Orgonite vs Chemo/Radiation?

I got the following testimonial from someone. It’s maybe a good test of orgonite’s ability to perhaps neutralize the ‘cancer cures’ that serial killers (MDs) prescribe. When someone has been subjected to chemo a zapper wont’ likely cure the cancer until after several months have passed after stopping chemo. What was reported in the email gives me hope that simple orgonite can reverse the effects of radiation, which is probably even more deadly than chemo. The cancer rate dropped when the ‘designer-sickness’ endemic spread throughout the chemtrailed countries about ten years ago, by the way. ~Don

Hi Don,

My wife’s step-father has been fighting a pretty nasty combo of prostate and bone cancer for the last 6 years or so. He had a bunch of surgeries to cut out what they could and then a few rounds of chemo and radiation. He has to take a medication that completely stops testosterone production, so he hasn’t felt a part of the living for quite a while. The cancer had been somewhat quiet for almost a year, but about 8 months ago it came back with a vengeance. More chemo and radiation. Poor guy. He really has been through the ringer. He was down to 125 lbs. (usually about 180 lbs.), and very much despondent and suicidal. Well, I gave him a HHG and a couple of tower busters and within a month after receiving them he had gained about 8 lbs.! This is after not gaining anything and not changing his medication or dietary regimen whatsoever. It has been about 3 months now since I gave him the pieces and he has gained 14 lbs. and is actually feeling
energetic! His wife is also raving about how good she feels. She says that she hasn’t had this kind of energy for as long as she can remember. No dietary change, or any other lifestyle change, either.

I am making all my my orgonite now with epoxy resin and galvanized steel bb’s. I know where you stand on all of that, but I just wanted to mention it.

Pretty amazing stuff. I know you aren’t an egomaniac, and that you don’t desire any attention, but I am convinced that you should be given the Nobel Peace Prize. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t initially invent the orgonite configuration; what matters is that you immediately went public with it and haven’t tried to profit from it whatsoever. Thank you (and your wife) again for what you have done. I am not kissing up to you, either, just sincerely thanking you.