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This is from my pal Richard (whose article on the Global Warming Swindle you can read here

. Unlike me, he has a scientific background, and what he is bringing up here was previously not an issue with me because I didn’t even think of it. I would be glad if there could be some discussion for the benefit of my and other readers’ understanding. Perhaps this should also be posted on the research forum.


Is orgonite the answer to all our problems?

The other day I witnessed a dispute that would be important to understand.

At a conference I attended, someone who was selling orgonite (not cheaply) was waxing lyrical about the amazing powers of orgonite, and gave the impression that all we have to do is spread orgonite around communication towers and all that nasty electromagnetic energy will be turned into wonderful healing forces.
On hearing this, a lady scientist who is an expert in the domain of electromagnetic fields and their harmful effects on people, was horrified by the “salesman’s” claims and explained that she thought this was a very dangerous message to be putting out. How on earth could a few lumps of resin and metal stop the electromagnetic rays from entering the body and causing harmful changes? She was quite confused and angry.

I explained to her my limited understanding of what I think is going on here. Now I might be wrong on this, and would be glad of superior knowledge, but I think we are talking about two entirely different levels of energy.

On the one hand there is the microwave electromagnetic radiation usually modulated to carry information (called information carrying microwaves) that is measurable with various electronic devices, and which transmits the voice signal, in the case of mobile (cell) phone signals, from one person to the next.

On the other hand you have Orgone energy – Chi, Prana or the Etheric which is the term I will use from now on. (This is also probably identical with Zero-Point energy). Conventional science knows very little about this level of energy and cannot measure it effectively – in fact rather chooses to ignore it. This is the energy of living beings. It may involve very subtle electromagnetic effects but is probably mostly on a level of energy way beyond, i.e. higher than the electromagnetic level. Communication towers use the electromagnetic level to do their job, but at the same time, it is perceived by some sensitives that negative, deadly, disorganized Etheric energy is created as a sort of “by-product”. Orgonite apparently transforms this negative Etheric into a more positive version of the same.

However, as I understand it, orgonite does not affect the electromagnetic level. Therefore, most if not all of the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human organism (cancer, headaches, loss of concentration, increased growth rate of bacteria) will not be directly affected by orgonite. Any beneficial effects of the use of orgonite on the organism will be due to the effect of strengthening the Etheric level rather than diminishing the electromagnetic level.

Rudolf Steiner explained the difference between electromagnetic and Etheric energy in the following way: Etheric energy lies in a realm higher than the solid, physical 5-sense world, whereas electromagnetic energy lies in a realm BELOW the physical realm – he calls it subnature, whereas Etheric is super-nature. So the Etheric body of a living organism is the subtle body that gives life, movement and form to the physical processes – Etheric enlivens and animates the molecules and cells – it is the wise guider of all our metabolic processes. The Etheric is highly structured and organised and in living flow.

Whereas on the other hand, our technological production of electromagnetism, from the mains in our houses, to our computers, radio and microwave transmitters is harsh, chaotic, rigid and exists in a realm that is in direct opposition to the Etheric, life-giving body, and so cannot do other than affect it, usually in a very negative way. I say “usually” because electricity in the right strength, form and frequency can be used for healing – witness the SCENAR device for example. However, it may well be that electricity used in this way is only healing in a homoeopathic sense, in the sense that even harmful substances and energies, in small doses can act as a stimulant to the body, thereby promoting self-healing. So, as I see it, the towers produce, as a by-product, harmful Etheric-damaging energy which saps our life forces and depletes and disorganises the sea of Etheric that fills space.

Orgonite probably absorbs and filters this disorganized chaotic Etheric energy, transmuting it into a smoother, more healing frequency, in a similar way that an electrical capacitor can smoothen out voltage surges in an electrical circuit. It is worth noting that electrical capacitors are made in exactly the same way as orgone accumulators – they are simply alternating layers (sheets) of conductive and non-conductive material, for example metal foil and waxed paper – and probably work in a similar way to orgone devices. I am reminded of the Stetzer dirty electricity filters that I have just installed in our house, which are supposed to do the same, reducing the intensity of high voltage, high frequency spikes in the house’s electricity supply, thereby reducing the detrimental effects on our health that “dirty electricity” radiation can cause. Another image is perhaps a lens or pane of coloured glass that changes the image or light that passes through it – for example changing a sharp image into a blurred image or transforming the light to a different colour.

However, I am aware that any explanation is going to be merely one way of looking at the issue, among many alternative explanations. Another level of exploring this question may be that of elemental beings who may be active at the interface between the metal and the crystals and the resin…

Does this help? Does anyone out there have any thoughts or experiences about this? I think this is important, because the last thing we should be doing is putting out an overly simplified message that using orgonite is solving ALL the problems associated with towers, and thus lulling us into a false sense of security and consequent inactivity.

