Orgonite TB Made From A Natural Resin

Hello there Orgonauts ! [Image Can Not Be Found]
I made my first natural resin orgonite TB. I went to the woods during one sunny, calm day, and started to collect
resin from the trees. Than i got this lunchmeat can ( yes, i call it ,lunchmeat orgonite" now, heh [Image Can Not Be Found], put a
crystal inside, than a resin (which i heated before to make it liquid )mixed with aluminium shavings, and thats it.
I am very interested in your opinion lads. It seems to be working nice. What do you say ?
And. What are your experiences with those ?

Hello Kozma, I remember of a tutorial for making natural resin orgonite written by one of our associates who lives in Northern Italy . He wrote this tutorial after long experimenting different procedures, so I think it is good to share it.

Cypress resin is not good as it becomes friable after it gets cold, I learned that myself so I don’t advise that kind of resin.

Pine tree resin is the best and I suppose resin from other kinds of coniferous is good too.

After you collect the resin from the trees (you can collect it roughly with pieces of wood, needles, etc) you need two pots, better if they are old, and a strainer to filter the resin to separate it from dirt.

Melting the resin is something that you do in the open air, of course, using a gas cooker.

After you have filtered it in the second pot, you can add the shavings. I guess the secret to make good natural resin orgonite is mixing the shavings with the resin because the heat of the metal keeps the resin in a liquid state so it will be easier to pour the mix in the molds.

The best molds are paper cones or rubber molds as it appears that the resin won’t come out easily from metal or glass molds.

Pouring the mix in the molds step by step allows to add crystals, coils and it is the best way to avoid bubbles.

If you use paper cones (best molds) , you can peel the paper off once orgonite has gotten cold.

This procedure makes the resin as hard as stone and you can even make and pass a red-hot knife on its surface to make it smooth.

Natural resin orgonite is good for personal devices in my opinion as it takes time to make it. I once saw one of those cones during a journey to Northern Italy and it was just great with a beautiful energy.


Vittorio, thank you so much.
That’s exactly information what i need. I live in the area covered with a woods, and i would like to use natural resin
as much as possible for a personal orgonite devices. Somewhat i feel that those can be very strong - if done properly.
Thank you again. Your response was highly valuable to me !

Hello Kozma, here’s a photo of orgonite cones made with fir tree resin according to the tutorial I reported:


If you live in an area with coniferous forests, you’ll find good resin easily, I guess.


O_o wow ! I am so impressed !! Okay. Going to the woods. Now.

colophony (pine resin) orgonites:

Those are the prettiest ones I’ve seen, Neo. When we first had the notion to use pine resin it was on account of someone’s objection to using petrochemicals. We were curious, so my sister-in-law made some and they turned out to be as good as orgonite made with polyester, acrylic or epoxy. I’ve always suspected that it’s the crystallized form of the resin that makes it possible to use it as a component for orgonite because wax won’t work, even though the chemical properties are very close to resin.

For field work, which requires hundreds of devices to really damage the corporate world order’s poisonous environmental energy matrix, I don’t think anyone would consider using something other than catalyzed resin due to cost, mainly, but in the case of pine resin I can tell you that it can take a day to produce just a few of these unless one can buy the resin in bulk, then heating it up and casting will take much longer than if one simply catalyzes some resin.

The resin orgonite has some nice personal uses, evidently. It’s not nice enough for my wife to have taken an interest in using it but I suspect that if someone has a particular passion for working with the stuff he/she will find a nice niche in the orgonite market that way–it would be particularly attractive to the Greenboots (brain police): strident environmentalists, [Image Can Not Be Found] but their money is as good as anyone’s, after all. I consider a day to be blessed when I don’t encounter one of them, though.

Some efforts were expended by agents saboteurs in the early years to discourage us all from using catalyzed resin in favor of sugar and pine resin but it’s not hard to see why they did that, I think. I’ve never heard of any large gifting campaign done with those forms of very labor-intensive orgonite. Anything at all that can be done to make orgonite seem more complicated than it actually is will serve the intertests of the corporate world order and perhaps extend their survival some more.


Thx Don,

When You master the working with pine resin, it is quite easy to make lots of orgonites from them…but…

They are defintely not suitable for giting because of they are fragile and sensitive to extreme heat or cold…

But for personal/home pieces they are very suitable, because they have this gentle energy output, very good for meditation etc.

The resin is definitely not like wax, and has the advantage of not being so poisonous with fumes like plastik is…

Women form our forum make them very prety, fancy…I think it’s because of their cooking skills

I believe you’re right on all counts, Neo, and thanks for sharing that. Maybe you can sell those, internationally. Let me know if you want to have a vendor link on EW, okay?


thx Don,

pine resin orgonites are very fragile and sensitive to temperature changes…impossible to send it on the long trip in box, without damaging…

I’ll be glad to send You one, when I find the solution to deliver it safely

Hi, I’m a bit confused about tree resin orgonite because I remember a post by Ben Morton in which he discussed the characteristics of it if compared to polyester resin:

Tree resin, in my opinion and based on spending time with some recently and discussing it with another reputable psychic who sees the orgone, is perhaps better than bees wax though again does not provide the action of accelerating the orgone to the point of total orgone excitement which is cosmic superimpostion, as Reich described it.


Perhaps a simple experiment with seed germination could tell us more about tree resin orgonite.

as it is said in the post You’ve quoted, it is only opinion…

it is one thing to have an opinion about pine resin, and something completely different to work with it and have it tested by people who are profesional radiesthezists…

pine tree resin is, resin with crystaline structure, not wax, and as other resins it doesn’t only accumulate, but helps in the process of transmutation of Orgone…

as it is a natural material, it acctualy provides better and quicker Orgone flow through it, but as I said, it has a smooth, gentle flow, not the punch effect like plastics have

if You have the time and will to read, You’ll find here about orgonite from pine tree resin

“…made of pine resin, which in a few days I will place under one of the pines…”

It’s good you pointed out that writing by Laozu, I knew it but had never read it completely so I had missed his observations of the pine trees surrounding the CB he was evaluating.

Actually, I had abandoned the idea of making pine trees resin orgonite but will try again as soon as I manage to find the resin which is a bit difficult in my area. I was also considering apricot or cherry tree resin which I believe are the best.

Yours are nice pieces, Neo, did you find my little tutorial useful?

Anyway, welcome on board

thx Vittorio,

I’m making orgonites from colophony since 2009…a guy from Slovenia thought me, but he never got to the point to make them in silicone or rubber molds, so he can take them out…he made them in wood or glass molds, and left them in the molds…

other good trick is to put a aluminum foil into the glass mold, and then pour the orgonite mix from natural resin into the mold…latter You can peel off the foil, similar as with the paper…acctualy it is much easier to peel it off than the paper [Image Can Not Be Found])

in Croatia, we don’t have to go to the forrest to get some resin, because we can buy colophony, which is already very clear in the form of crystaline dust or bigger crystals

under the nick the trickster, I wrote 2 tutorials for natural resin orgonites, on 2 forums…one of them is DI forum, but for now, the orgonite theme is quite dead there, unfortunatelly