Orgonite Prevents Lightning Strikes?

I had mentioned to an enquirer that an orgonite cloudbuster tends to prevent lightning strikes and he misunderstood my comment and assumed that orgonite stops lightning strikes. So I wrote the following to him. Since it’s a pretty common question I’m posting it.

In the past couple of years there’s been some misperceptions about the term, ‘cloudbuster,’ and I’ve held some claimants’ feet to the fire about this, which put more than a few noses out of joint, sorry to say.

Any combination of elements can poke a temporary blue hole in a darkly overcast sky. Gifting all the towers in a town in a single day often does that, for instance, and so does disabling an underground base with a few earthpipes. An electronic/orgonite device might get it done, also a hexagrammatic geometric arrangement of simple orgonite pieces.who
I use the word, ‘temporary,’ with the aviso that nothing we’re aware of will produce a perpetual blue hole. This simple fact has been a bugaboo for some people made extravagant claims based on these temporary effects and one of the reasons I feel justified for holding these people accountable is because many people who replicate the effort, expecting the same results, will be disappointed and may lose interest in gifting. As always, it’s the simple, humble devices, deployed intelligently and in large numbers, that still produce the grandest healing effects.

If someone comes to this without experience and really wants to shine and be a pioneer in this effort I think that the prudent course is to first start with the simple stuff and develop the habit of identifying the confirmations, otherwise creating one’s brainchild is going to hangfire because there’s nothing to compare the effects of something new to. Many of us (including me) have felt compelled to make devices that seemed inspired at the time but turned out to be undewhelming, by the way. For instance, I made a double scale cloudbuster in the first year of this effort because I wanted to get bigger effects in the sky around us. Doubling the size only increased the effects by a small percentage, rather.

It’s always good to follow through and create our inventions, though, because how else can we know if we’re on the right track? If we miss the target with one effort it will likely sharpen our discernment the next time we get a notion to make something new. It would be kind of tragic if any one of us were to be considered infallible or to have the last word on anything ‘new and strange,’ as Dr Reich called orgone tech. He certainly refused to be called an authority on the subject. He detested sycophants, by the way [Image Can Not Be Found]

Here’s my reply:

I think only orgonite cloudbusters prevent lightning strikes and that it’s from preventing thunderheads from forming. Rainstorms, after you have an orgonite cloudbuster, will be characteristically ‘soft’ and the clouds are no longer very dark. If you do experience violent weather after you have an orgonite cloudbuster I think it’s because weather weaponry has been directed at your local area. We believe this requires an extraordinary amount of energy and manpower to accomplish and that their only intention is to discourage someone from having confidence in orgonite.

When I first started testing the simple little towerbusters in the summer of 2002 I was hundreds of miles from the nearest cloudbuster and each day, along the route, a thunderstorm developed by the end of the day, due to my gifting progress (one city per day).

Sometimes those storms were violent and dark but the area I was gifting was in a very long and severe drought at the time, so the earth needed water badly. An orgonite cloudbuster would have softened those storms. The only day that had no rain was the one when I watched the customary thunderhead develop, right over the small city that I’d just gifted (busted a dozen or so death towers and weather weapons) but a Boeing 747 chemtrail jet wove in and out of that cloud at several levels of altitude for about ten minutes, then the entire storm disappeared a few minutes later [Image Can Not Be Found]

If there had been an orgonite cloudbuster within one or two hundred miles, that jet would have failed to affect the storm. There are several cloudbusters in that region, now.