Richard Phethean

I have measured, with the proper instruments, that orgonite does, in fact, lower EMR, at least in the range of the microwave radiation emitted by “cell phone” towers. What was interesting about these experiments is that the EMR from a cell tower would decrease tenfold from aprox: 1000uW/m2 to 100uW/m2 after a couple of TBs were placed close to the tower. However after this initial decrease (which persisted over time), no matter how much more orgonite was put in the surroundings of the tower (including a few HHGs), the EMR intensity would not decrease any further. Also the people that were reporting noxious health effects from the towers informed me that after placing the orgonite, the symptoms disapeared or were greatly diminished. I understand Richard´s idea with this article, but unfortunately its based in theory and not in practice. What we gifters have experienced is that orgonite does in fact seem to anull most of the noxious effects of towers both on the environment and on people, the exact mechanism for this I don’t know, but it sure does work. I think that for a solid scientific explanation of the ether, one should refer to or encyclopedia nomadica. Paulo and Alexandra Correa have apparently solved the inconsistencies in both Reich´s and Tesla´s scientific theory, and have demonstrated, experimentally, the presence of the “aether”. They have also developed the mathematical base related to the aether, new constants and units. It becomes clear that its impossible to deal with this new science with the old scientific paradigm.


Ale’s empirical measurements would seem to imply that any undesirable effects from EMF sources are directly attributable to the relative strength of the measurable fields. It would seem, on the the surface, that there isn’t a division of the types of energy that are affected by orgonite. That being said, let’s consider the ground rules that would need to be established to research this issue further…

I. Develop a testable hypothesis. Something similar to: “EMF sources emit energy that both carry signal and affect biological systems.” Empirically, I believe that has been shown to be true. That leads to the next potential description of the mechanisms in play…

II. (Remember, we are still just developing testable hypotheses, here!) “The energy emitted has both a physical, measureable component and an etheric, as yet un-defined, component.” That seems to be a fair statement of observed result. The assumption we’re making and the hypothesis we’re going to test is whether the energy signature, for lack of a better term, is two-fold in nature.

III. If indeed, the energy has two components, [u:1s8pmjwb]which component negatively impacts biological systems?[/u:1s8pmjwb] This is really the crux of the question.

I don’t think there is any denying the empirical effects of gifting. The whole body of observations on EW testifies to that. What the “scientific world” is going to take issue with is our approach to the research that we’ve done. The biggest challenges to large-scale scientific acceptance of orgonite’s effectiveness, are not with the observed results or with folks “over-selling” it, as much as with their acceptance of the second hypothesis that an etheric component exists. They’ll have problems with it because they don’t have a way of measuring it.

All is not lost, however. Science has had many cases where hypotheses have been advanced without means to test them, but backed by observable results. We are establishing that same body of evidence here.

Thanks Dean, I think that even if we did have an effective way of gauging OR – and DOR mainstream science will surely continue to ignore and ridicule the whole subject. I´ve been studying the Correa´s website
and sharing it with some scientist friends. Unfortunately few of them have even bothered to look into the information.

The indirect ‘orgone effect’ of Tesla radiation:
ambipolar aether and blackbody radiation spectra

Correa PN, Correa AN
Exp Aetherom, Series 2, Vol. 2B, 17A:1-50 (April 2002)

The authors demonstrate how Tesla coils produce an electrically ambipolar aether radiation field analogous to that emitted by the Sun, and explain how such massfree aether radiation fields interact with Faraday cages to produce two distinct types of radiation inside them: (1) a pool of ‘latent heat’ experimentally detected (in the dark) by a local increase in the antigravitic kinetoregenerative power of charged electroscopes irrespective of polarity; (2) blackbody spectra of high frequency LFOT photons generated by the shedding of electrokinetic energy from electronic and molecular charge carriers – energy that was captured from the electric aether energy radiated by the original source. Experiments performed with Tesla coils tuned to the modal spectrum of solar ambipolar radiation (OR subspectrum), show indirect generation of LFOT photons, and the tuning of such coils to generate ambipolar radiation in the DOR subspectrum is shown to generate HFOT photons. It is proposed that all blackbody radiation spectra result from aether (massfree) energy spectra formed within an aether electric (ambipolar) continuum of massfree energy, and a formal aetherometric model is introduced to permit correlation between the two energy spectra, aether and photonic, employing solar radiations as an example.
This effectively constitutes the first time that in the history of science the spectrum of ambipolar energy is characterized and identified, along with its two subspectra, ORgone and DORgone.

Some further reading here:

btw Eugene Mallove was very closely associated with the Correas. He was the founder and editor of “Infinte Energy” a magazine foccusing on scientific developments in the realm of “free energy”. Eugene was murdered in 2004 and this crime is still “unsolved”. I don´t think it takes much imagination to realize who was behind this.

In my opinion, pushing the acceptance of the “aether” , “ether” or “orgone” by the scientific comunity will not be our job as gifters, but of people like the Correas who have spent the past 20 studying and refining the new exact science in relation to these phenomena and who master the scientific and physics language. I think our job it to demostrate the observable effects of orgonite on the environment and on people, which is what “common people” can really relate to, anyways and to try to be as rational and empiric as possible.


OK, guys, I knew this would happen, this debate is already way over my head, high altitude flying, and I will keep out of it.

