Orgonite Workshop

This Saturday we organised orgonite workshop, gathering maybe around 20 people in my friend’s house. The event was adverticed on a few forums. Just enough people I’d say to manage everything, taking that I started making food 30 minutes before people showed up

some people brought their own stones and molds, and everything was alright. everyone got their self-made device to home with them. Lots of fruitful discussion and very free atmosphere,

This is a very good way to promote the self-empowerment thinking and I strongly encourage everyone to try it.

A few days before I started building an etheric fire wall around the house to prevent any unwanted entities from accessing the meeting and there were no problems at all. Operators were really taking good care of it.

Often people need to get some guidance to get them started, and we are going to arrange more of these work shops. Actually, the event is going on and people are playing music, drums and singing downstairs as I write this [Image Can Not Be Found] It is 2:12 AM. we had sauna and everything.

Such a perfect way of sharing information and meeting new people who are aware of many things. I think at least a few got so interested they are going to start building their own devices in near future. Do I hear an etheric barrier cracking? The sweet sound of freedom.

Try it, you’ll love it!

Peace out,


It truly was a fruitful event, now the people in one of the forums have conversation about orgonite and i have been writing there too, i told them about the plan to orgonise waters around Helsinki and one of them said that she had had the same idea also last night when i was typing my post. So it will surely happen.

One person called me yesterday and asked about new orgonite-workshop and said that we could have one in her house, i agreed and in a few hours after admitting that i had agreed to keep new workshop there were so many people booking themselves in in that forum that i think we have to keep the workshop again in the same place where we had this event already, to allow more people to participate.
In this same way we can organise orgonisations of larger areas and the sea nearby helsinki, as there are many people making orgonite and then ready to spread it, , if we make map of places where we shall gift, we can share those places with each other and do one or two days of active gifting and we get very much work done.
It seems that these people would be really ready to this kind of action, they have possibly been ´lightworkers` of some kind for years but all of us know the difference of simply working through ether and that of putting real energizing orgonite to a place where it will be boosting the environment from that on 24/7!

It seems that things here are starting to flow in very nice way and fast! Its very good to get new people involved.


Great work guys!
what devices did you guys built on that ocassion?

congratulations, you are expanding the net… networking…
Ale and I should follow your example since we are doing all the efforts alone here in Chile. It takes a lot of time and money to gift here, not only Santiago but the whole country…
great idea
thanks guys and keep it up!

We made HHGs and TBs, and taught them them how to make appropriate coils and how to choose the stones, many people would have filled the mold until halfway with different stones so the important part was to tell that the quartz is the main thing, and other stones can be used as ´spices` to the field of the device and it is good to keep it quite simple.
I had smaller workshop last week again, for six people and again we made hhgs and towerbusters, there would have been many more people coming but the place we used was one persons home and was too small for all the people willing to participate.
But so it now seems, that any time we have workshop, many people will be interested to come again and many new people too.
Now the weather is getting too cool for making devices outside so im not sure where we´ll get, but creator is creating something and the problem will be solved.

Im sure we´ll start to have workshops quite often in future. We could arrange so that if we get some good place for pouring, we can meet every two weeks and people are welcome to come and make devices for themselves and for the networks general use, and pay per time maybe five euros or some reasonable fee to pay the resin and stones we use.