Orgonite POR Pylon

Here is another orgonite concept design if you like making HHG’s but you dislike the sharp points and edges of pyramid geometry. The Positive Orgone (POR) Pylon design eliminates sharp edges and sharp points. It’s easy to build and you can make the size and height to your own preference. Here’s how to construct it: Find yourself a plastic construction pylon from a hardware store, use a few pieces of duct tape to seal off the pointed end. Lubricate the inside of the pylon; to allow easy exit of the cast after hardened. I used coconut oil because I have lots of it on hand. Place the pylon upside down between 2 chairs and level the base of the pylon with a bubble level. Mix up your 50% resin, 50% small metal shavings and start your pour into the tip of the pylon. I place a small double terminated quartz crystal vertical and centred in the apex of the pylon. I continue to pour and when I have about 2 cups of resin/metal left, I horizontally place the 4 small double terminated quartz crystals in the base as the layout of a compass N, E, S, W and pour the remaining resin/metal orgonite matrix to cover and finish the base. Once the orgonite hardens, I use a marker to mark the N, E, S, W crystal locations on the base of the orgonite, so that way I can align it to magnetic north with a compass. The orgonite cast POR Pylon easily slides out of the lubricated pylon. From what I’ve observed thus far; the POR Pylon provides all the positive orgone and life enhancing anion benefits of any well made orgonite HHG. Remember, you can make them any custom height, the smaller ones will make your orgonite resources go farther. Enjoy

Successful POR Pylon confirmations are here! This POR Pylon was created on Good Friday.