Ale, what instruments did you use? What is a uW/m2? Can you explain this to an idiot like me in simple terms? I know that you’ve posted about it because I read it, have you got a link to it?

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve now been making and gifting orgonite for the past four years and I have no doubt that the stuff works. I enthusiastically tell anybody who cares to listen about it and, by doing that, have got many more people to take orgonite into their lives and spread it around. Quite how it works I have actually not so much interest in knowing, I’m just not that way inclined but I’ve had so many unsolicited testimonials from ordinary people and sensitives that this is confirmation enough for me. I’ve also had some experiences with thunderstorms this year and last that make me feel pretty damn sure that a cloudbuster works. And I know that my life has changed significantly since I’ve become involved in this undertaking, that’s good enough for me.


Hi Paddy I don´t know what the proper name for that instrument was, but it was a professional directional (which means you can aim it at different sources) electromagnetic field meter. It measured several different parameters, but the most important one, I was told, was the intensity or strength of the EM field, measured in micro(u) watts (W) per(/) square meter (m2). A retired German man living in Santiago had bought the device so he could make a formal complaint to the telecomunications authority because his wife was very sensitive to the towers and was getting progresively sicker and weaker. He had a very complete log of the radiation spaning about 5 months. Since the towers were busted, his wife regained strength and could be in her balcony without feeling sick and without the need for a copper mesh to shield her from the radiation. He also reported that wild birds came back to the garden, which had left almost completely after the tower´s instalation. He was alot more exited about his wife feeling better and the birds return than from the decreased intesity of the EM field that he measured. I will soon conduct several more experiments with him to see if this phenomenon repeats itself consistently, the only problem i´ve been having is finding unbusted towers not too far from my home

maybe this one?


I have just done a series of tests on the effect of orgonite on microwave frequency field strength emanating from a cordless phone and, separately, a microwave oven.

I did these tests using an electrosmog detector which creates an audible signal from microwaves – the higher the field density the louder the noise generated.

I put on the microwave source and walked away from the device listening to the detector.
I noted the point at which no more audible signal could be heard.

I repeated this several times with and without orgonite (4 TBs, made by myself and Paddy) present.

There was no difference in the position where the signal was no longer detectable – with or without orgonite.

The science: The field strength decreases proportionately to the square of the distance. So, if, for example, the presence of orgonite decreases the field strength to one tenth of original, then the distance of lack of audible signal would be about a third of the distance without the orgonite (actually the reciprocal of square root of ten.)

My conclusion has to be that, within the parameters of this experiment, the presence of orgonite has no effect on microwave field density.

I would suggest that others do this experiment using appropriate technology and compare results.

I have now set up a series of experiments to observe the effect of orgonite and microwave energy on the growth of seedlings (sprouts). This should give some indication of the etheric aspect.

Will keep you posted

Richard Phethean

No Davide, it was a professional instrument with a large triangular direccional antena, Hans, the German, said it cost him several thousand dolars, it gives precise measurements and is a certified instrument. When I get my hands on it again i’ll take note of the make and model. Richard, your experiments would suggest, as your theory indicated, that orgonite does not have a direct influence on the microwave radiation. Since I only carried out the measurements in specific location, and there are many variables to consider, including the tower being tuned down after it being gifted, which has been reported by several people on this forum. The experiments you conducted seem alot more controlled that the one I did. Onething to consider also, is that the frequencies employed by the towers are different that those used in microwave ovens and wireless phones. If in fact, after many more experiments we can conclude that orgonite operates mostly or completely outside the electromagnetic spectrum, in would indicate, in light of what we have observed r.e. orgonite in the atmosphere and on people, that the sublte energy dynamics have more weight than the electromagnetic component. When I get back to Santiago I will conduct more experiments with more towers and report back here.


Slightly different but along the same line. The pieces of the puzzle are clearly starting to fit:

All the best…Hong Kong John

Thanks Hong Kong John

Interesting article by Mercola.

The human body field (HBF) is amazingly complex and easily misunderstood.
The ether body consists of 4 parts: (from highest to lowest)

Life ether
Sound (chemical) ether
Light ether
Warmth ether

these etheric realms of energy are higher than, but connected to:

light (photons) – connected to light ether
EM fields or radiation (of which actually light is a narrow band) – connected to light ether
phonons (sound waves) eg heart beat – connected to sound ether
chemistry – connected to sound ether
warmth – connected to warmth ether

A good introduction to all this is the book Decoding the Human Body Field by Fraser and Massey

Also interesting is the work of Harry Oldfield who has managed to photograph these fields

This thread touches upon a problem I’ve been trying to figure out so here is my two cents…

I have a trifield meter that will measure electromagnetic as well as microwave energy. I know the meter works since I can measure the microwave oven on the microwave scale and the florescent lighting in the electromagnetic scale.

The trouble I have is at a tower site, I get no reading on any scale. First question was, are they not turned on?

The only exception I’ve had to this is when the tower is mounted atop of power transmission lines. In that case I figure I’m just measuring the electromagnetic in the power transmission.

Has anyone had this kind of result?