma boys by the dozen.

the main allopath deleted the old orgonite page, and tried to delete all of my pages. and I was being polite as they banned all links to wahle using some spurious excuse, and were on the path to chuck me off until I escaped out of their sight. They are in the process of chucking off the main alt med editor now.

One of the people editing that orgonite page now is a pharma boy. The admin people are mostly pharma and they can watch what you post, so then they trot along and delete it or alter it. Bit like having a nasty shadow.

Most people google now, before wikipedia, so it doesn’t matter that much re orgonite, orgone.

The only way to win is to make your own page to someone they hate, as it is virtually impossible to put any text up they don’t like on any other page already there.


There is also a very informative article about Wikipedia linked directly off the home page of , which Pekka was kind enough to share a few weeks ago. The science of aetherometry builds off of Tesla and Reich research, and explains orgone as “massfree ambipolar energy,” which the founders, the Correas, have been studying for years.

“Aetherometry” has enjoyed the wikipedian cold shoulder since its inception, which prompted the Correas et al. to investigate.

John, i know just what you mean. I posted and article about orgonite a few months ago and it got deleted and if that wasn’t enough it wasn’t allowed to be recreated again for 6 months! The guy that deleted the article was a martial arts practioner who was familiar with chi and prana but he deleted it anyway because he did not find the article to met the regulations of wikipedia.

Therefore i was pleasantly surprised to find the orgonite article on wikipedia a few days ago. Of course it can use some finetuning, but anyone can change the article now or over time, it’s there and that is a good first step. I posted a orgone article on wikipedia a few months before and although is has certain flags like “neutrality is disputed” it still is available to the public.

When i first posted the orgone article it almost got deleted but fortunately a friend at my former work helped me to post the orgone topic and i believe it is one of the reasons why it is still available. The friend administrates the Spanish board fondly in his spare time, while he does not even speaks Spanish. He gave me a few pointers and now i understand how most “wikipedians” work. For instance, if they don’t like the layout they delete the article. No matter how much time you invested to write it, also the style of writing is important. To post the orgone article, i copied the Wilhelm Reich article and adjusted it until it looked nice but still had right information. The hard part is not the get involved with the article itself or the people who disagree with the content but to put down an article that nonone can delete because it meets the regulations of wikipedia, this way one does not have to wade true the whole hordes of saboteurs and scientific thinking (stuck) people because they won’t notice the article or can argue with it.

Now when you use google for a search on orgone, you get an orgone topic on wikipedia in the listings which is quite a event hit to PJ people. Because lots and lots of folks use wikipedia as a trusted reference source and so too does google. Basically a good page on wikipedia means a good ranking on google. In this case, a high Top 5 rankings.

I have another friend working with the google “organic” way of searching and we are kind of taking back the internet. And those high ranking keywords give us more possibilities to create high rankings for trusted orgonite sites. So if the orgonite article remains on wikipedia, it makes our work easier. I’ll add a few more articles on wikipedia this week and see how this relates.

I’ve not started this thread to promote wikipedia and posting on it takes time and energy, i just think that good thruthfull articles could help to broaden the horizon.

It is a place as you say, and they shouldn’t be allowed to rule the roost there with all their lies as many people use it like a Bible, especially students. I find it quite useful, I spent some time there making pages.

They claim to be deleting a page or text for some reason but that is usually spurious–you can’t come out and say the real reason why they want it gone–they are an allopath and they don’t like alt med or vax criticism—if you say that you get banned for personal attacks, so they hide behind that. I even got banned for 2 days for calling an allopath an allopath! And she then banned any mention of the word. And my links to my site got taken off immediately and then eventually they block all links by royal decree. And you waste hours aguing with them until you realise that is like modern democracy–just dancing to hot air, while they go and do what they were going to do anyway, after appearing to debate it.

Meeting regulations is a good one. I collected the excuses of one allopath, they made me laugh
; It was worth being there just to drive him mad, like I enjoy driving pharma boys mad

I have done my own orgonite intro

I’ve done some gardening in the wikipedia orgonite related topics and i collided with a few things…

First, i found out that editing needs some time, minor adjustments are easiera ccepted then large one’s. The other is that you have to follow the wikipedia rules (guidelines), which are “democraticly” choosen, but with little effort i believe it is possible to make blooming articles without them being destroyed or altered by the standard NSA/CIA (yawn) nonsense which leads to nowhere.

Today i put the articles, orgone, orgonite and Wilhelm Reich in a new created category instead of “psuedo science”. It was funny to find an already existing “reality shift” category, but it’s no game so i made a separate one called “orgone science and technologies”.

I have read alot on the page and i’ll try to get my inspiration from there.

It’s fun too see choppers going over while doing some minor edits on wikipedia. I’m doing about 2 army choppers a day and i take it as a good sign! When they fly over it’s a perfect time to boost!